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Aug 28, 2019, 04:48 AM
Austrian FPV Freak
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FREE and EASY Superview effect for non Gopro Actioncams

FREE and EASY SUPERVIEW if you dont have a Gopro (Gopro Studio, Vegas, AE, Nuke) (22 min 8 sec)

(yes, the vid is long BUT IT HAS JUMPMARKS in the description for your convenience)

Until recently I didnt care too much about the Superview effect.
I read it often in cheap cams - they try to imitate Gopros patented way of stretching 4:3 (full sensor) footage onto the popular 16:9 format (i.e. 1920x1080).
Why full sensor readout? You get the most wideangle shot.
Why wideangle shot in FPV? It makes you look fast and it goes well with freestyle!

So you can try to still find a (refurbished) Gopro Session 5. It's the most popular cam in the right form factor (small, dice).
Usually that's a bit expensive - and depending on where you life - hard to find / order online.

Of course there are many competitors to gopro - like Runcam (they've been sued by gopro in the past) or Foxeer.
Not to get sued again - Runcam just provides the "correct" resolution like [email protected] fps,
and you have to take care of proper stretching yourself.

For this task I tested a few methods and here you will find a tutorial for 2 ways.
●1: Gopro Studio
+ free and easy, good superview implementation (probbably the same as in their cams?)
- a few additional steps, recoding (CPU time), large intermediate files (10 times the orig footage)

●2: Magix Vegas 17 (just the video editor I use)
+ just apply a filter onto the orig footage, easy to setup, no recoding, integrates well in normal editing, fast!
- expensive (if you dont already have Vegas), not perfect quality (mesh warp isnt perfect)

●3: After Effects - non linear stretching
Didnt test this myself, I'm not into Adobe products, but most likely the same pro's and cons like Vegas above!

●4: Nuke (from Foundry):
+ free software (for personal use), good quality
- big installation, registration, getting a free license, complicated workflow, not intuitive, recoding
Similar to GoproStudio - just not as accessible imho.

●5: (and ongoing as I find more ways):
VIRTUAL DUB filter "barrel distortion" combined with avisynth filter "warped resize"
as found here:
Runcam 5 / 2.7K 60p Linear Hypersmooth Superview (1 min 42 sec)

Superview re-encoding via free script:
Superview GRATUIT et pour TOUTES vos caméras (Foxeer Box / RunCam 5) ! | Tutoriel Débutant (11 min 47 sec)
(french video)

All supporting files:

- GoProStudioPC-
(if the download doesnt work, just search for "GoProStudioPC-")

- Magix VEGAS 17:
Find my sample project (it includes the proper setup MESH WARP setting for Superview and the Runcam5 Lens distortion I use)
Take this video to play around (and see the effect via the blue mesh):

- NUKE Foundry:
Joshua Bardwell's tutorial:
Free Convert 4:3 to Superview (like GoPro) | BETTER THAN ELASTIC ASPECT (14 min 44 sec)

- AFTER EFFECTS: non Linear Stretch:
Project File:
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Aug 29, 2019, 06:24 AM
Austrian FPV Freak
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Thread OP

NIEK Script solution - NICE!

A viewer suggested this script FFMPEG based solution:

- You download FFMPEG (and simply copy the 3 exe files from \bin folder to your c:\Windows\System32 folder
- you also need the Superview...exe from the same link
- then you can start this .exe (best from command prompt, or with my BAT)
superview-windows-amd64-v0.2.exe -i "myInput.mp4"
(you could add -o myOutputfilename.mp4 - but default is output.mp4)

I made a small BAT file which just takes all *.MP4 in the current dir and encode them into a SV subdir. This way you can encode many flights over night...
On a fast CPU you can expect around 2x footage playtime as render time.

It works like a charm - really easy to apply, just a bit of recoding (into normal filesize, without much noticeable loss of quality)

Superview all . BAT File: (save this txt below into a new txt file and name it superview.bat (only the extension is important)
@Echo OFF
REM script from weareFPV - Translation into english: RCSchim (Google translate

echo Superview Conversion
echo Reminder: It is recommended to use source files in 1440p (4/3) (1920x1440)
echo Destination directory: superview
if not exist "superview" mkdir superview

SET source=
SET /p source=Press [ENTER] to process all the mp4 files in the directory or specify the name of the file to process (ex: wearefpv.mp4) then [ENTER] - no Spaces in Names please!:

if "%source%" == "" (
for %%f in (.\*.mp4) do (superview-windows-amd64-v0.2.exe -i "%%f" -o ".\superview\superview_%%~nxf")
) else (
superview-windows-amd64-v0.2.exe -i "%source%" -o ".\superview\superview_%source%")

echo Cleaning temporary files...
if exist "x.pgm" del x.pgm
if exist "y.pgm" del y.pgm

echo Done.
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Aug 30, 2019, 10:51 AM
Austrian FPV Freak
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Thread OP
OK guys, this is this kind of thread I start to feel lonley

Anyhow, incase someone ever visits this dead end of the internets, here's another addition to free script based, supereasy solutions:

Banelle created this one:
It uses the same algorithm as the Niek script, it comes with all of the necessary dependencies, so it should be easy to download and run.

Later, after some testing and comparison (how fast are those scripts for example?, how's the resulting quality) I will also adapt the start BAT files and maybe come up with a nicer way to start it...
Also excited to do another tutorial - but first I wanna collect more content.
Aug 30, 2019, 12:02 PM
Austrian FPV Freak
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Thread OP
NIEK Script - the SUPER EASY way:
(works for Windows):

1.) download this
and extract all 3 *.EXE files into your SYSTEM32 folder
(i.E. c:\windows\system32)
(if this scares you - it also works to have this *.exe files in the same folder as your videos - they just have to be available for the BAT script...)

2.) copy the "Superview all.bat" File to the folder where you have your 4:3 sourcer Videos

3.) run this file and either enter a single videos filename when asked - or easier:
just hit ENTER to have all MP4 files from this folder converted automatically into a "superview" subfolder

On a fast CPU it takes around twice the runtime of your source-video (10mins for a 5min flight video).
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Aug 31, 2019, 07:03 AM
Registered User
For Mac USers there is also Elastic Aspect

Andy's FREE Elastic Aspect Plugin for Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Motion (2 min 17 sec)
Sep 05, 2019, 04:19 AM
Austrian FPV Freak
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Thread OP
Meanwhile I did another comparison of 4 different cams:

These in [email protected] - converted with the NIEK superview script
Foxeer Box1 (with ND8)
Foxeer Box2

and as a comparison the Gopro 7 with the original Superview mode (2.7k)
Superview comparison (Foxeer Box2, Runcam5, Gopro 7) (14 min 58 sec)
Sep 05, 2019, 06:10 PM
Are we not men? We are DEVO!
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lookout. the gopro copyright gestapo has made claims against YT vids on how to do superview.
Sep 09, 2019, 01:42 PM
Registered User
This $uperview is done completly using Adobe Premiere and free Atomic Image Labs plugins from video source Runcam 5 [email protected](XV)

Hangglider, Truck & Ironman (3 min 22 sec)

Here is how its done:
  1. In the efect list open Motion, untick Uniform Scale and set Scale Width to 75%, this will change aspect ratio of XW mode to 4:3
  2. Add PhotonRecitify effect ( and use camera preset Gopro 3/4/5 medium, this will remove lens disortion
  3. Add Atomic Stretch effect ( with settings Output format:Custom, Custom Aspect Ratio:2.38, Protected Area:1%, Interpolaton Mode:Exponential, Curvative:2.0, Vertical Stretch>Interpolation Mode:None, this is the stretch effect itself
There is a lot more combinations and the result should be even better than original $uperview
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Dec 05, 2019, 05:16 PM

Foxeer Box 2 TV out USB c connection - HOW?

I fly 500mm to 650 mm quads with 3 axis gimbal mounted cameras using TX control of the gimbal. I use FPV from the camera to move my copters about but also to frame and point the camera. I bought a Foxeer Box 2 on the basis of it having TV out but I have not had to deal with TV out from USB-c before. Foxeer provided the USB-c pinout diagram but the TV out uses a rarely used connection which is not needed in a USB-c to USB cable. Is anyone else out in RCgroups land tying to figure out this issue. I bought some bare USB-c connector blanks but they do not have a connection from the TV out trace, (A8,B8,SBU1, SBU2) to an external solder pad. I am setting up to solder a bridge from the tiny internal trace to an external solder pad but even if I am successful this is no way to proceed in future. Anyone else come across this problem and solved it?

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