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Jul 23, 2019, 04:20 PM
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Ebay crack head sellers.

You have to check out these moron crack head sellers. I hope you are sitting down when you see these prices for kits. These idiots graduated from smoking crack to ingesting huge amounts of LSD. What a waste of main frame hard drive space.
Jul 23, 2019, 05:10 PM
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wow- $375 for a "vintage" cessna bird dog- Giant Scale at 1/5
and the older kits- just wow
Jul 24, 2019, 08:13 AM
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I sold one of the q/5 scale birddog kits a few years ago for $400 to a member in Switzerland.He paid for shipping also.
Jul 24, 2019, 10:44 AM
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Calling sellers who have hundreds of positive feedback "idiots" and "illegal drug users" because of their asking price seems a bit much.

Would have been more helpful to see similar kits and what they are going for to compare, although even if they were far off calling the sellers crack heads would still seem out of line. Or perhaps even give some context to the asking price etc. Guess it's just easier to call them names.

The asking price appears to be inline with similar kits. The item could sell for $275.00 plus a very reasonable shipping price just under $18.00. The BIN price is $375.00.

Similar kits:

$363.00 for a smaller kit, from a vendor, $66.66 shipping.

10 inch larger, for $499.99. $77.00 to ship.

So who else offers a kit of a Cessna Bird Dog O-1E that's 88" . And what is the asking price?
Jul 30, 2019, 04:22 PM
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Original Bud Nosen standoff giant scale p-47 D Thunderbolt R/c it now for $1800.00 plus reasonable shipping of $71.67...........
Nov 28, 2019, 08:46 PM
Thermals, Tom
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There are plenty of unscrupulous sellers on eBay
Latest blog entry: Steak and Old Timers
Nov 29, 2019, 12:40 PM
I’ve been stiffed on Evil-Bay, which is why I haven’t dealt with them in over 13-years. I remember I used to sell plastic kits at a discount @a modeling club I once thought I belonged to. I remember a regular patron who would buy from me in bulk (practically the whole lot), and then turn around and sell these kits individually on Evil-Bay for top-$$$. He seemed like he was stoned all the time. He rarely displayed his work, yet he and his clique would criticize the work I displayed, and other’s work, too.
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Dec 18, 2019, 01:58 PM
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Ebay crack head sellers

“AS IS SEE PICS=======”
Price:US $545.99
Shipping: $23.31 Economy Shipping
Item location:
Oxnard, California, United States
I can get this same kit for $80.00 on Groups!
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Jan 27, 2020, 08:39 AM
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Ebay is fine, IMO. As long as you know what you are looking for, what it should be going for (new and used), and know how to read the information provided to you by EBay. As a buyer, I have had very few problems. As a seller...OMG....between paying Ebay, shipping, PayPal, and the the whining from the buyer and/or actual lies, overall not a good experience. But that's just me. If someone is stupid enough to not do their research, then that is on them.
Feb 10, 2020, 10:36 AM
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I found a way around this. Here's a shout out to Eureka and their short kits. I just bought a Hammer 40 for under $80 including shipping. Yes it's a short kit but the list of provided material looks to be pretty inclusive and it's balsa wings, not foam. Shouldn't need to spend a whole lot more money.

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