Horizon Hobby E-flite UMX MiG-15 EDF Jet Review

A total blast to fly ultra micro EDF with AS3X stabilization



Wingspan: 16.2 in (41.1 cm)
Length: 15.9 in (40.4 cm)
Flying Weight: 2.75 oz. (77.5 g)
Motor: 28-10-13,500kV
Fan Size: 28mm EDF
Battery: 2s 7.4v 200+ mAh
Available From: Horizon Hobby
Price: $129.99

Developed shortly after WW2, the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 proved to be a game changing aircraft. It shocked the US military when it was first encountered in combat during the Korean War in 1950. At the time there were no US fighters that could match the performance of the MiG-15. It wasn't till the introduction of the US's first swept wing fighter, the F-86, that the MiG had a worthy adversary. The MiG-15 had a long production run and was flown by more than 30 countries. It was used by the Chinese for several decades after the Korean War.

The E-flite UMX MiG-15 is a remarkable micro jet that improved on the earlier version offered. The improvements include a more powerful brushless motor with a Kv of 13,500 that gives this jet some real punch and speed. Other improvements include smoother AS3X® action that provides the feel of a much larger model. The outlines on the MiG-15 are true to scale, an amazing feat on such a small model. The jet also includes the ability to turn on E-flite's SAFE® Select technology, this provides limits on the bank and climb angles and returns the jet to level flight immediately upon release of the control sticks. This can be a huge benefit to the novice by preventing over control and building pilot confidence quickly. Even with SAFE® turned off the AS3X® is still active and working behind the scenes cancelling out the effects of turbulence and wind gusts. Let's check out this latest iteration of the famous MiG-15.

What's in the Box

  • (1) BL180m Ducted Fan Motor, 13,500Kv (installed)
  • (1) Delta-V 180m 28mm EDF Unit (installed)
  • (1) Spektrum DSMX® 6Ch AS3X® Receiver with Brushless ESC (installed)
  • (2) 2.3-Gram Performance Linear Long Throw Servos (installed)
  • (2) 2.3-Gram Linear Long Throw Offset Servos (installed)
  • Optional landing gear with wheels
  • Accessory bag with ordinance
  • Manual

Needed to complete

In addition to the airframe you will need a 280mAh 2S 30C Li-Po with JST-PH connector and a Charger Plug Adapter (EFLA700UM). Also required is a suitable lipo charger like the Celectra 2S Charger (EFLUC1007) and a 4+ channel Spektrum™ DSM2®/DSMX® with dual-rates (DX4e and up)


The MiG-15 is nearly completely built right out of the box. All that is needed is a flight battery and a DSMX® compatible transmitter. The only additions are the landing gear if flying off of a smooth surface and the ordinance.


I had a nearly windless day for the MiG-15's maiden flight. Since I am blessed with a very nice paved runway at our local flying field, I decided to do the initial flight with the landing gear installed. Installation couldn't be simpler, just slip the wire gear into sockets on the underside of the wings and push the nose wheel into position under the nose. The nose wheel is steerable and the ground handling proved to be very effective. The jet was easy to taxi out and get aimed into the little breeze that was present. This is a small model with even smaller wheels, so a smooth surface is called for if flying with the landing gear. Grass takeoffs are not an option. The plane balanced with just the insertion of the flight battery.

Take Offs

After a quick check of the control movements I applied full throttle and the jet was airborne in about 20' or so. I was immediately impressed with how much thrust the little 28mm fan produced. While I never owned the original version, the reports that I have read indicate that this new fan/motor combination is a noticeable improvement. All I can say is that I was impressed and did not feel that there was any lack of power. I had a timer set for 3 minutes, it's time to check this little gem out.


Very little trim was required and the model felt completely controllable right away. I was quickly at ease and proceeded to carve some turns. The little MiG really settled into a predictable groove and transitioned from one direction to the other with a smooth grace that you might expect from a larger model. Even though the jet is light, it didn't feel light (floaty), nor did it feel heavy, it just felt solid and in a groove. So far, I couldn't be more pleased.


The MiG-15 is aerobatic. Not in the 3D sense, but in the full scale jet sense. Rolls were crisp with a roll rate that was quick but not blindingly so. Loops from level flight were no problem at all. Cuban 8's and Immelman's were no problem either. Inverted flight took a little down stick to maintain level but it was not excessive. Stall turns are possible if you add the rudder early enough, before you lose forward momentum and rudder authority. Even with the functional rudder, knife edge flight isn't possible, at least not for long. Point rolls, on the other hand, are completely within the MiG's wheelhouse.


The first landing ended up with a bit of a bounce. I simply let the airspeed drop off too much at the very end. On the next landing I maintained a little throttle and flew the MiG to a smooth landing. There wasn't enough of a breeze or turbulence to judge the effectiveness of the AS3X®, but from prior experience I expect it to perform well in tougher conditions.

Hand Launch Flying

After the initial flight off the runway my friend Michael Fair flew the hand launch flight while I took the photos. Hand launch was a fairly low anxiety event. A simple firm toss into what little breeze was present led to a straight ahead flight and climb out. I didn't notice a significant change in handling without the gear though some increase in flight time due to decreased drag might be possible. All the same maneuvers are possible. Landing on the grass was no more challenging than pointing the jet into the breeze and reducing the throttle to near idle. If you keep the nose up and slow the jet down till it will no longer fly, the landing will be fairly slow and soft. That said, you may still wish to remove the cannons for grass operations rather than risk snagging them on the grass.


In SAFE® Select mode I'm fairly confident that a novice could be successful with the MiG-15 as long as they kept the jet fairly close so as not to lose orientation. The best bet would be to get some assistance in learning to fly this model and enjoying the experience.




I am having a really fun time with this little gem, it looks great and performs beyond my expectations for a micro model. I look forward to flying it indoors next indoor season, it is predictable and nimble enough for this. E-flite has done a remarkable job with this jet and I don't think that anyone would feel that it wasn't a good investment of modeling dollars to add one to your fleet.

Again, I would like to thank Michael Fair and Jason Cole for their assistance as pilots for the photo and video on this review.

Check out the Horizon Hobby E-flite UMX MiG-15 EDF Jet here

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Sep 01, 2019, 07:00 PM
The Mad Titan
I really enjoy flying mine. I had a few of the original releases along with the first gen UMX Habu and I enjoy this version of the MIG the best out of the three. The most amazing part is how slowly you can bring it in for a landing and how you still maintain a good degree of control at those slow speeds.
Sep 03, 2019, 05:56 AM
Registered User
DaveG's Avatar
I was enjoying mine, until the controls locked-up and it flew away into the sunset. Never had that happen before.
Sep 03, 2019, 08:12 AM
Registered User
Your FS should have killed the motor.

Never heard of a plane fly away with a properly set FS before?
Sep 04, 2019, 07:39 AM
Registered User
DaveG's Avatar
Originally Posted by i_am_mark_evans
Your FS should have killed the motor.

Never heard of a plane fly away with a properly set FS before?
It shouldn't have locked-up, either, but it did. Like I said, I've never had that happen after decades of flying. Nothing responded to my transmitter inputs, throttle, etc. It was locked at altitude in level flying, with SAFE on, and it just kept on going. All I could do was wave goodbye.
Sep 06, 2019, 06:11 PM
They call me Lipo...
Justwingit's Avatar

UMX MiG-15 over Newberry Springs, California...

So I took the MiGlet out for a morning sortie over the Newberry Springs community center and baseball field...:
E-flite UMX MiG-15 EDF - Morning Sortie over Newberry Springs! (6 min 43 sec)

Sorry for the much disliked "dust-dot" video, but man, is this thing small and QUICK !

Hope you enjoy it as it zips on by !!!
Latest blog entry: The Budd RB-1 "Conestoga" by...
Sep 15, 2019, 09:19 PM
Registered User
RJD1234's Avatar
While not a high speed jet, it does fly well. After hand launching you do need to let it find its "step". Once it does than the sky is yours. Setting up for a loop requires a slight dive. Rolls are crisp and axial. At low speeds it handles good. In my opinion like most UMX's it does fly better without the LG. Overall a fun jet. Now where is the F-86?
Sep 15, 2019, 10:49 PM
They call me Lipo...
Justwingit's Avatar

Discretion - the better part of valor...

I totally agree with your assessment RJD !

Here's the MiGlet flying in a bit of wind here in Barstow recently :
E-flite UMX MiG-15 EDF - Too windy for the MiGlet 😮! (4 min 19 sec)

She did pretty well, but I figured I'd bring her in to live to fly another day

Latest blog entry: The Budd RB-1 "Conestoga" by...
Sep 17, 2019, 09:06 AM
Registered User
Angelo's Avatar
Originally Posted by RJD1234
Setting up for a loop requires a slight dive.
No it doesn't! It does nice, big loops from level flight. Then again, that's with the landing gear off. The LG has a lot of drag, especially with those nice looking, but draggy, LG doors. I bought a second set of LG and removed the gear doors for less drag when I want to do wheeled takeoffs and landings. I use the original gears with doors when it's on display at home.

This plane looks great on wheeled takeoffs, no p-factor, so it accelerates nice and straight, then lifts off in a very scale manner. Landing is a little trickier, tends to bounce.

Since I usually fly at a grass field near the house, I do most of the flying with gear off and maximum performance.
Feb 03, 2020, 07:56 PM
They call me Lipo...
Justwingit's Avatar

E-flite UMX MiG-15 - BY REQUEST!!!

So, believe it or not, I've actually had some requests for videos...

Here's the MiGlet patrolling the mean skies over Barstow recently...
E-flite UMX MiG-15 EDF Jet BNF Basic - BY REQUEST!!! (6 min 28 sec)

Watch out for the MiG "limbo" under the wires about halfway through...this thing's a blast !

Latest blog entry: The Budd RB-1 "Conestoga" by...

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