National Model Aviation Day - Saturday August 17th

Join the Academy of Model Aeronautics Foundation in celebrating model aviation for the seventh annual National Model Aviation Day, August 17, 2019.


Celebrate National Model Aviation Day

From the AMA:

"Join the Academy of Model Aeronautics Foundation in celebrating model aviation for the seventh annual National Model Aviation Day, August 17, 2019. National Model Aviation Day was created to encourage clubs to celebrate the hobby and share it with the public. Our chartered clubs have also been asked to conduct a fundraiser to provide assistance to a worthy cause. For this year all clubs have been asked to support the AMA Foundation. The AMA is devoted to inspiring the young and young-at-heart to pursue a hobby that will inspire creativity and advanced learning through the use of hands-on applications. The purposes of the Foundation will be to fundraise and make grants to AMA to support its charitable and educational programs and services.

Why celebrate #ModelAviationDay?

This is our national holiday! One day a year we want all AMA members to fly and celebrate model flying with us. AMA helps promote your event and club when your group registers! We want your gathering to be successful. Our sponsors help us advertise the events locally and nationally.

Our team has provided several great resources on the National Model Aviation Day website club resources page to help your club promote its event. If your organization has never promoted a special activity, we make it easy. All you have to do is sign up on the National Model Aviation Day website,

This is your chance to support a great cause! This year’s charity is the AMA Foundation. As a supporter of AMA’s benevolent programs, your organization will help us inspire youth to get active in model flying, provide scholarships to students, award grants to clubs seeking assistance, and help support the national flying site at the International Aermodeling Center in Muncie, Indiana.

Each registered club receives stickers and is listed on the national event map. National Model Aviation Day is a great opportunity for clubs to promote their groups with local and state governments by requesting a city, county, or state proclamation. We are all in this together! Model flying is our sport, hobby, and something we want to continue for years. This day receives a lot of positive publicity and shows the media and the public how great model flying is."

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Aug 17, 2019, 01:59 PM
Airfield Hermit

Had a great Model Aviation Day 2019 !!!

The Imperial R/C Club of Polk County, Florida celebrated National Aviation Day with a Fun Fly & Family Feast. We had a great time of fellowship where the club provided the main course for lunch and attendees brought a side dish to share.

There was also a fun fly, appropriately called the Imperial R/C Trifecta Competition. There were three areas of competition. The first was the "Two Minute Fly", where competitors tried to keep their flying time as close to two minutes as possible. Then, we competed in the "Precision Landing" area, where we tried to land within an eight-foot box laid out on the runway in chalk. You were docked points, the further away you got from the box.

Then, "Guess Your Speed". Competitors were required to tell the officials what speed they would be flying over the runway. Then, a member used a radar gun to check the speed. Whoever was closest to their stated speed won.

I tried my hand in the Trifecta with the "Cracked Yak", a Lanier Yak 54 that a fellow club member gave me a year or so ago. It's a good flier, but it's been around the mill a few times and isn't the prettiest thing at the field. Then again, neither is its owner! Lol .

I did okay on the "Two Minute", clocking off a 2:03 for the flight. Not bad, considering how terrible I am at math!

Then, the Precision landing. Happy to say that I at least found the earth each time.

Finally, I had to do some speed reading. Now, I'm not Mr. Speed Demon, and I'm happy flying on the wing as much as the next guy. When I stated my speed goal as 35 mph, one guy commented, "The stall speed of your plane is 36!" Lol.

The Lanier Yak is a fairly large airframe and I'm pretty new to large planes, so I had NO idea what 35 mph even looked like with this airplane. That's why I was surprised as everyone else when the radar guy said, "35.0!!!" on my second attempt. Didn't see a reason to try for a third!

The competition was pretty tight, as each area of competition had to have a fly-off to determine the winner. I needed to fly again for the Speed Flight and the Two-Minute flight. I wound up getting 2nd place in both categories. Then they counted up all the points and issued an over-all First, Second, and Third place winner of the entire event. I came in second overall.

I was pretty happy with the outcome, and everyone had a great time. There were a couple of older planes for sale and even a couple of old Kraft radios! They were neat to see!

I'm always happy to see how the club promotes the hobby and gets involved. It's a great bunch of people and a super-nice facility. A great way to spend National Model Aviation Day!
Aug 25, 2019, 02:38 PM
Don't cut the Yellow Wire
dr.E's Avatar
Hudson Valley Rc anf Bergen County Silent Fliers worked together that day.. HVRC had a great event with over 750 people attending..
BCSF did rhe flight simulators and put up over 90 kids on Buddy Boxes!!!

This was rhe 10th year doing it... Its a labor of love, gone are the days of the single club running an event... We need to come together as a group and do big shows like this..

It was quite a succesd, just like any year... only low point is that the local AVP did not attend but we had other avps from other regions and districts there... Guess youre never a prophet in your own land...

Most dissapointing is that it costs over 2000 to run the event and any donation is greatly appreciated.. We were on the local TV as well as the weekend morning ABC shows... HVRC president submitted for the ama 200.00 i incentive and was denied because it was national model aviation day and it doesn't apply... BCSF will donate the funds it collected for AMA that day to HVRC..

Way to go AMA... TEN years doing this and thats howbwe are appreciated...

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