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Aug 14, 2019, 06:54 PM
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Ouch, been there too. I think anyone who has glassed on a spit has had the dreaded 'roll off the plug" happen to them. But sounds like your persistence is paying off. Good luck with the rest of it.

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Aug 14, 2019, 09:12 PM
EB-66C Team Member
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Awesome project, Ken!

I love the Buckeye!
Aug 14, 2019, 09:46 PM
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Sounds, like just a minor bump in the road. Little extra sanding will fix if right up. We all know RCing is all about the sanding.....sanding, sanding ,sanding

Question, I'm thinking this is the fuse you plan to cut off the plug you are laying up now? Did you glass plug first, or is this step the glassing of the plug, prior to making parts? Sorry to ask, the PVA is throwing me off. I've read about wax with polyester resin, but I've never tried it
Aug 14, 2019, 11:54 PM
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Aug 15, 2019, 06:21 AM
Build'em and Crash'em
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Thread OP
Yep lots of sanding to do now. I think I can sand out any issues, patch as needed then sand it all smooth

this is George Millers technique that I'm giving a try, I read about it here

plug is foam with a layer of glass to make the plug, George used wood for his plug, mine was kinda big for balsa.

Wax and PVA over that.

Then 2 layers of 6 oz glass to make the part. Part gets cut off the plug once its sanded smooth
Aug 15, 2019, 01:45 PM
Classic jets rule
AIR SALLY's Avatar
so are you sanding ,then a filler coat of resin then PVA is that to seal the polyester resin from the air to help it cure better? I have herd of some polyesters that you had to vacuum bag or like what you are saying apply pva so it cures better???? please inform us .
Aug 15, 2019, 01:54 PM
Build'em and Crash'em
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Thread OP
I tried to sand out the mistakes and bumps before the final coat of surface resin , but it clogged the sandpaper. I would have we sanded but then I would have a water/moisture problem.

So I just coated it with resin, let it cure a bit and then covered the whole thing in PVA to get it to cure hard. PVA is required to get it to cure hard and not be tacky. thats my understanding from reading georges thread and reading the TAP plastics info.

I'll attack it with sandpaper tomorrow. Not so sure I'll have a usable fuse at this stage.
Nothing really lost at this stage except time and money
Aug 16, 2019, 02:04 PM
Build'em and Crash'em
Ken Lapointe's Avatar
Thread OP
So today I did a bunch of wet sanding on the outside to get rid of most of the fiberglass edges that would cut me

No sense gettting it real smooth before I tried to get it off the plug.

Broke out the laser, tape and ruler to lay out the center line and canopy cut out. Cut the canopy out and the top along the centerline. I did not cut the bottom at all.

With a little gentle persuasion I was able to get the plug out.

Only a couple spots that will need to be patched where it bubbled.

It feels stiff enough to use, just need to figure out how many formers will be needed and where.

A pic next to the transmitter to give a sense of size. Also put the 90mm fan in there, boy that fan looks too small. I may consider a larger fan. Depends on weight of the finished plane I guess.

Total weight of the fuse and canopy is 2 lbs 1 oz, I really have nothing to compare that with, but for its size it appears to be an acceptable weight. But still lots of things too add in there.

I'll claim success at this point, only time will tell to see if I was right
Aug 16, 2019, 03:31 PM
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turbonut's Avatar
Looks like a good start!..with a 12oz layup I would use as few formers as possible..One for the main carry through and maybe for a gear mount in the nose..It looks real good from here
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Aug 16, 2019, 11:17 PM
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70 ragtop's Avatar
Good you were able to save it! That fan does look small in there....looks like a nice size plane
Aug 17, 2019, 09:50 AM
Dont forget the velcro straps
corsair nut's Avatar
2lbs aint bad...that pos aeroloft t2 i have weighs 3lbs
Aug 17, 2019, 11:47 AM
Registered User
Looks good. The fan does look small. The weight sounds ok, compared to the DCU T2. Does this smell the same as the regular polyester resin.
Aug 21, 2019, 06:48 PM
Build'em and Crash'em
Ken Lapointe's Avatar
Thread OP
So , as often happens to a scratch build a kit for this plane came up for sale. Same scale as what I was doing. So I bought the kit since it will be far less work for a far better result. Not to mention a clear canopy will make the jet look better.

I'll put my homemade fuse aside for now, who knows I may finish it some day.

Once I get the kit in my hands I'll start a build thread of it.

Thanks to all for your support.
Aug 24, 2019, 06:57 PM
i12flyrc's Avatar
Looking forward to your build thread of the kit.
Last edited by i12flyrc; Aug 24, 2019 at 08:37 PM.
Aug 27, 2019, 03:18 PM
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turbonut's Avatar
Hi Ken,
At some point I hope you build yours..I bet it is more scale..I had a DCU T2 but figured I would be happy if I made one from was good for its day but with the internet we have much better access to the info to build it better..
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