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Sep 14, 2019, 07:20 AM
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Youme Power Lipo.

As some of you are aware, I am a fan of HRB lipo packs for my race boats. I only use the 6000mah 50/100c packs in 2s, 3s, 4s, & 6s.
We are restricted to a single pack & the weight must be less than 650 grams for 4s, & 950 grams for 6s. The HRB 6000mah packs are under that.

But I came across these Youme Power 6500mah packs rated to 60C. . They are just slightly cheaper too. So I thought I'd give them a try.
They arrived the other day.
I ordered two 6s packs & two 4s packs. Only 13 days delivery from date of order too.

The tech data states a burst rating of 120C . A bit of extra capacity & a slightly higher C rating. But here's the rub. They are slightly lighter than the HRB 6000mah 50c packs.
That "usually" means less power density. We shall see in the testing.
Just need to replace the connectors with some bullets & then cycle them a few times so I can test them out tomorrow.

All cells were within 0.01 Volt of each other in the packs, at 50% charge on arrival. So that's a pretty good start.

Here's a link with both HRB & Youme Power packs.
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Sep 14, 2019, 09:26 AM
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I’ve been eyeing those for awhile. Interested to see how they do!!
Sep 15, 2019, 07:52 PM
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Well don't bother with them.
They were an expensive disappointment.

I cycled all packs 3 times on the charger. Then took them to the lake yesterday for our races.
I used one of the 4s packs in my twin cat in its first race.
An HRB 6000 mah pack usually comes back with between 30% -40% remaining, after a race that consists of 7 laps. A mill lap, 5 race laps, & a slow down lap.
This pack came back with only 9%.
It wasn't hot or puffy. Only tepid & still a solid brick.

The other 4s pack went into my restricted mono.
A 6000 mah HRB pack will do two races in that boat with nearly 40% remaining after that.
This pack was down to 10%. Still only just tepid & still a solid brick though.

Both 6s packs were used in my 6s mono in two different heats.
An HRB 6000 mah pack usually comes back with between 30% to 40% remaining.

These packs were down to 17% & 18% after their races. Again, only just warm but still solid bricks.

My initial thoughts were that they did not have the 6500 mah capacity stated on the lable.
So when I got home I discharged them down to 3.0 v/cell & 0% capacity, under a light 10A load.

They were then recharged at 1C to gauge their actual capacity.
They took on the following.
4s...5598 mah
6s...5995 mah
6s...6114 mah

None of them reached 6500 mah
The 4s packs were nearly 1000 mah short.

The packs certainly weren't lacking in power, But just depleted too quickly.
Even when discharging them back down to storage voltage of 3.8 v/cell they set off the alarm more than a minute earlier than the HRB packs do.

A bit disappointing, but I will try them a few more times under race loads to see if they get any better.
The 4s packs I can use in any of my restricted boats for a single race at a time.
But the 6s packs are no good if they don't improve. Taking them down so low under the heavy loads too many times will ruin them.
Sep 16, 2019, 12:09 AM
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I can vouch for Pauls new lipo packs not producing the specs as listed . when we do a 6 lap race we do normally come back with approx 30 to 50 % left in the pack being a 4 cell or a 6 cell pack of the same mah capacity and definetly not 10 to 15 %, the new packs Paul used were in boats that have run quite a few times before so its not as if there was an overload of excess current from high kv motors used etc etc , its just that those new packs are just rubbish as far as i am concerned and should be binned and refunded.
Yesterday, 07:22 AM
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there is a youtuber who tested them w good results.

Amazon verified purchase buyers contest they are very good packs. If you follow motionrc lipo breakin procedure, it takes more than two cycles to get them to perform.

I bought a pair from Ebay, 4s 3300man 50C, and will use the motionrc lipo breakin steps, put them through a few edf flights and probably a ARRMA 1/8 Outcast to report my findings.

What type of charger did you use?
What was the IR fully charged?
Did you break them in like it should?
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Yesterday, 02:08 PM
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The chargers are the iCharger 106b.
IR are as follows. All values in meg ohms.
6s pack 1.
5, 3, 4, 1, 3, 2

6s pack 2.
6, 4, 2, 2, 3, 1

4s pack 1.
4, 4, 2, 1,

4s pack 2.
3, 2, 1, 2

The break in proceedure is the same as I always do with any battery, which never causes problems.

First charge from arrival storage voltage is at 1/2 C.
Discharge to 60% remaining under a light load of 25A.
Charge up at 1C.
Discharge to 50% remaining with a load of 25A.
Re charge at 1C.
Discharge to 40% remaining with a load of 25A.

The first couple of runs for in a boat I use low amp draw boats like my restricted mono & a low draw EA mono for 4s..
As stated above, 6000mah packs in those boats usually leave up to 40% remaining in the pack.
But these were drained near flat. The 6s packs were the same.
There is no way that they have a capacity of 6500mah.

Since then I have test run the 4s packs a few more times hoping that they would improve.
But no. They haven't.

I took one of the 4s packs the other day, and discharged it to 50% resting, which is 3.84v/cell.
When the discharger was initially switched off at those numbers, the values on the meter instantly rose to 69% and 3.95v/cell. That should not happen. It should only move a couple of percent.

I then continued to discharge the pack lower to have a 50% resting capacity & voltage.
I had to take it down to 17% which was 3.72v/cell to achieve this under the 25A load.
It rose to 50% almost immediately when I switched off the discharger. That should not happen.

Bear in mind that this was with only a 25A load. God only knows what happens under a higher load in a boat to leave the resting capacity at less than 20%
But here's the rub. It only took 1540mah out of the 6500mah pack. That is nowhere near 50%.

I have prepared & cycled dozens of packs over the years for my race boats, and have never experienced this before.

But like I said in the first post, these packs are supposed to have a higher capacity & a higher C rating than the HRB 6000mah 50C packs. And yet they weigh less.
That can not be.

The 4s packs I can use in my restricted class boats, but the 6s packs are useless to me.

I'll stick with the HRB packs from now on.
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