2019 USA F3J National Championships Event Photos

F3J at the NATS was 2 days of good times, great weather and tough competition.


F3J Event Photos from the NATS

F3J at the NATS was 2 days of good times, great weather and tough competition. This was only my 2nd F3J event, but I really enjoyed it and think the format is extremely fun. Jim, Richard and Frank welcomed me as a team mate and offered a low key friendly atmosphere where fun was the main goal, Although we did end up in first place as a team. I ran the winch when I wasn't flying, but I really liked the teamwork involved in every flight. It means you really are not sitting around much waiting to fly. There is always something to do and help with on every flight.

We had 21 pilots into 5 teams. I was really proud of how I flew with the old Supra. I came in 7th place, just 8 points short of making the Fly Offs. I made the full time every flight except 1 where a flap servo signal lead wire broke off and left me with a non-functional flap in a reflex position which made the plane fly poorly and require holding aileron to fly, still made 8+ minutes on that flight though.

I'm looking forward to flying more F3J and it sounds like the Tour wants to change things up a bit for next season to make the events less costly. We need to get more people to fly it. It's not nearly as intimidating as you might think and the whole group is supportive and willing to help out newbies. Don't be scared! Get out there and try it!!

I'll post the event photos in a reply below, but here is your top 5 pilots after the Fly Offs.

  1. Neal Huffman
  2. Jody Miller
  3. Christopher Burns
  4. Kelly Johnson
  5. Jim McCarthy

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