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Sep 21, 2019, 08:54 PM
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Help with nose wheel retract, please..?

Good evening ...

I am building a Curare 20 from a short kit, for electric motorisation. I've received the chosen retracts for this 'plane (Turnigy MCR All Metal Retract System, Small...). I want to install 3mm legs, and had no problems removing the original 3mm 'leg' from the two wing units, by backing off the two grub screws 'hidden' in their bronze bushings.. Not so easy for the nose wheel unit, though. There are no grub screws in the bushings; the 'leg' is held in place by the steering collar. This I was able to remove easily enough, but the 'leg' still refuses to come out. It appears, from close inspection, as if the inner end of the 'leg' has a flange, which prevents forward movement, and therefore extraction.
I have seen photos of others that have succeeded in fitting a 3mm nose wheel leg, so I assume that it is possible to remove the original 'leg'. How does one do this..? Does everyone have the same issue of the inner flange preventing it from coming out..? I don't wish to start disassembly of this unit if it can be avoided, but will do so, if it's the only way of removing this 'leg'. Do I have to resort to such measures, or have I overlooked something..?
Thanks in advance for any information or assistance offered; meanwhile...

Have a nice day

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Sep 30, 2019, 08:15 AM
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Sorry to take so long to catch this, but I can take a guess and say you will have to split the housing to remove the trunnion and slide that pin out.

The problem is you would need to find some way to afix the new pin or go with a main retract unit as these were designed for steering.

Another option would be to drill and tap the trunnion pivot to lock in the pin.

Any pics?

I am assuming these wheel will remain fixed to the centerline?
Sep 30, 2019, 12:00 PM
'Douglas' to his friends.
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Thanks for your reply; I think (I hope..!) I've fixed the issue. I had thought that the retaining flange inside the unit was superfluous, but, no, it holds the leg when the retract is extended, stopping it from dropping out, so needs to be there. This means that one cannot remove it and use a simple 3mm leg in its place, which wouldn't have such a flange.
I've kept the original stub legs in place, and have found (not without some difficulty...) a set of oleo struts that will fit, both in diameter (3mm...) and in length (90mm...). I've ordered three, so as to have the same for the mains as for the nose wheel. Yes, the wheel is centred on the strut, although there is a left and right hand choice to make. For my mains, I've one of each; the nose wheel is a 'left', but a 'right' would do just as well.
I'll post pics here, as well as in my Curare 20 Build topic, when the struts arive and are fitted. I've prepared for installation of the nose retract by cobbling up a dummy leg with a carbon tube and a spare wheel I have. It's enough, I hope, to make the fitting of the new ones a simple job. We'll see...

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