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Jun 25, 2019, 10:58 AM
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Help with Taranis qx7, an iRangeX IRX4 multiprotocol module, and Parkzone Night Vapor

I am trying to get these three items to play nicely together:

Taranis qx7
iRange X IRX4 Multiprotocol Module
Night Vapor bnf from Horizon Hobby - DSM2

My firmware has been updated (i have been successfully using the IRX4 to bind to a tinywhoop using the bayang protocol). But other than that, I frankly have very little clue what i'm doing.... And my google-fu hasn't seemed to turn up an answer.

I was able to get the radio to bind to the plane through brute force - I turned off the internal transmitter and then (i think) cycled through different options in the external transmitter. I believe i was in PPM mode, and i had to "click" the "BND" option in the Qx7 menu. However, once it was bound, the controls made no sense... throttle wasn't where it was supposed to be, etc. And i couldn't figure out how to change it.

So - a few questions:
1 - Did i bind it correctly? (i.e. do i correctly assume that if i was trying to bind using the wrong "mode" or "protocol" it wouldn't have worked at all?

2 - If i didnt bind it correctly, can you please help me figure it out?

3 - once its bound, how do i change the controls so that they're proper?

4 - Maybe its just easier to point me to a guide / video?? But... i couldn't find one

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Jun 25, 2019, 05:03 PM
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I assume you are using OpenTx.
This screenshot is from OpenTx 2.2.3
It works on my NightVapor.
Jun 27, 2019, 08:00 PM
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The iRangeX module requires the transmitter to be set up with channel order AETR, regardless of protocol. This makes things convenient when you are using various protocols which normally have different channel orders.

The module then converts AETR order to whatever order the protocol requires, in the case of Spektrum TAER.

For the Night Vapor, the rudder is controlled by the Aileron channel, so the model is flown with the right stick, throttle on the left (assuming stick mode 2).

Since you are using the iRangeX module, you should set channel order in OpenTX to AETR. Note, however, that this only affects NEW models. The channel order is determined by the order in the Mixer page of OpenTX. The order in Inputs doesn’t affect it.

Terminology: the transmitter is the box with sticks, switches and a bunch of electronics. The module is a thing that plugs in the back and enables the transmitter to talk to receivers of various types. Oversimplified but close enough for now.

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