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Aug 01, 2019, 11:32 AM
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Old Radian Pro gets a new Turbo Timber Receiver

I recently got my old Radian Pro (RP) back. It was going to be converted to a Taranis TX/RX system for RSSI, Battery Voltage, Vario, and Altitude Telemetry. Eventually it will but I wanted to fly her with SAFE Self Level and so this is how I did it. The RP was flying using the DX9 Sailplane program with an old AR600 long range receiver. Flight modes and programming worked fine and I wanted to keep it but add SAFE Self Level using a new RX.

The Turbo Timber (TT) SAFE receiver was a new open stock version that Horizon programmed for the Turbo Timber. So I used a new model in my DX9, bound it (with the bind plug removed) and named it RadPro TTSafe RX. I connected the RP elevator servo to verify the old elevator servo would move and direction was correct. It was not so I reversed the elevator and with Self Level On put nose down, tail up and verified full up elevator. I then made sure that Rx Port Assignments channel 7 was on Aux 3 and that Channel Input Config Aux 3 was assigned to my B switch. The RX can turn SAFE On and Off with any channel that your TX has from 5 to 9. I then scrolled to the Monitor page to make sure that when the left and right sticks were down and in I read -100,100,-100 and -100. This was confirmed and I toggled the B switch until I saw the elevator and rudder twitch. Then I put the nose down and tail up to make sure the B switch turned SAFE on and OFF. The B0 position turns SAFE On and B1,2 turns SAFE Off.
The old AR600 program used Chan 5 for flaps on a Y cable, and Chan 6 (Aux1 for the Left Aileron) and Chan 2 is for Right Ail. This way I could have a flight mode for drooped trailing edge for thermaling and a full flap and aileron crow for landing. I connected the old servo plugs into the new AR636 RX and put 3M Dual Lock on the top side of the RX and stuck in the old Dual Lock material. The LAL (left aileron) had to be reversed as well as the rudder on the Servo Set up page. Self Level On and Off were again verified to be correcting properly and so servo reversers or tedius programming of the AR636 with a Windows computer was needed. I added new audio for switch B and added 2 lines in the pre flight checklist to remind me that Self Level On is B0. A maiden and flight trim test will be added to this How To.

At the field I installed the 12/6 folding prop, plugged in and the wings, turned SAFE On, and ran up the motor above 25 percent to check pitch, roll, and yaw corrections. right roll correction. Pitch and roll correction were correct but rudder yawed in the same (wrong) direction. I installed a servo reverser and then revered the rudder channel in the TX servo setup menu. I then got proper yaw correction.
A power off hand launch with SAFE Off, indicated a nose down glide and up trim to correct. So I put in about 6 turns of up elevator clevis. A second power off hand toss indicated a hands off glide with no pitch up or pitch down. A power on launch with SAFE Off revealed a slight left turn and a power off dive showed a slight pull up. SAFE was turned on and no trim corrections were required. Launch, Cruise, Thermal, and Land Flight Modes we’re checked and elevator trim was adjusted for each mode. I ran out of down trim for the landing mode so after landing I put more down elevator compensation trim in the TX menu. About 6 climbs and 6 landings were made and total flight time was about 20 minutes on a 4 minute motor run.
On power off full down elevator dives there was no oscillation on any of the 3 axis.

A slight left turning roll was seen and after landing. A slight left rudder and left stab tilt was seen. These will be corrected prior to the next flight. Thermal turning with aileron to initiate and full rudder to maintain the bank showed very good circling in early morning no lift conditions. As temps rose from 65 to 80 lift was building and RP showed good level turns and climbed in the lift. Flying had to stop at 11 AM and I look forward to further flying soon.
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