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Sep 07, 2019, 09:48 PM
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Pikestaff: My order arrived just about one week or so. So expect a fairly quick shipment. Signature is required so just wait for the delivery or pick up from Postal office

4stripes: The wing is highly swept, pretty scale, more scale than FF kit for sure.
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Sep 07, 2019, 09:54 PM
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It looks like there's a channel from that socket at the wing root to the Elevon servo socket. I'm imagining it's a junction area for the wing connectors.

Originally Posted by flylow2011

It looks nice.
Hope It would fly as good as it looks.

Still wonder what are these two sockets
On the wings for... ( on top of green
Letter A in the photo)

Sep 08, 2019, 12:57 PM
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This $70 XRP 90mm could be a good power plan
For this mirage, dynamically balanced.
393gr Vs. 350gr ( wemo 100gr + SK3 1600kv 250gr)

XRP 90mm 14 Blade Power Unit 1450Kv is For 6s With Dynamic Balanced !
-Outside Diameter: 93.6mm
-Rotor Diameter: 89mm (14 blade)
-Meterial: Fibre Reinforced Nylon Rotor
-Motor : Outrunner Brushless, 1450Kv ( Installed )
-Shaft adaptor to motor: 5mm
-Static Thrust : 3020g / 94A
-Weight: 393g
-Working Voltage : 22.2v ( 6S )

Sep 08, 2019, 01:12 PM
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Or this 2850 gr thrust power plan .
CS 12 blade 90mm
Dynamically balanced in factory
Outside Diameter: 93.5mm
Rotor Diameter: 89mm 12 blades
Weight : 410g with motor
With motor 1600KV for 6S
Loading 84A

Sep 08, 2019, 02:35 PM
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Had XRP 14b fan 1550kv before, great sound (purring!), not too impressed with the speed. Perhap a lightweight fan like FMS 1900kv 12b would be an ideal match.

The older Freewing 1450k or 1550kv fan has the best sound among my fleet, and decent thrust/speed, ~90 A and ~100A respectively. They do have some weight from the alloy shroud and alloy spinner like newer Changesun fan.
Sep 08, 2019, 03:36 PM
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Originally Posted by edwen303
Had XRP 14b fan 1550kv before, great sound (purring!), not too impressed with the speed. Perhap a lightweight fan like FMS 1900kv 12b would be an ideal match.

The older Freewing 1450k or 1550kv fan has the best sound among my fleet, and decent thrust/speed, ~90 A and ~100A respectively. They do have some weight from the alloy shroud and alloy spinner like newer Changesun fan.

Those high blade count, 13, 14 even 18 blade,
Are for thrust, vertical Performance, not speed.
I would not mind to trade some speed for better
Vertical Performance.
And love the sound dearly.

Thinking of getting this mirage, build
Without gears for either hand launching
Or bungeeing :-) .
So maybe a 2000gr Mirage.

Sep 08, 2019, 04:24 PM
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A Mirage without retracts is like breakfast without coffee! Honestly, landing these things nose-high is simply one of the most appealing sights available to an rc modeler!

While an HET 9305 would be a shrieking monster, and the old Wemo Midi a bit behind, noise-wise, both are plenty light weight and - obviously - effective in use. The V2 9305 shroud with a JetFan rotor, or a Evo rotor, would bring much more pleasant sound and ample performance along with great weight savings over the metal fans. I fully appreciate how the sound is such a subjective option - a nice sound id hard to pass up. To that end, maybe a Schubeler should be considered.

My Schubie will stay in the Rhino; for sound and power it is untouchable. The FF has a hybrid 9305 shroud/ Haoye (7blade? 9 blade?) rotor with an HK XK3674-1650kv that can run either 6 or 8 cells and sounds fair. But it has the all-metal HK retracts that move nice and slow, and are noisier than the fan, and is a joy to fly for any reason at all. Like 4Stripes, I too have a spare FF for that dreaded day.....but this new vessel is calling like Ahab on the great white whale, saying ďlets go really really fast this time!Ē And for that, Iím thinking an Evo/1300kv on 10 cells might just be the bullet that is sought!

And, after the supersonic sprints (), slowing down, hi-alpha and steady, to a mains-first touchdown is just unbeatable!
Sep 08, 2019, 04:43 PM
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Thanks ;-)

Why not get the whole set Wemo evo 90mm?
What is the point of using the Het shroud with
Either JF 90mm rotor or Wemo evo 90mm rotor ?

Where can we get the HET shroud only ?

Sep 08, 2019, 05:00 PM
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PikeStaff's Avatar
True - why use HET when the Wemo Evo is in hand? The only reason would be to permit using 39mm diameter motors - like the 700 series HETís. The V2 shroud will take those, where the V1 or Wemos only accept the 36mm motors.

But. If using the smaller diameter motor...then might as well use the fan set, as a set. No mix-and-match needed.

Efflux RC has the V2 shrouds available - $18 a pop.

If speed really doesnít matter, and sound does.......anything you and Ed have referenced will be great. No matter what, the Mirage is simply one of the best looking planes in flight!
Sep 08, 2019, 05:26 PM
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Thanks for sharing.

One more question. Since you used
JF rotors, do you balance the JF rotors?
The specs state it is " balanced from factory "

Thx again.

Sep 08, 2019, 06:32 PM
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No - no need to balance the JF. The factory assembles and balances them very precisely. All you need to do is clock one on your motor for that final wonderful performance.
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Sep 09, 2019, 01:45 PM
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1/ the exhaust diameter of 86mm is way
Too big for 90mm fan. Wonder how they use
The FW 70mm fan with this 2000 in the video?
It flies very well though. Maybe they make
The exhaust smaller for 70mm fan.

2/ maybe use the kitchen steel mesh to cover
The cheater to prevent FOD.
If the intake big Enough?????? just close it up.

3/ the Wemo evo 90mm with SK3 1600kv
Is very light , only 338gr

Rotor diameter is 89mm
Motor hub is 38mm
So for exhaust diameter for wemo evo 90mm is 76mm . Stock 86mm is way too big.

Even the 12-14 blade 90mm fan needs
Only 80mm diameter as 100 % FSA.

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Sep 09, 2019, 07:14 PM
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While waiting for this new 90mm Mirage in the air.
Look how awesome the Freewing 80mm mirage
Is.... He took off the 250gr landing gears, hand
Launch the stock Mirage 2000 with 760gr 6s 5200.
Wow 3 awesome minutes with great vertical.
I think it is with the old FW 80mm 12 blade metal fan 1750kv with 80A esc .

Hand Launched Freewing Mirage 2000 80mm EDF Jet | RC Skunk Works ADP (5 min 12 sec)
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Sep 09, 2019, 08:42 PM
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The Freewing is an excellent model; very fast and beautifully done. It is also, like the FF, designed from the ground up to be able to fly with all the bells and whistles. Stripped-down Freewings, or FlyFlys, or this model, will all probably fly a little better for being gutted of as much equipment as possible. And - with the exception of one RCG member - we all know that lighter just makes for a nicer overall model.

There are, of course, tradeoffs that come with those weight-loss programs. Hand launches and belly-landings are easy enough to deal with....but to some, they arenít as satisfying as setting down on the mains and taxiing back to the stand. Lights, airbrakes, wheel brakes.....all nice stuff to have, and donít need to be a source of big weight adds.

In the end, we all love what we love. Plain or fancy, slow or fast, if they fly good then we find real pleasure in our creations. And thats how it is supposed to be!
Sep 09, 2019, 10:13 PM
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Right ...
But what can I do without a flying field . ?
All I have is a very big sport complex, In which
RC flying is allowed. I have a very big grass field
with A nice short trail along the side :-)
So taking off and landing is a luxury :-)


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