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Sep 19, 2019, 07:59 AM
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Modified UMx Whipit

Mods to my Whip .

Was it maybe 15 months ago I got the Whip ? Anyhow I have a bad back and the whip was medicinal ( get me out and being more active ) . At one time my back was so bad I could barely walk 100 meters . Now I can walk a few Kilometres to a local park and throw the whip around for 30 minutes to 60 minutes and walk back home and not be in brutal pain . ( A little sore perhaps )

Anyhow , early on I came to the conclusion I needed a launch peg to make life easier on me ( less painful ) . Already I was noticing a lot of surface stretch marks on the wing . And I thought without strengthening I would surely rip the wing apart if I put in a lunch peg .

Modified wing :
I removed the plastic hardware , the centre of the wing was glassed ( lightest glass from hobbyking ) . I also glassed the tip I wanted to put the launch peg on . Glassing also was used to secure the carbon rods in the middle of the wing . ( Mine were lose and there was a lot of centre flex )
After glassing I used laminating film ( 0.04mm = lets get that right ) . I now had a really strong and much stiffer wing than before . To counter the added weight the plastic wing hardware was given the heave ho and I cut up an ice cream container to make some pads for the wing screws .
I also added a counter weight on the opposite wing tip ( not sure this was needed )
Now I had a wing I was sure would handle peg launching .

Strengthening the wing just meant that energy would be transferred some where else ( So I thought ) . And I was right . After a while the pod snapped in two just where the carbon boom ended . ( If you look at the pictures , you will see a dark line about 1cm in front of the LE of the wing ) The foam soaked up a lot of foam safe slow cure cyno . + It was proof that the weak spot on the whip was now the foam pod .
After the cyno had cured , I used the same laminating film to cover the pod . Also the plastic nose cone was given speed holes ( Simpsons ) to make the plastic nose cone lighter . ( Again to counter the weight gain from the cyno and laminating film )

Flying the Whip
Initially the whip had a lot of problems penetrating into a breeze . Porpoising was also a problem . Watching a lot of youtube video , seemed to show a lot of people porpoising the whip . So my initial goal was to tune out the trait to porpoise . That was the start . After modifying the wing penetrating a breeze was better , but then that highlighted the tendency for the Whip to lift its nose and stall when turning into a breeze .

Tuning the whip
My first goal was to get the whip to launch and transition . Once this was completed , to get the whip to fly as well as possible with the bad tendencies tuned out as best as possible . Launch was taken care of with launch settings ( Right rudder and down elevator ) , the right mix would give me a nice launch and a good transition with little to no input on my part except to flip a switch at the right time .

Tuning the cruise has been more interesting involving adjusting the wings angle of attack ..
Too much angle of attack and the Whip lifts its nose and stalls when turned into the wind , and too little means it wont hold altitude well at all . The other element that needs to be tested is CG location . CG and the wings angle of attack either work against each other or complement each other . ( A very interesting learning experience )

So that's my modified whip , there is a little more to it ( hard to explain ) , but the whip seems to be gliding about the best it ever has and the last time I took it to the park I actually got in some thermal action .

In all fairness , the whip is a foam toy ! But with some careful thought there is no reason why you cant squeeze what performance you can from it and learn something along the way .

So for me , I needed to peg launch . For that I needed to strengthen the wing . Which broke the pod , needing repair that added weight . So I had to lighten more to keep the whip within a reasonable weight range . Once the whip was strong enough to peg launch ( not break ) it was time to tune it as best as possible .. ( Thats my modified whip )

I also have a stock whip now , and I do want to do a direct comparison , but 2019 has been windy as can be . It's currently doing a Northerly Gale outside ( weather ) and good days have been few and far between . Hopefully I will have the opportunity to compare the two side by side . I already tried a while back , but the wind picked up to the point that flying was just about impractical ..

UMx Whipit's (two whips) Old Modified Whip VS 100% Stock Whip ( Short Version ) (1 min 6 sec)

Hopefully , the universe will soon allow the two whips some one on one time
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Sep 20, 2019, 08:42 PM
For us He died, in me He lives
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I like what you have going on here. Thanks for sharing! I also have a Whip and its my only HLG. Can't afford much else right now so I am interested to see how you got more out of yours. I plan on building a DLG too once I can save some pennies for materials and gear and possibly will do it using the brick from Whip it. You probably saw some of what I am saying on the Dollar Foam DLG thread. Boa is the man in what he has been accomplishing over there.

Looking forward to results of more of your R&D and once you can do a comparison with the stock Whip.

Keep up the good work!!!
Sep 21, 2019, 01:13 AM
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Thanks ,

The weather at the moment is harsh . One of the things I was thinking about was removing weight from the whip = Make it lighter .
And the possibility of making it stronger along the way ( careful application of carbon ) .
Things to try with the stock whip after some comparing .

It's annoying that people are making 700mm DLG's that come under 30 grams ..
( Annoying cos id like to be one of those people )

Those bricks are expensive , might want to look at the price of a WL toys F949 flight board . I think I have 2 x F949 (1s) and 3 x F959 ( 2s ) flight control boards . ( Great for simple projects )
Also BG has a cheap 4Ch Rx that runs 1s just fine , so combine that with some cheap servos and away you go for like $15 to $20 USD ..
I built a HLG for $32 ozzi bananas ( maybe $25 USD ) , and it still lives ( 1 meter ) .
I am seriously thinking I might need to go back to balsa to get the model weight down ..
Sep 21, 2019, 06:59 AM
For us He died, in me He lives
Jimmy JFlyer's Avatar
I will certainly look into that gear you mentioned. Our house hold is in the “season of rice & beans” if you get my meaning so not really spending any $ on hobbies atm which is why I considered using the gear from the Whip It. But I also don't want to tear up my only HLG either. That rx you mentioned, is it DSM2 compatible do you know? I will look thru BG and see if I can find it.
Have a blessed Saturday!
Sep 21, 2019, 07:30 AM
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Banggood has a lot of Rx to chose from .. > DSM2 > this is the one I use .. ( Very 1s Capable ) > I have tested this one 1s , but its 7ch ..

There is this one > , but I havent tested it . Might need a 5v 1A voltage booster ( $1 ) > 5g servos > 4.3g servo's > 2.5g servos

No reason you cant assemble the hardware for $20 or less ..
Or even build a glider on a $25 budget .. > My R3 HLG $32 ozzi Bananas
Currency Converted to US GreenBacks = $22 USD ( Currency fluctuates )

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