Have Hangar 9 Twist, MM Panic on the way, what else should i get? - RC Groups
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Feb 23, 2005, 09:11 AM
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Have Hangar 9 Twist, MM Panic on the way, what else should i get?

I have a .40 H9 Twist, only been maidened, and i won't fly very often till i get much better and feel im in control 100% of the time instead of chasing the plane around at times.

I have a MM Panic in transit, btw i must note, i ordered mine at 2 or 3pm EST yesterday. It shipped yesterday also=) those guys rock! This will be my 3D type trainer, which may be a bit more than i should be going for right now, but it's to much fun! and G3 Sim been helping alot there.

I "HAD" a formosa that i flew for quite a while before it finally met it's death do to age and abuse, not many crashes, and it's covered in microlite, but so many little dings and such it doesn't fly right anymore. seems to have fatigued and is way to flexible now..

Im now looking for a pattern plane that i can really work on 100% control at all times. I want something that looks good, flies better, and can handle a rough grass field. Was looking the the MM Flashback, looks like a nice plane. But haven't decided yet.

Any other thoughts?
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Feb 23, 2005, 09:51 AM
Don't watch this...
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I have a MM FlashBack. One of my favorites. Started with EPS 400 and 3S LiPo and flew fine. I wanted even more vertical so put a HiMax2025-4200 in it. Awesome plane. It is balsa built and SoLite covered and light. I've landed it in the grass a couple times, but it's not good for it. Once the taller grass grabed the tailfeathers and cracked some balsa at the back of the fuse. Once (or more) the LG ripped out. It is really a more fragile plane...but it has to be to be a good pattern plane to fly right with a brushed 400 motor. I only fly off a parking lot with it and the Groove480.

I had a Panic 3D too. Always wanted to try 3D. Bought one of the first Panics and built it and flew it 10-12 times. Hung it up on the prop often...but 3D isn't for me. Bought for $50 and sold it at the LHS for $70

Your Formosa was a more robust pattern type plane. If it's all for grass feilds, I'd recommend belly landing a foam plane. If you have hard surface for T/O and landings, go the balsa built route. The beauty of balsa is how stiff and light and crisp they fly...but not many will say they are robust for rough feilds and belly landings and ground loops.

Feb 23, 2005, 12:05 PM
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not sure i really want another foam plane.... maybe i can strenghten the gear for grass landings and stay with balsa
Feb 23, 2005, 12:18 PM
Crash and Build
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I have at least 50 flights on my MM Switchback, never had landing gear on it!
All I did was put a balsa block in front of the aileron servo. Still looks good!

Solite covering.
Building a Tantrum now...sans LG
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