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Jun 16, 2019, 02:29 PM
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ful- range FASST micro Rx for 1s

I haven't been on here in years and haven't kept up well, and I didn't find an answer searching. I hope this isn't an annoyingly common topic:

I have an 18" 30 gram "bush" plane flying great with an FrSky Rx on 1s, but I have to fly in tight circles around me till I get dizzy, or else the plane goes out of range and flies away. It's all balsa sheet so when it comes down it's fine, but obviously I want better. The FrSky Rx has good range on my 2s planes but this plane/esc/motor/prop are designed for 1s.

I'd like a 1-2 gram 4 channel microRx with decent outdoor range that'll work on a 1 cell lipo with my FASST Futaba T6EX Tx. Cost is relevant but not critical.

Does anything readily come to mind?


Edit: pardon the typo in the title ;-)
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Jun 23, 2019, 06:45 PM
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This is not FASST, but S-FHSS compatible. I have this in a couple of planes that I fly in a park, at considerable distance. I have never lost range.

I also have several of these in 3d foamies. Again , never had an issue. It is not a 1s receiver though. It says it will work from 3.5 volts, but I doubt it. It is a great 2s receiver.
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Jun 24, 2019, 09:36 AM
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Thanks for the response.

I figured the F3P forum would have a lead on the best stuff available but I'm coming to terms with the idea that there may not be an exact match for what I want. When I [finally] converted from 72 mHz to 2.4 gHz, I went with FASST stuff, so it'd be a pain to switch everything again to FHSS or DSM.

The first receiver linked isn't FASST compatible, and the second one can't run on a single cell .

I removed the wrap and sockets from a micro FASST Rx, soldered the servo leads, and got it down to 2.4g, so for now I'm living with a 1.5 gram penalty *shrug*.

I'd use a "brick" but can't find a FASST one and they seem to all have brushed escs.
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