Project Dipper - Plane That Can Swim and Fly

This plane can fly in the air and dive into the water. Check out the video.


Dive and Fly

Project Dipper is a unique aircraft created by the minds of engineering students in Switzerland. They created it in just 9 months. It's a hand launched fixed wing airplane with an electric power system. It can fly through the air normally, but when commanded, it can fold the wings up and dive down into the water like a bird. Once under water, it can maneuver in any direction. It can return to the surface and actually take back off into the air. It's a neat design and we're sure there will be some special use cases where a craft of this type will be the perfect tool. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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Oct 02, 2019, 02:26 PM
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I'm not sure how useful it is, but its pretty darn cool!
Oct 02, 2019, 03:31 PM
Rampage's Avatar
Could you imagine how hard it'd be to purposely nosedive the thing into the water? I've got 20+ years of muscle memory telling me NOT to do that!

Well, one thing's for sure. Submarine guys can't say there are more airplanes under the ocean than submarines in the sky anymore.
Oct 02, 2019, 05:03 PM
Just always blame the wind....
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For flying under water you will need two things....

1. A water proof transmitter.
2. How long can you hold your breath?

Bathing suit is optional !

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