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Jul 11, 2019, 06:52 PM
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microBeast Plus Pro attitude control problem.

Please we need input from someone who has experience with the microBeast Plus Pro attitude control mode.
We have not had any luck contacting [email protected].
My friend has a microBeast Plus that has been upgraded to the latest software, and to the Pro version that does self leveling.
However, we can't seem to get it to react in 3D attitude mode like anything other than a constant self-leveling mode. I.e. It's bank limited, and holding constant aileron will not roll it over.
We can confirm by the parameter menu onboard lights, and the PC software, that it's in 3D attitude mode.
However, I would have thought that when we flicked on attitude control mode in operation with a Tx switch, that the main light would have shown briefly which of the 5 attitude modes it's in. We get just solid red.
So two questions:
1) Why is it not flying like 3D mode with center stick-self leveling?
2) Do you get the specific attitude mode shown on the main light when you turn attitude mode on?

Thanks so much!
Russ T, from Vancouver, Canada
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Jul 12, 2019, 06:01 AM
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Are your gains set to negative?
Jul 15, 2019, 09:29 PM
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Originally Posted by JohnCl
Are your gains set to negative?
We can check. But I understand control systems, and we're not getting any behavior that would lead me to believe the gains are negative. It self levels just fine in all axes. The problem is that it's trying to self level even when the cyclic stick is not in the center. I thought "3D" mode was 'center stick self-leveling' only. Could it be that my interpretation of '3D' mode is wrong?
Also, it is bank limited to about 45 degrees. Surely that is not what a mode called '3D' should do.
I'm quite interested in your further input, because we're not 100% sure exactly what the behavior of '3D' mode should be (as we are reading an English translation of some other language manual).
Sincerely, rtront.
Jul 15, 2019, 11:46 PM
Grumpy old git.. Who me?
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Your expectation for 3D mode self levelling are correct. As I under stand it in 3D mode the heli self levels when you centre the stick and will self level to upright OR inverted, depending on what orientation the heli is closer to
Jul 16, 2019, 05:44 AM
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Seems like some confusion here. Self leveling in 3D mode I believe is what happens when you hit bailout. Other modes just bring it "skids down". 3D will bring it to whichever is closer. Attitude control is done by input of negative gain. It can be quite confusing. If flying in 3D mode, it will NOT self level just by centering the stick. I think that is what you are after by your question.
Jul 16, 2019, 06:03 AM
denis747's Avatar
Attitude Control

What is AttitudeControl and how to use it
Basically what AttitudeControl does is leveling your helicopter by the flip of a switch or press of a button. There are different options on how the helicopter will be leveled which can be selected in PARAMETER MENU.

Leveling modes
Angular Mode
In this mode the helicopter flies like a quad copter. You have full control over pitch, but pushing aileron or elevator will only cause the helicopter to tilt by a given angle instead of rotating it around the roll or pitch axis. This makes flying much easier as you can't flip over the helicopter. Instead the maximum tilt is limited by your stick input. (Note: If you want to train inverted hovering using the angular mode, you will have to bring the helicopter into inverted position with AttitudeControl disabled first and then activate it).
Bailout rescue
The rescue mode can be used to bring the helicopter into a safe and well known position in case you loose orientation. No matter in which position the helicopter is at the moment, upright or inverted, once you activate the bailout rescue the system will bring your helicopter into an upright hovering position. In addition you set the Attitude Mode to "Bailout rescue with Pitch", here the system also will add some collective pitch input, so the helicopter hovers even when you have the thrust stick set at negative pitch position by accident. Or you could add even more pitch so the helicopter gains height quickly (for this pupose you can also use the "rescue boost" which can be set using the StudioXm App or StudioX Software).
3D - Mode
This basically does the same as the rescue mode but difference is that it will also level the helicopter in inverted position. Here the system detects which position is closer to reach and directly levels the helicopter without making a turn around. This can be used when you want to train and learn aerobatic maneuvers, like inverted hovering, flips or ticotcs. As you can override the AttitudeControl by adding some cyclic stick input even you could let AttitudeControl activated for a longer time, so the system guides you like a helping hand. I.e. when you make a front flip you only have to concentrate on giving correct collective pitch input. The elevator does not have to be as precise, as the exact leveling when reaching inverted hovering position is done by attitude control, even the system will pull the helicopter into level position, once it is tilted more than 90 degrees to the front. Please note the system will not level the heli into on or the other direction when it is in vertical position. This makes it more comfortable to fly around and perform loopings or knife edge flying while 3D Mode is active!

Besides the general choice from theses 5 Modes (Angular Mode, Bailout rescue, Bailout rescue with Pitch, 3D - Mode, 3D - Mode with Pitch) you can adjust more options with the StudioX Software or StudioXm App. For example you can add some boost pitch for a short amount of time so the helicopter gains height quickly, or you can lock the thrust stick input. These options are described later in detail. Also note that when using Bankswitching (Flight mode switching) you can set different Attitude modes and options for each flight mode and tweak the system to your likings even more.
Jul 17, 2019, 01:55 PM
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Thread OP
Hmmm. One of you are saying that it shouldn't self level in 3D mode. But it (I think wrongly) does!!! Also, it feels like it is not in center stick self level, but more like angle mode. Have to hold aileron stick to get it to stay in bank, and it will thus not roll inverted.
So two things:
1) It is not in what I believe 3D mode even though that is what it is set for.
2) No one has confirmed whether the main light on the microBeast will blink the attitude mode type code, when switching to attitude control mode when ready say to take off.

Please any more help would be great.
Jul 17, 2019, 04:33 PM
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The book says the light stays red with attitude control on. my manual is for version 4.1
Jul 18, 2019, 03:27 AM
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Please remember that here you will get opinions from users with experiences both good, and bad, on most anything. A lot of questions arise on stability, safe, self levelling, etc. Most all FBL controllers will do a pretty good job, but you must remember the only real controller is the pilot. People seem to want this majic gadget that makes them a super pilot by opening their wallet. We all know helicopters are difficult to learn, but the only way to improve is with hours of practice. No flight controller can replace that, and fly within your own level. Then SLOWLY move up as you gain experience and confidence. Only then will a FBL really make any difference. Get help, join a club, whatever it takes, but don't expect overnight success. This is fun if you move along at your own pace. Just my opinion!
Jul 21, 2019, 12:21 AM
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So if I understand you correctly you are saying that it is self leveling in 3D mode when it should not correct? Maybe rescue mode is enabled by default rather than disabled? Check whatever channel controls rescue and made sure it's set correctly and not backwards.

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