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Sep 20, 2019, 06:31 PM
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My quad is drifting

Hi! Please I need some help with this issue.

I notice this problem after a failsafe (at 50cm above a lot of grass, so no hard impact). I took of my goggles and flew it LOS and I could tell that the quad was definitely drifting left and backwards. Back home I calibrate de accelerometer and check that all the bolts where tight, but the problem persist. What could it be and what can I do?
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Sep 20, 2019, 09:54 PM
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Leftyatm's Avatar
Slow motor? Grass in it?
Sep 20, 2019, 10:19 PM
If it flies, I can crash it.
rocketsled666's Avatar
What is the quad?

A slow motor won't matter. You can have different KV and different props on each corner and the quad will still hover fine. The FC runs each motor independently, and just speeds up or slows down as needed to achieve the commanded attitude.

In Angle mode, the quad uses accelerometers as well as gyros. Accelerometers are sensitive to external vibration, which can cause "trim drift", error that builds up over time during a flight. You start out fine and by the end of the flight you're feeding in a lot of stick just to keep it level. A poorly balanced prop or one that's been bent out of shape can cause this kind of problem.

But some quads just do it no matter what (Blade Torrent 110 for example) and the only way to fix them is to isolate the accelerometers on the FC, or isolate the FC, or isolate the motors (this is why you see rubber "motor damper" pads for sale). Some FCs come with the accelerometer sensors mounted on a separate silicon rubber block on the top of the FC to provide built in isolation.

That being said, you only have one post. How much experience do you have flying? Unless your quad has GPS, it's going to drift if you go "hands off". It'll stay level if you're in Angle mode, but it'll move on its own because its sense of balance is not perfect, and of course any breeze will move it like a balloon.
Sep 21, 2019, 03:51 PM
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well I'm new into fpv but I have a background in aeroembolism. So I'm flying in acro mode now and doing the basic maneuvers, I can hover the quad with no problem, that’s why I could notice this drift.

the frame is an astro swith (I'm going for freestyle but that was the only option I had at that moment), and I was trying some ducts a friend made out for a 5 inch quad (trimming the props down to 4 inch to fit the ducts). Maybe that has something to do but I flew 7 batteries before that happen without any problem…
Sep 21, 2019, 06:00 PM
If it flies, I can crash it.
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If you cut down the props by hand and didn't balance them, vibration is probably the problem. Didn't happen right away maybe because something had to loosen up first. Go over the whole quad to make sure all the screws and tight (esp. motor screws) and balance the props.
Sep 26, 2019, 08:34 AM
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Sorry for the late reply. ok I'll take your advice, I'll check all the quad then. Thanks!
Sep 26, 2019, 11:38 AM
We are not men, we are DEVO 7e
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Originally Posted by chesco par
I'm flying in acro mode now and doing the basic maneuvers, I can hover the quad with no problem, thatís why I could notice this drift.
drift is associated with auto level modes, not acro.

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