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Oct 06, 2019, 06:46 AM
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Turbine Startup

Hi I am trying to achieve this on my DS24 but cant seem to get this process.

Thought it might be a different process to the standard.

Iíve seen it in action but canít get how to do it

1. Throttle cut 2 position switch: up is 5% throttle for start & idle, down is 0% for shutoff. This has priority over any flight mode or other stick position so it always works to shut off the turbine.

2. 3 position throttle hold switch; low is 5% throttle / low idle, middle is 93K flight idle and good for autorotation practice (spool up is quick), up is fly (throttle curves for flight modes 1-2-3 in effect at that point.)

3. 2 position spring loaded "start switch" enabled by logical conditions. It's active only when the flight mode switch is in position for flight mode 1, the throttle hold switch is in the low (5%) position, and throttle cut is off. A brief pull on this switch cycles the throttle channel from 5% to 100% and back to 5% over 0.2 seconds to initiate the start sequence.

Ive tried to use for the first setting the throttle cut option in Other Model Options but can seem to get it to work as it should and override all flight modes.

The 2nd part I cant seem to get at all. I tried setting up logical switches and Mixes with no luck.

Im wanting to the SC for throttle cut (Start +5% throttle) followed bt SG which is momentary on my DS24 to take throttle from 5% to 100% and back to init start. No luck Ive tried all things but cant get my brain around the process to set up.

Any ideas??

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Oct 06, 2019, 07:19 AM
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]1) Set you throttle channel end points to +/-80
2) Assign Throttle Cut to a 2 position switch, with the switch in what ever position you want your turbine OFF.
3) Assign the throttle cut value to -100%
4) Assign Throttle Idle to the same switch set to the position you want the turbine to idle
5) Assign the Throttle idle offset to 20%

Forget all the other nonsense your playing with (logical switches, etc), buy yourself a 2 position safety switch[/URL"]saftey switch and install it in a switch position that is easy to access in an emergency.

With these settings, with the switch in Throttle cut the throttle channel will output 1100us, in throttle idle 1200us and full throttle, 1900us. Failsafe throttle position needs to be 1000us (or anything outside normal range) or no pulse at all in order for the ECU to properly recognize loss of signal and shut down. You can see the throttle position in microseconds by using the servo monitor and pressing F3 twice.
I chose these values because my turbines where setup with Spektrum and those where the throttle positions being used by all my ECUs so I was able to set this up without even needing to "Teach RC" to my ECUs. You can of course adjust the values to anything you want as long as you understand EXACTLY what your doing.
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Oct 08, 2019, 09:56 PM
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thanks for your suggestion. I have set it up as you described and works a treat. I then managed to create the sequence to simulate the throttle 0>100 <0 for startup on momentary switch. Works awesome. I have one of the lock out switches as I use it for electric for safety so I have set that for throttle cut.

Thanks for the info.

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