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Jun 11, 2019, 08:59 AM
Quad Erat Demonstrandum
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ZOHD Orbit Neon 900mm Wingspan EPP FPV Night LINK

ZOHD Orbit NEON: Presentation video (5 min 20 sec)

Order Price: $139.99

The 900mm ZOHD Orbit has been around for a while. Her wonderful stability in flight combined with a second to none portability and innovative assembly system makes her one of the most desirable airframes for any FPV lover: Hundreds of wonderful reviews online testify about this fact.

Of course, we could have just revamp her under our very popular MKII format, make it heavier, larger, more complicated to setup… Instead of all of that, we went the other way around: This wing is already tons of fun, how can we take it to the next level, without compromising the fun factor?

Doing it at night!

ZOHD Orbit Neon is the world first snap-n-fly portable FPV wing with built-in LED for night flying. It is easy to hand launch and fly super stable, the Orbit wing is very convenient to carry with because the detachable main wing can be assembled easily by plugs, meanwhile the new crash absorption system will save the plane even in a hard crash. The built-in servo structure makes the airfoil more aerodynamic and avoid damage even in a crash.

With ZOHD Orbit Neon you can have countless ours of fun. Just picture this: Turning off the LED system, will give you a super capable FPV wing, to fulfill all your expectations in first person view action. Now the sun is going down? No Problem! Turn on the LED system for a few hours of extended fun. Super easy to setup, and really far from any DIY hot-wire cut ordinary wing, Orbit NEON will turn all the heads at your local flying field.
Being able to fly more than 20 minutes on a single 3S 2200mAh battery (yeah, we all have tons of those in our flying case!) You will discover the pleasure of LOS flights (or re-discover it, like in our case). The super-bright LED system gives you an even greater range of action in LOS than just flying in open day light. Green and red LED’s will give you the exact attitude and direction of the wing. The white belly light will let you do loops and rolls in the deepest darkness keeping absolute control. The huge LED on the nose, well… will make you feel that something out of a Marve.l movie is flying towards you…

Wether is FPV, nigh flying or light painting (another great thing to do with a night wing) ZOHD Orbit NEON will give you a huge bang for the buck any day of the week! Give it a try!

Brand Name: ZOHD
Item Name: Orbit Neon
Material: Crash Resistant EPP
Wingspan: 900mm (35.43'')
Length: 422mm (16.61'')
Motor: 2204-1870KV
ESC: 30A w/5V 1A BEC
Servos: 8g digital servo
Prop: 6*3
Wing Area: 19.8dm²
Wing Load: 60.6g/dm² (Max.)
Flying Speed: 25-100+km/h
Package Weight: 1.1kg
Package Dimension: 47.0*26.6*14.0cm

- Built-in ZOHD Stabilization Unit make the Orbit wing super stable flyers, very easy to control.
- Autonomous fly directly after hand-launch, never crash when take-off.
- Soldering-free built-in LED for main wings and nose, easy to plug and unplug in seconds.
- Multiple bonus camera mounts, compatible with GP H3/H4, RC2 HD, FX HS1177 and many more!
- EPP molded wing, built-in carbon fiber spar for reinforcement, super light and flexible!
- Detachable main wings with our acclaimed snap-n-fly system, will save the plane even in a hard crash.
- Designated room inside fuselage for FPV gear
- “NACA” air-intake in nose and air-outlet in tail for better cooling.
- Self-tighten prop nuts for secure prop mounting
- CG bumps under wings for perfect balance at the airfield.

Recommended Parts for Orbit Neon (not included):
Battery: 3S 11.1V 1300 - 2200mAh LiPo, Click Here
Charger: Balance Charger, Click Here
Radio System: 2.4GHz 6CH, Click Here

PNP Include: Orbit Neon with built-in LED lights, pre-assembled motor, ESC, servos, ZOHD Stabilization Unit, hardware.
Battery, charger, transmitter,receiver and glue are not included.

English Manual, Click Here

RCGroups Link, Click Here

Package Included:
1x ZOHD Orbit Neon 900mm EPP FPV Night Flying Wing PNP

ZOHD are all about having fun and their latest product the "Orbit Neon" is aimed at extending that fun into the darker hours with preinstalled super bright 12v leds embedded into the wing panels and along the underside of the main body. Another super bright Led is installed in one of the three supplied removable nose pods with the other two being suitable for your choice of FPV camera or action camera.
As always everything starts with the box. Starting from the packaging ZOHD have strayed from their classic white box in favour of black with an image of the Neon lit up. It is a night flight ready wing after all.

Opening the box the simple instruction pamphlet is more than enough to provide you with the information necessary to set everything up.

Everything is nicely packed and each individual piece is bubble wrapped and sealed to prevent any damage during shipping.

The Neon is made from ZOHDs usual BEPP foam. The elevon are hinged internally with a connecting internal rod that connects to the servo mechanism in the main body.

Both wings are held in place by a plastic retaining clip and the friction fit of the square carbon spar used to help give the wing strength. At the front is the connector that is used to power the embedded Leds.

At the rear of the wing panel is the extension tab for elevon control, this slots in to the main body and the servo machanism.

The main body of the Neon is ZOHDs typical white and black BEPP foam. The black foam is the removable lid which is held in place with two rare earth magnets and foam lugs.

All the basic electronics come preinstalled, the flight controller and Esc are tucked away under the plywood base plate and the Led extension wires are terminated with JST connections for easy dis/connection. A bonus here is that the use of JST means that you could simply plug in an FPV transmitter/camera to the 12V supply.

The belly of the main body is nice and clean with a line of white Leds running down either side. At the front is a plastic 'skidpan' to protect the belly during landing.

On the front upper nose of the body are two embedded plastic mounts for the action camera accessory.

The night flying nose pod with the Led in place. It really is very bright.

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Jul 05, 2019, 06:05 AM
Quad Erat Demonstrandum
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For those of us looking forwards to the darker evenings ......... an internal view of the Orbit NEON wing panels which throw some nice light patterns at night. Think of these individual "pockets" as Pixels

25x WS2812B addressable LEDs weigh around 8 grams ( plus solder and your wiring )

Now , the NEON will of course show its true glory in the Autumn/Winter months which is lucky because i have a lot of soldering to also gives me a little time to work things out ( rather than the typical ADHD un-box and run to the field to be the first to fly ) .

Led control will be performed by an ESP-32 connected via its WiFi to my Android phone giving me full control over the colours and patterns the LED's will show ( this part is already done ) Wiring will either be kynar or enamelled magnet wire which is already pretested and capable of carrying the voltage around the system

Option 1 is a Neo Pixel in each bay, this is around 25 pixels , the long bays will need more than 1 just because of the light scatter through the foam so 25 is an approximate

Option 2 is far more complex BUT it will show in the colours displayed via the light scatter of the foam. This option is around 78 pixels ( approx 1 ounce in weight of LED's ) plus wiring. The Orbit NEON can easily accommodate this increase in weight and is it is spaced relatively well across the whole of the wing i dont foresee any problems

And then there's this stuff

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