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Jul 07, 2019, 09:12 AM
my RC. Your info
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Diatone + Airblade UAV Intrepid v2 + Caddx Tarsier 4K

Halloa people

is this the last quad you will ever need? Well offcourse we want LOTS of quads or what :P
This new Diatone is one of the pocket-size do-it-all FPV quads..
It should be fast
It should be able to do freestyle well
It shoots 4K video's

Linkt to this quad: Diatone TMC Airblade UAV Intrepid v2 - Tarsier 4K version

At banggood: Same thing.. with affiliate code.. thanks for the support

In this topic I'll post My findings, but feel free to ad your own.. or questions.. concerns.. etc..

Diatone + Airblade UAV Intrepid v2 + Caddx Tarsier 4K :O - FIRST LOOK (26 min 32 sec)

type: Cinematic Freestyle quad
frame: Airblade UAV type: Intrepid v2
wheelbase: 150mm
base thickness: 3mm (arms)
material(s): carbon fiber + allu standoffs
flight controller: Mamba F405 mini mk2
firmware version: Betaflight 3.5.1
ESC's: Mamba F25 - Dshot600
motors: Mamba (BBB?) 1408 4000Kv
propellors: Gemfan Flash 3052
FPV camera: Cadd Tarsier (ratel + 4K recorder)
VTX: Team Blacksheep Unify 5V
Lipo: 3-4S (not included)
OSD: Yes, Betaflight
smart Audio: Yes
buzzer: Yes
LED's: nope
spare props: nope
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Aug 15, 2019, 07:36 AM
"Aircraftus Fragmentum"
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Dutch - have you managed any good FPV flights with this one? How did your video feed look? I assume the HD video was nice as well.

I am hovering over the BUY IT NOW button on this one.
Aug 15, 2019, 11:23 AM
my RC. Your info
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Thread OP

short: YES.. Diatone told me that their development-pilot tuned it with a 450mah 4S.. which.. is a rather SMALL lipo for the quad :P
Meanwhile I tested a bucch of 3" propps on the quad (read: all 3" props on the market) and found the stock Gemfans to be best..

Here is a flight on a 540mah 4S:
Diatone TMC Airblade - Testing a different (smaller) lipo - 2019-08-01 (5 min 22 sec)

to me this is kinda perfect.. it flies smooth when the pilot flies correctly.. if you fly stupidly.. you'll have a little propwash oscillation

(bone stock tune)
Aug 15, 2019, 01:22 PM
"Aircraftus Fragmentum"
kydawg1's Avatar

Was the video feed to you goggles nice?

The Runcam split are washed out and horrible.... hoping the Caddx has that right since Runcam cannot figure it out.
Aug 16, 2019, 05:58 AM
my RC. Your info
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Thread OP
apart from some dirt on my lens? :P

Diatone TMC Airblade - Testing a different (smaller) lipo (DVR) - 2019-08-01 (5 min 5 sec)

yes.. that FPV camera in itself is one of the best... even if you compare it to the best single purpose FPV cam's..
Aug 16, 2019, 06:00 AM
my RC. Your info
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Thread OP
ps: it's not that "Runcam can't figure it out" by the way.. with a single camera-setup eighter the HD side of things OR the FPV feed (or both?) will allways be a comprimise..

The Caddx is basically 2 camera's in 1 housing
Aug 16, 2019, 06:49 AM
"Aircraftus Fragmentum"
kydawg1's Avatar
Yep I understand the difference between Runcam and Caddx....I do like the Caddx concept for sure.

Runcams problem is video feed processing. There is zero reason for such poor video feed... the camera is capable of great video HD, but they might be fighting a peel off lag issue trying to feed the pilot video. Seems they need more processing capability on board.

Either way, it is a shame that all the splits up to now are just garbage for video feed....seems I need one of these to get closer to that perfect FPV Freestyle Beast that can record HD.

Great videos bro. You are one of the only reviews of this model....the model itself seems to not be getting much attention as of yet.
Aug 16, 2019, 06:53 AM
my RC. Your info
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Thread OP
Diatone only sent this one to One reviewer (and nope.. that wasn't me :P)

Runcam has a 2-cam split coming up by the way..
Sep 25, 2019, 06:51 AM
"Aircraftus Fragmentum"
kydawg1's Avatar
I just received mine (purchased from Banggood)..... I added Crossfire last night. One change I will need to do immediately is a reconfiguration of the poor antenna location from the factory. Huge miss of the obvious.... antenna will be battery blocked when flying towards the pilot.

I will add an extension and SMA mount to add a long antenna to see over battery at all times.

Maiden video (with box stock set up) coming soon.
Sep 25, 2019, 07:17 AM
my RC. Your info
DutchRC's Avatar
Thread OP
I'm glad to read people understand you need the Best reception when flying back..
Did you mean the Crossfire antenna mount or the 5.8Ghz? I for sure don't have the best FPV reception with this rig..

I fly mine on normal 2.4Ghz.. and never far away..
Sep 25, 2019, 07:58 AM
"Aircraftus Fragmentum"
kydawg1's Avatar
No, I mounted the Crossfire antenna.... the 5.8GHz VTX antenna mounting location that comes stock on the PnP is the initial issue I see.

You can seen the stubby antenna mount on the back.
Sep 25, 2019, 08:13 AM
my RC. Your info
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Thread OP
Yes.. you do know I actually Have this quad?
Sep 25, 2019, 10:04 AM
"Aircraftus Fragmentum"
kydawg1's Avatar
Yes, was uncertain if you had the PnP..... but you know the low VTX Antenna challenge, so that is the one thing that needs some attention.

I will see how the stock PIDS do. After seeing your vids.... excited to see the camera DVR perform.
Sep 25, 2019, 10:09 AM
my RC. Your info
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Thread OP
One thing you need to know about the quad: Diatone's test-pilot flew this quad with quite a Small lipo.. a 450mah 4S.. This one to be specific:

I don't have that lipo, but the lighter the lipo I use on the quad, the better it flies :P
That doesn't mean you can't fly it on a bigger lipo.. just that you would need to do a bit of tuning..

The camera is Great I think, eventhough mine has dust in it :@

Diatone TMC Airblade - Sunny day DVR recording - 2019-08-25 (3 min 13 sec)
Sep 25, 2019, 11:21 AM
"Aircraftus Fragmentum"
kydawg1's Avatar
Thanks for the heads up Dutch.

Strange that they would fly/tune it with such a small pack.

Typically I am unimpressed with Diatone tunes, so chances are I will tear up the PIDS anyway, but will still see how they are stock first. I plan to run a 650 and 850 4S...I just had some 450 4S packs arrive, so I can give them a try too (but SAG is a huge concern with that small of a capacity). We will see.

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