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Mar 20, 2002, 05:11 PM
Prop Nut

My new Tucano flies!

I just finished my Tucano from Nigel Hawes' plan in RCME. It was an easy build, and I just couldn't wait to fly it so I snuck out between rain storms this afternoon.

WOW! This only my fifth plane (.40 Trainer, Greatplains BLT, Peter Rake Renard R17 and GWS TM), and it is quick. I did something smart for a change and made sure I had a very conservative CG location. This kept the elevator response manageable until I could get my pulse under control. The ailerons were another story. I am going to have to reduce the throws about 50% until I get comfortable. Despite the twitchy aileron thumb, I got the plane trimmed pretty easily after I pulled the throttle back to about half.

The plane flew very nicely, and I flew several circuits to get the feel of it. The color scheme is black and yellow, and it became an indistinguishable speck pretty quickly, so I brought it home to reduce the throws and wait for better light.

My setup is Graupner 6v 400 and Gunther prop with a 8c-600 mah pack. I know it is designed for a bigger pack, but I couldn't wait and just used what I had with an ounce of lead in the nose.

The only problem I encountered was that the motor compartment overheated badly with the top hatch on and made the motor/ESC cut in and out. This was discovered during the range check. I removed the hatch for further testing and the flight and there were no problems. I put the exit holes as shown on the plans, and my question is whether this overheating is just on the ground or whether I need to add a bigger hole for air to exit?

If anyone has any ideas, let me know. In the meantime, here is my Tucano (don't worry Brits, the roundels are on the way!).

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