Phantom Angel - Battery Discharger for DJI Drones

The Phantom Angel is a dedicated discharger for DJI Inspire, Phantom and Mavic drone batteries.


Dedicated discharger for DJI Batteries

The Phantom Angel is a dedicated discharger for DJI Inspire, Phantom and Mavic drone batteries. It supports both cycling (deep) discharge for calibration purposes and storage discharge for prolonging your battery's life. It is made of rugged aluminium for maximum durability and enhanced heat dissipation that allows it to be used continuously for days.

They have a lot of great reviews from customers, but I'm not sure I see the need for this. Lipos don't need to be calibrated with a deep discharge cycle and most of the DJI batteries can self discharge to storage voltage without the need for the user to do anything. The Phantom Angel only works for 1 battery type as well. If you have a Mavic and a P4, you'd need to buy two units, one for each drone's batteries. At a cost of $99 to $119 each, that's a hefty price to pay for something that is arguably unnecessary. Don't get me wrong, I love gadgets and tools for our hobby and maybe this is the greatest thing to happen to batteries since balance charging, I'm just not seeing it. Does anyone on here have one? What am I missing?

Check out the Phantom Angel Discharger Here

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Sep 17, 2019, 05:30 PM
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There would be a more compelling case to buy it if it could actually charge the batteries also. Then you could simply charge to storage level (which Phantom batteries can do) instead of wasting cycles discharging full battery to storage.

Personally when I'm done with a battery, I let it cool down, then simply charge back up to storage level. When I need to fly again I charge to full and fly it usually within the day. I use a parallel charger so I can do a few batteries at a time, 3 batteries is the sweet spot for me.

I guess this unit is good for a business than an individual with a lot of batteries (e.g. 50) and doesnt want to have to plug it into a quad to discharge etc. I think a little forward thinking you can aviod solutions like these but they do appeal to niche users. The larger heatsink design means its mean to discharge them nice and fast (rather than the 2 days normally takes).

For me these batteries are expensive enough and I prefer to spend the battery cycle with the quad in the air, if time is limited, flick the sports mode switch and have some fun in the process.
Sep 17, 2019, 07:53 PM
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Bought one back for a P3P. However you are incorrect when you say batteries don't need a deep discharge cycle. When the Inspire 1 and P3P came out it was/is part of the maintenance DJI recommended. They say they improved the firmware/circuitry on the Mavic, but doing so couldn't hurt. I believe it was every 10-20 charges, depending on which you flew.

It is done to re-calibrate the battery firmware over use to capacity reported to aircraft firmware so that certain functions work and read correctly in the app. Most importantly the auto RTH if your "Bingo" on battery to get you back home and you have that function enabled. Obviously they sold a boatload of them back in the day, don't see much use for them now other than if you have the aircraft listed and have quite a few packs. While I agree I would rather fly to cycle my batteries, in some instances you charge up and things in life, weather happen.

That is when I used mine most..sitting on 5 packs fully charged and unable to fly, each battery had different days to discharge to insure I had a full pack or two ready for SAR for local authorities, something I didn't want to adjust to allow the factory discharge to drain them.

So yeah, there are applications....more so for those who don't have a clue how to handle DJI batteries, let alone normal LiPo...DJI sells at last check 74% of their market of's not hard to imagine how many 1000's of owners from then to now haven't a clue on proper maintence. That is more so on what this product was marketed for. Ease of use,maintenance and storage, most of those owners only have one "Drone" and value it as they saved to buy it in most instances at $150 a battery (Back in the day) a once of prevention....worth a pound of cure. Just my two cents.
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