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Feb 25, 2005, 08:53 PM
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FS A7 fun in the sun and snow

I had a few people tell me that I should put this story on this forum..... so here it is. Just laugh with me not at me.


Well, I went to eastern Idaho this weekend to see some family, had a nice time. I decided to take a couple of airplanes just in case I got a chance to fly. I took my new A7 Corsair and the F18. I had given the A7 a toss into the air a few days before eariler in the week. I didnt have enough elevator travel and the cg was a bit fwd. So the flight was about 75 yards and it hit the ground kinda hard and munched in the nose. I repaired that and it look just like new..........Now to the weekend.

Saturday was a typical eastern Idaho day, cold and snowy, so no flying that day. It snowed about 4 inches through out the night but Sunday morning was beautiful. I figured that I would take advantage of the fresh snow and use it as a cushion if I needed to make an unexpected landing. My family lives in the country with nothing but farm fields and a few houses every half a mile or so. This gives plenty of places to fly. I decided to try the (second) maiden, if there is such a thing, of my new A7 just in front of my sisters house. Just across the road is a big huge field and this morning covered in fresh soft white snow. Double checking the cg this time, it was exactly where the recomended balance point is suposed to be. With family all watching I gave it a good hefty toss into the the blue sky.

It was awesome, it climbed out nicely and very stable. Soon it was on step and was accelerating, looking and sounding like I had ecpected it would. I still had to add quite a bit of up elevator trim to get it to fly straight and level. My ailerons were very very sensitive (note to self..add in about 65% expo). I am not sure but I think it might keep up with Martys MIG.

Now my knees have almost stopped shaking and I don't want to press my luck this time so I figure I better bring it in. Flying downwind I turn base, then another turn to final approach. Lets just do on fly by, you know for the family. I power up and it zooms right past me about ten feet off the ground. Boy, am I one proud poppa! Most of my family is watching this thing and I hear Ooos and Aws throughout the flight. Yea, I'm good this is cool. You all want...............SMACK !!! Hey, where did my plane go and where did that (blink blank blank) telephone/power pole come from? Did I forget to mention that linning those beautiful white fiields along the roads were power poles? But I am to good a pilot, surely I won't hit them I remember thinking before the flight.

Floating down was the canopy and turtel deck hatch. They soon joind the other 4 pieces of my new A7 at the base of that darn pole. All, now setting there in the soft white snow which cushioned their landing.

I picked up all the peices and put them in the truck for the ride home later that day. But hey, I still have one more plane I can fly my trusty F18. For sure I wont hit that power pole a second time. After all I am too good a pilot to make that mistake twice. Battery installed radio check completed and still many family members outside to impress. Once again I venture out to the field. This time I go out into the field so that that darn pole will not sneek up on me. And after all I have flown this plane many many times and am comfortable with it.

I give it a toss and again I here the pleasing comments of family ... Ooo look at that ....wow did you see that thing roll. Well I better give them something to really cheer about. Why don't you fly under the power wires. there is plenty of room between the road and the wires........they will really like that.

I take her out aways, put her in a slight dive and give it full throttle. Boy that sounds great, she is really spooling up now, they will love this. I am well below the power lines no chance of hitting them, just to be safe better get just a little lower. There, full throttle, man this thing is flyng fast. Looks cool. Kids are almost screaming..........no wait, they are screaming.... but I can't tell what they are screaming about, must be the cool factor..... SMACK!!. Hey, who put that fence under that power ploe around this wide open field. Did I forget to mention that most these fields have fences around them. Once again the soft white snow cushions my planes landing. It's just that part if it was left at the fence.

So there you have it. This is how I spent my weekend. They A7 is pieced back together and if the weather is good will be flying it again tuesday at Simplots. The F18 only suffered minor damage, big torn out chunck in the left wing and missing part of the left intake. That will be back together in a couple days.

Sorry this is so long but I figured you guys might get a chuckle out of reading it. Oh yea, I won't be going back to eastern Idaho untill that soft white snow is all gone and I can land in the soft wheat fields that will be growing there this spring.

Damage to the A7 was to bad to fix and still have good structural integrity. I trashed that one and built a new one instead. I will be maidening it tomorrow.

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Feb 28, 2005, 03:20 AM
can ya do that??...
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keep 'em up.

Mine's gettin ready ta be done


You ain't done yet!
Feb 28, 2005, 07:23 PM
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I'm glad you have a great sense of humor. Been there myself with the powerpole and lines.

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