Identifying Old Model Boats...

Here is a great post about how to identify old model (RC) boats.


Old Model Boats

A common reason for posting on this specialist forum is that people have obtained an old model - perhaps left to them by a relative or bought in a yard sale - and want to know more about it.

The readers of this forum have a lot of experience and a very good track record in identifying some quite old and rare items. But it is hard for them to work miracles every day!

So, if you want to identify an old model boat (and we would encourage you to do so), here are some tips for info you can provide which will help our experts:

1 - Photos. Quite essential! Give at least one full side view and one 'deck' view. The insides of the boat can often contain many clues - at least one shot inside, ideally showing the motor or other equipment. A shot of the prop and rudder will help as well. These 'design details' help us to place a date. If there is anything with writing on, get a photo of that.

2 - Boat measurements. At least tell us the length and breadth. Similar boats in a range are often categorised by length...

3 - Tell us where you are, and where you got the boat. Old boats from the US are likely to be different from old boats in Romania, or old boats in Australia. If our people know which country to start looking at it will save a lot of work.

4 - Any other associated data? Paperwork, plans, other fittings that came with the boat?

5 - Provenance. Tell us how you got it. Apart from being interesting, you would be surprised at how many modellers know places, people, and boats which were associated with them long ago. Yacht hulls in particular can often be traced back to individual designers through family and club connections.

You don't have to provide all of the above - you probably can't - but the list gives you an idea of the sort of things that dedicated vintage model boat hunters will find useful...

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Jul 15, 2019, 11:47 AM
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Very succinct Dodgy, especially item 2. Got a month ban on one forum that a poster had shown a photo of the Ferrari racer the only text being "Who makes this and what is it".

One of the mafia members decided to get his keyboard involved after my comment of "Give us a clue, length and breadth would help or are we supposed to be mind readers?" My PM back to him didn't go down too well.

Given the length alone would have saved a few postings identifying a recent British model in America on this forum. Front cabin potholes/windows gave it away for me but 36" or 42" length would have determined immediately that the poster had a Sea Queen and not a Sea Commander.

OK., some we can't identify, but with a bit of help we have a fighting chance.

Regards Ian
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Jul 16, 2019, 02:58 AM
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Thread OP
I recall that case! And also the Dumas DV60, where it turned out that Dumas did several identical Deep-V hulls for different sized engines, and the only way you could tell if it was for a .60 or .40 was by the length.....

The country of origin can be useful for plan-built hulls, since they will often come from local magazines. And racing yacht hulls in particular can look very similar - but I recall a case elsewhere recently when someone had had a partly-made hull passed down from grandfather to grandson, who knew nothing of the provenance. It turned out that the grandfather had been a famous hull designer in his day, and the hull was a long-thought-to-be-lost experimental shape that he had been designing at the end of his life. There were many offers from local clubs to complete it...
Jul 24, 2019, 09:18 AM
Does it have invasion stripes?
SanDiegoUteFan's Avatar
The boat in the photo reminds me of the boat used in the film "Dunkirk."

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