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Aug 11, 2019, 01:51 PM
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MZ32 - clarify data output for DSM2/DSMX


This question is probably for Graupner or somone whom is very familiar with the data output protocols, the MZ32 specifies it has 'data output' support for DSM2/DSMX....

(I just picked up a new MZ32, and want to make the easiest setup for doing DSM2/DSMX..)

Is this output in the spektrum serial format for DSM2/DSMX, that would interface to a spektrum DSM Tx module if I were to harvest a Tx module from a spektrum transmitter?
(ie is it in the 115k baud rate serial)?

I have a bunch of DSM plane foamie models that all have the BNF 'dsm/dsmx' receviers in them, and would like to setup an external DSM Tx module on the back of the mz32, using the data port...

Also, is the Vdd pin on the data port 3.3V?

Thanks so much!

- Mike
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Aug 13, 2019, 06:20 PM
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Hi All,

I received my MZ32 today, wow, I have to say, it is absolutely beautiful. I had been looking at pictures of it over the last couple weeks, watching videos, etc, so when I first put it in my hands, I had that feeling of "ok, it's not too bad"..... since I had become so accustomed to what it looked like ahead of time.

But then I pulled out my Tx I have had for the last 6-7 years, the Aurora 9. Wow did the aurora look so cheap now, it made me realize how awesome this mz32 really is, kudos to Graupner on this!

So, I pulled out the scope and did a couple quick captures just to answer my own questions.

1) Data Port: labeled as (S, +, -) and verified it's pinout

S-> does appear to be a serial stream when in 'SP' data output mode (spektrum).. signal is 3.3V...

+ -> Vdd -- Is actually approx. "5.25V", so they have a small boost circuit internal, as the Lipo is only 3.7 - 4.25V or so
- -> Gnd --

2) DSC Port: I didn't have a plug on hand to capture some output, but I will find one this weekend and capture a shot of PPM data

Attached are pics of the output voltage and a snapshot of the DSM2/DSMX output...

** I will hopefully receive my used DX5e Tx this weekend, and will harvest out the module... since this Tx puts out 5.25v or so out the data port, you'll just have to drop it down to 3.3v or so, since that's the Vdd required for the DX4E/DX5E module. Simplest is just use a 3.3v regulator..

Assuming this is the right serial stream, then it should be as simple as Tx->Serial to Dx5E->Serial, and Vdd/Gnd, dropping of course to 3.3v..

We'll see how this goes, and I'll update... I'm sure that any flavor of the 'Multi-Protocol module' out there that has PPM option would also work, using the PPM out from the DSC jack for its' signal.. so if this is a no go, I'll try the multi-protocol module..
Aug 17, 2019, 01:18 PM
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Scoped out the PPM signal, kinda not what I expected, the ppm signal looks fine, but it's barely 2V p-p... I would think the multi-protocol or similar modules are expecting at least a 3.3V signal, if not 5V p-p..

no big deal, we can do the ol' 'hack with diode' trick, and pull up the signal line to 5V, with a reverse-biased diode to pull down the 0s, and the pull-up will drive the 1s... but curious as to why Graupner made this such a low-voltage signal?

anyhow, attached is a pic..

Also, I made a module out of a DX5E Tx module, used the Data port in SP (spektrum) mode, but with my little park flyer micro 'BNF' planes, not sure how to force them to bind? or tell the MZ32 to send a bind packet? no idea..

so with that I'm kinda stuck..

so I also picked up a I-Link 4 Plus (multi-protocol module), which runs from the PPM signal... so I'll wire it up with the pull-up, etc, and try it this way, since the multi-module has a bind feature, should be fine with that..

But still curious as to why this PPM signal was so lo? Unless it's my MZ32 that has a problem, but I kinda doubt it..
Aug 17, 2019, 02:10 PM
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I have used this module from Hobbyking ( to bind with spektrum receivers. I wired it per this diagram as designed by TheBum( The data comes from the DSC port while the power comes from the Data port(or you could use an external battery). It works on both my mz-24 and mz-32. Instructions on how to bind it can be found on the hobbyking site. Check under the upload files tab from the Diy module and download Jonathan's instructions. I have also included a screenshot from the I/O menu on the mz-32. Hope this helps.
Aug 17, 2019, 04:50 PM
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Originally Posted by hfa
I have used this module from Hobbyking ( to bind with spektrum receivers. I wired it per this diagram as designed by TheBum( The data comes from the DSC port while the power comes from the Data port(or you could use an external battery). It works on both my mz-24 and mz-32. Instructions on how to bind it can be found on the hobbyking site. Check under the upload files tab from the Diy module and download Jonathan's instructions. I have also included a screenshot from the I/O menu on the mz-32. Hope this helps.
Awesome, thanks for this info! I too was thinking about the Orange module, but ended up trying this route first, kinda funny they call for 6V on the input voltage, when pretty much everything all these boards are using is 3.3v logic. I'll be they have an internal regulator dropping it to 3.3v anyhow... I'll bet it will work by going with the straight 5.25v that the MZ32 puts out, versus stepping it up to 6v first..

but I took a look at the board of this Multi-Proto module, the STM32 flavor. They did incorporate that PPM pull-up circuit already inside, so no need to do anything to the signal..

but yeah that was my plan, using the data port for the 5V/GND, and the PPM from the DSC port. So I'll try this multi-proto module first, and if it becomes too annoying, I'll pick up that orangerx module.
Aug 18, 2019, 05:55 PM
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Alright, well, I ordered the Orange Rx DSM2/DSMX module, since I have had no luck with either a harvested Dx5E module, nor the Multi-Protocol module. With the 'hack DSM' module, the main issue is there is no way to get the MZ32 to send out a bind packet to the DSM module. This works on the Taranis Tx because they run 'OpenTx' and have a custom setup to send out a bind.

One strange thing, again with this MZ32 PPM output signal, it wasn't even able to drive the Multi-Protcol ppm input, even though it does have the pull-up/diode setup on the input...I had to put a driver circuit (used a 74HC244), which then gave a perfectly clean signal in the module. But didn't have any luck getting any bind's to occur with my BNF planes. (my Aurora 9 with an orange DSM2 module works fine).

So as you said, It seems as if the best DSM2/DSMX module to use with the MZ32 is going to be the Orange Rx. I should have it this week and hopefully get this all going.

Still wondering what Graupner's plans were for providing that DSM2/DSMX data output? If they had added some type of digital button to configure to send a bind packet, it would probably work with a harvested DSM module.. but otherwise not sure what the purpose was....?

Since the inputs format are like this:

1) Dx4E/Dx5E 'harvested' Spektrum module: signal input format is Spektrum serial (125k baud) stream -- *ie it seems as if Graupner is providing this serial stream via the Data Output port, but no way to initiate a BIND*

2) Multi-Protocol module: signal input format is PPM (or custom serial for OpenTx) - **BIND is done by module button **
3) Orange Rx modules: signal input format is PPM
- **BIND is done by module button **
Aug 19, 2019, 06:33 PM
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I have a better handle of this, at least as far as the I/O ports & settings go... so it looks like this:

1) DSC Port: PPM signal is possibly open collector/open drain, but it's a very weak driver, mz32 can't even pull it low with a weak 4.7k pull-up...

2) Data Port: You can choose either 'DATA' output (via the data menu type), or PPM output (inverted compared to DSC ppm signal)
--> signal is driven via a driver/inverter, and it's full 5V peak to peak, it's a clean signal..

So you do not need at all to use the DSC port, since the PPM signal is readily available on the data port, just by clicking that mux line to choose either ppm or data signal...and it's a much better signal anyhow, since it's source by a driver/inverter. (and you can click the invert button to change the polarity back to non-inverted)

Also, the 'SP' (spektrum) mode does have a sub-menu, where you can choose the 'mode' (1 or 2), and send a bind packet, but so far it still doesn't work. Maybe this is a work in progress, a feature that is not yet completed? not sure...

Attaching a couple of pics of the I/O menu just showing the ease of switching signals..

so once I get my Orange RX DSM2/DSMX module, I'll just completely use the 3 pins of the Data port, since I can grab the full PPM signal there, and it's a clean 5v signal...

** NOTE: in these pictures I have the (+) line turned off, ie clicking on that turns off power to the module, I did this just when taking these
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Aug 19, 2019, 06:38 PM
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this is a pic of the DSC-> PPM output signal in YELLOW, against the same signal coming out the data port (inverted of course)... in GREEN....

so using the data port gives you a 5V Vdd source, GND, and 5V PPM signal (if mux selected for PPM).....
(data signals like SP (spektrum) tend to be UART data, so 3.3V peak to peak for these if chosen in the mux instead of PPM)
Aug 23, 2019, 05:54 PM
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Got the Orange DSM2/DSMx module working, I picked up this one since it already has a case, didn't need the DIY one:!21014!US!-1

Also, the Vdd input of the orange module goes right to a XL1530E1 step down/buck converter, so most likely they are using it as an efficient PWM drop-down to 3.3V. The input range for this chip is 3.6V to 18V. So I think they mislabeled their input voltage spec. NO need to put in 6V...

It works perfect going right from the MZ32 data port for the 5V, GND, and PPM. No extra parts needed, and it's working awesome.

Also, I did get the Multi-Proto module working (iRangeX 4 Plus), the bootup with bind button doesn't seem to speed anything up, eventually it does bind to both of my BNF DSM2 planes, but it takes around 2-4 minutes per plane when it finally just binds after sitting there..

The Orange module binds within seconds after doing the bootup/bind button... and it's very stable, so I'm sticking with it!

But just wanted to post my final findings, as I was able to get the following working:

1) Multi-Protocol Module (iRangeX IRX4 Plus) - works fine with DSMX/DSM2, but takes quite some time to bind.... also direct hookup to Data Port

2) Orange DSM2/DSMX - works awesome, I rate this one the best! BIND is fast, and is a direct hookup to the Data Port...
Last edited by mikes_md; Aug 23, 2019 at 06:02 PM.
Aug 23, 2019, 10:06 PM
Graupner USA's Avatar
Thanks for sharing your findings and glad to see you got it work.
Aug 24, 2019, 03:02 PM
'n boer maak 'n plan
yufasa's Avatar
I can swear I did posted setting on how to hook up a DSM module but cannot find it. Thanks for sharing here. Will make it a lot easier to reference in the future

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