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Aug 20, 2019, 01:46 PM
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Ultra Light Bungee-Cord Strands


I conducted an RCGroups search without seeing this idea mentioned, so if it's old stuff, I apologize.

It started when I needed to replace a bird-feeder spring that causes the perch to close over the feeder opening when a squirrel tries to sit on it. The broken spring was a spiral, watch-spring type, hard to find and typically expensive.

So, I considered using some kind of elastic. First, I tried using a rubber band, but that quickly dried out and broke from stretching and sunlight.

My next thought was to go to a store that sells sewing supplies. But because I had a small bungee cord, I thought I'd try that first. But that cord was much too strong to be sensitive to a squirrel's weight.

At some point, I asked myself, What exactly is a bungee cord made of? So, using a hobby knife with a fresh blade, I carefully cut a slit down the length of the small bungee cord and removed the outer cover. I found that a bungee cord is composed of numerous very thin strands of tough, ultra light, elastic material. The thicker the bungee cord, the more strands. The image below is of a somewhat larger bungee cord than my first one.

Name: Bungee-Cord-Strands 740.jpg
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A couple of the strands worked great for the feeder. Just elastic enough to do the job, and strong enough to last a very long time. In fact, several weeks later the two strands are still tickin'.

It dawned on me that these strands might have many applications for scratch building or adapting RC aircraft. Because they are ultra light as well as very strong, they would be especially useful for foam aircraft, where every ounce counts.

For example, a small loop would work great for a loop-and-hook latch to hold a hatch closed. Or wherever some ultra thin, elastic cords would be useful. Like anything, once you have a component, the uses will follow.

What's nice is that the number of strands used can be adjusted to fit a particular amount of stretching strength needed.

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