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Sep 08, 2019, 08:20 AM
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Nose Gear Suspension mod

The Mig's stock Nose Gear Oleo Spring is WAY too stiff!! It basically has no suspension at all thanks to that. This causes 'bouncing' for any case where energy is injected into the Nose Gear - such as a bad landing manner, or a bump or undulation hit after landing.... or even on a take-off.
The Nose GearOoleo and Spring is actually the identical unit that the Main Gear use!! That is ludicrous as the Main Gear needs to take close to 100% of the AUW and it impacts on landing etc., and the nose Gear does NOT need to operate at that level of stiffness at all.

After some testing I changed the Nose Gear Spring to a 5.0mm x 0.7mm wire x 35mm Long spring from eBay. I keep a reasonable selection of springs - all from eBay - so that I can fix up the lousy Landing Gear that pretty well every PNF comes with!! They just never get the parameters and ratios right! You can make every PNF (or Kit buikds) WAY better... 'perfect'.... so that you can land aircraft much easier and never have to worry about what will happen if there is a bad landing, or big bump/undulation encountered!
THAT is what suspension is meant to do!! Deal with GROUND handling issues!

The results were a MASSIVE improvement to the Mig's Landing Gear operation!
To test/prove it, I did "30 landings in a row" (over a string of flights).

Mig-17 Fresco - 90mm Avios - Nose Gear Spring Testing (14 min 39 sec)
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Sep 08, 2019, 08:23 AM
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DIY Afterburner LED

I made up a LED Afterburner unit for the Mig-17 (and for numerous other jets).
I partly did not want to need to 'pay' AUD$80 or so for the ones you can already buy from various sources!! Not that the price is necessarily unfair at all - they take TIME to build, on top of the parts cost - but if you needed a LOT of them, you would go broke! LOL
Plus I can design/build this sort of stuff, so it was fun to do anyway.

Total cost is approx AUD$7.... !!! LOL
There are more details in my DIY LED Afterburner Blog.......

Another benefit of making my own is I can design/program it to do what I want it to do! And a primary 'need' for a Mig is that the Afterburner FLICKERS... it is not a constant flame like many other jets have. None you can buy do that....
I also wanted high power, and a LED type that can be 'aimed' directly rearwards. Not the majority aimed SIDEWARDS like most of those others are!

I lined the exhaust ducting with Chrome Vinyl. Mainly for its high reflectivity, but also as it 'seals' off all the light 'escape' areas of the foam fuselage.
The front end of that Vinyl was finished with grey duct tape, so that there is no 'step' in the Vinyl that could lift from the high speed EDF flows.
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Sep 08, 2019, 08:41 AM
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LED Afterburner flight(s)

Unfortunately Action Cameras are USELESS at showing finer details. The resolution of any object at even a mediocore distance is terrible and the afterburner 'light' is a quite insignificant then. The human eye sees WAY more than video records. BAH.
You can see the AB LED/light all the way to the top of climbs and it works quite nicely really Though this video was on a cloudy day and it would suffer more on a sunny day! But it is all you can do......

The "random rogue flicker" issue has been fixed (in the program code) and the AB unit is now 'fully working'.

Mig-17 Fresco - 90mm Avios - Nose Gear Spring Testing (14 min 39 sec)

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