Top 5 Indoor Micro Drones

Reply below and let me know what you think is the best new micro indoor racers or freestyle quads for the 2019 indoor season. Thanks for the help!


What's the Latest in Micro Drones?

Last year I wrote an article on the Top 5 Micro Drones. At the time I was flying the TinyHawk and loved it so much I created a track in my house for it. As soon as the weather warmed up though, I put the TinyHawk away and started flying larger sailplanes and flying outside. I haven't touched the little TinyHawk since, but the weather is about to change again and it got me thinking about indoor flying.

I feel like I've been out of the loop on indoor drones and racing and I know there has to be some cool new products out now. Who better to ask about what the latest and greatest stuff is than you guys! So reply below and let me know what you think is the best new micro indoor (can work outside too) racers or freestyle quads for the 2019 indoor season. Thanks for the help!

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Oct 10, 2019, 10:47 AM
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Some strong contenders for larger indoor space:
1) BetaFPV 85x (2s)
2) Eachine Trashcan (2s)
3) Modula 7 (2s)
4) UARV 65

all would require a lot of throttle cut as there typically overpowered for a "house" but would be much better suited for a gym. A lot is going to depend on the size on the indoor space. The benefit of 2s is you have a lot of extra low end torque to keep you out of trouble especially if you like to do acro. The downside is you have to really limit the power as there way to fast for indoors so it's hard to maximize there full potential for indoors.

Ideally it would be awesome to have a 1s brushless that has enough punch for acro for indoors and light enough to not destroy anything with a good camera adjust-ability, but you would have to make one. Shutterbug probably has the best recipe for a 1s indoor flyer combo around but it's a custom build. That would be my starting point. Check out his youtube channel.
Oct 10, 2019, 11:09 AM
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I still like the Beta75x for indoors.

Indoor whooping (3 min 23 sec)
Oct 10, 2019, 11:40 AM
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I prefer 1s because of super easy battery charging. You can usually find a standard usb port somewhere. 2s requires balance leads and balance charging. 1s seems plenty fast to me, even outdoors.

I prefer brushless over brushed. I love my tiny whoop but
1) it gets knocked unpredictably by the most pathetic forces (a.c. vent, open windows, ect...)
2) it never feels perfectly true to user input like brushless. You kinda have to strongarm a tiny whoop into going where you want it to go.
Tinyhawk is harder to fly indoors but now that I have the hang of it it's more fun.

It's hard to recommend tinyhawk because they never sorted the vtx issues and the stock flight settings suck! However I like my holybro atlatl/project mockingbird tinyhawk better than my 250 quadcopter because I can fly it indoors , in the park, in a parking lot, a suburban street without being invasive. I can fly around the campsite without having to seek out a meadow. It just gets used way more than my 250 quad because it doesnt take a concerted effort to find a place to fly.

450mah tinyhawk batteries suck. If you can get 100 flights out of them you are doing pretty good. Crazypony 600mah batteries are too heavy but do last. I don't know of any good solution for this because I like my batteries light.

So yeah your Tinyhawk is a really great machine. It's better than fixed wing for ripping around, its probably better than a 200 or 250 most of the time but it needs mods to make it work proper.
Oct 10, 2019, 11:54 AM
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I think I posted a top 5 before, in a similar topic, but here's from the heart, mine (again?)

- Mobula 7, power, stable, silent
- TinyHawk 1S, stable, narrow profile, well protected props
- Makerfire Armor 65 Lite, Silverware NFE is so smooth
- UR65, small, flies great with 4-blade props, decent camera
- E011 with BetaFlight whoop FC and AIO camera
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Oct 10, 2019, 01:31 PM
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UR65 small and fast.
Emax Tinyhawk a little bigger than the UR65 but longer flight times.
Oct 10, 2019, 01:47 PM
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lol. flashback friday!
-I just was cleaning up and found an old syma x11. charged up a pack and flew it los (with devo7e). so fun!
i may put FPV on it.

I fly my mobula7 around on 1s, but my house gets real boring quick, since it just a loop around a flat.
Oct 10, 2019, 05:19 PM
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Originally Posted by xanuser
lol. flashback friday!
-I just was cleaning up and found an old syma x11. charged up a pack and flew it los (with devo7e). so fun!
i may put FPV on it.

I fly my mobula7 around on 1s, but my house gets real boring quick, since it just a loop around a flat.

LOL I still have several of the x11's I think one still flies. Putting an AIO camera on it would be cool.

I know how you feel, my house is small & everplace is a deadend. I have some hoops setup in the basement & to add to the fun I fly upstairs & buzz the wife.

My inside 'whoop' of choice for inside is the Tinyhawk S on 1s
Oct 11, 2019, 10:37 AM
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Beta65S Lite, and BWhoop B03 Pro both running Silverware are still my go to Kwads for in the house. TransTec 66 and Beta75 Pro are my go to in larger indoor spaces such as gymnasiums etc.

I'm with kuiperJ in that I still prefer 1S for indoor flying.
Oct 11, 2019, 10:41 AM
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Good stuff!
Oct 12, 2019, 01:57 AM
Just an earth-bound misfit
The only brushed I really still fly are my 65s, my original B03 with their cam/canopy and "Hot" motors, my first FPV, and made another one with a Beecore/Silverware board just like it, and they are tuff to beat. My Mobula turns 12 this month, and is still fun on 1S inside . . . but . . . I made a Mobula 65 with a BWhoop frame, and an 85, and honestly like both, inside and out, more than the original. I always thought my brushed 85s handled really good inside, and 65s were born to run inside. Both still get Mobula 5 minute flight times on 1 and 2S too. I think most of my Winter Whoopin air time is going to be with my 65s, brushed and brushless.

But . . . you can never have too many Whoops . . .
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Oct 14, 2019, 01:30 PM
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I prefer a 75mm over 65mm for various reasons including flight time and power. The slightly larger footprint is not noticeable to me.
The Mobula7 is good for beginners as it is decent for both indoor on 1s and outdoor on 2s but lacks compared to a dedicated whoop for each condition.

Currently I am running what you would call a BetaFPV 75 1s for indoors.
Mobula7 V3 frame, with battery hold cut off and using a velcro strap to hold the pack
BetaFPV 2s F4 AIO FC and 5A ESC
BetaFPV 17500kV motors
BetaFPV 40mm Props
Mobula7 LED board
BetaFPV Z02 camera with M01 VTX
RDQ 450mAh 1s pacs

I am getting 5:30 minute flight times with a good amount of power, turtle mode works great, and can do moderate acro.
Oct 15, 2019, 08:42 PM
Just an earth-bound misfit
Not a whole lot of difference in that and the Mobula. The v3 frame came out on the Trashcan, and is suppose to be stronger, but also isn't suppose to handle as good and you lose flight times over the v2, which is suppose to be the best overall. Those motors are 1500kv over the Mobula 802s, but on 450 Boldclash and 550 URUAV HVs, I've been getting 5½ to even pushing 6 minute flights on the Mobula inside since I got it. Other than some really tame, thin lame HQ 4 blade props, the Mobula also didn't care if they were stock, KK, Beta, or who ever's stock looking 4 blades, Gemfan or the new style translucent KK 4 blades either, and all performed literally the same . . . Gemfans and new KKs did look better on it though . . .

My little 65 with the Mobula 802s gets 5 minute or better flights on 300mAh HV URUAVS & Betas running it 1S, or doubling them up. It can handle the bigger ones doubled up too, but I only get another 30 to 45 seconds on them. The extra weight takes away the extra mAh advantage with the tiny 31mm props.

I put together a 75 with a Beta 1S AIO, and HM 703/19kvs, a VTX03 and cheapie KK cam, and that's a great inside flyer, and really decent outside too. Feels even lighter than the Mobula flying around, and is a very light weight Whoop for a 75. Basically a Snapper 7 with their plastic frame. No matter what props I've tried on it, I can't hit my 5 minutes, and switching to 3 blade props loses a bit of punch and about 30 seconds air time.

You probably fly a lot better than me, but I definitely like the 65s the best for inside, and for me, handle much better than the 75s. If I could only have one, I agree that a 75 can do both inside/outside fairly well, but not quite as good as either in their own environment. Still really glad I got my Mobula, and the trend that it started . . .
Oct 16, 2019, 04:11 PM
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A different route (and a cheaper one).

65mm - Eachine E011 with Tiny6/7 spare camera and an Eachine VTX01, run from an IRange multi Module

75mm - Tiny7 spare frame, Beecore FC (Project Mockingbird setup), and the hottest RaceStar motors, Tiny 6/7 spare camera and VTX01 if indoor only, VTX03 if also outdoor.

Oct 17, 2019, 11:09 PM
Just an earth-bound misfit
Last Summer, I put together some 65, 75 & 85 brushed Whoops with B03 & KK Tiny frames in Boldclash 716s, KK 720s, 820s and 8520s with B03 and Beecore/Silverware boards. Was using AKK AIO switchables and the VTX03s. They were a lot of fun, cheap to build, and the Silverware Whoops were the better version in every size. The Beecore board Whoops were faster, got at least another 30 seconds more air time, and the Silverware just made them feel really smooth, and go exactly where I'd point them, and just seemed to fly better all around.

Since I got my Mobula last fall, I've been spoiled with the brushless. Over this Summer, the prices on the motors and boards have come down dramatically, and I can put together a brushless Whoop in any of the three sizes for what a brushed Tiny 6,7,8 would have cost the Summer before. They out fly the brushed in handling, speed and punch, get great flight times, and I can keep feeding them batteries w/o waiting for motors to cool down.

The only brushed ones that I still fly much at all are the two 65s, and mostly inside. They do handle really good through the house, are plenty fast with the Boldclash "Hot" motors, and I get a good 5+ minute flight on 300 mAh batteries.

I really wonder what anybody could come up with to match what the Mobula did around this time last year to change the Whoopin' world that dramatically again . . .

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