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Mar 17, 2002, 05:59 PM
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Maiden Voyage "JetiPro"

Hello All:

Well, first I like to thank
Greg Covey for his great review on the JetiPro, his review was the main reason I purchaced the model.

Today I had my maiden voyage with my JetiPro (Stock)

And it was ALL I was hoping for!
And it was everything Greg had discribed.

The instructions was VERY CLEAR, And the Kit is VERY well built.

Anyhow, I did my preflight check, "OK". Then Rechecked my CG
for a "Slightly"Nose heavy CG. "OK"

I set the Elevons at +5mm up "Top of Wedge" and gave it a toss
strait out with full throtle and the JetiPro took right off and climbed up very nicely. I then got to a nice altitude and then set the trim for level flight.

The wing was flying so nice I had a BIG GRIN on my face that can be see for miles! I was so comfutable with it I started doing BIG loops, they were perfect throughout the whole loop.
Then I did axle rolls"They were'nt" as clean as i would have liked.
But it worked and they still impressed a few fokes watching me.

I think because I set the CG Forward that might have made them a little more like a tight barrel roll. Not sure...

At full throttle it moves swift and very clean. I was also able to throttle back quite a bit and cruz around at 1/2 throttle with
very stable flight.

Landing was a breeze, I headed upwind, came in low and let the plane settle in for a nice smooth feather like landing.

I checked the trim on the elevons and found them to be perfect
to the neutral piont for level flight.
The JetiPro has just been put on the TOP of my list for a great fun flying wing...

Thanks for taking the time to read this...

Good Luck all you JetiPro owners in the middle of there building or havnt flown it yet.. Your gonna love this wing...

James Lv2Fly
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Jul 08, 2008, 02:00 PM
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good sounds like you had alot of fun with it.