ARMMA 1/7 LIMITLESS All-Road Speed Bash: Roller

ARRMA® unveils the 1/7 scale LIMITLESS™ 4WD roller — the first street basher in our lineup of fast, tough RC vehicles.


Limitless Speed and Performance

ARRMA® unveils the 1/7 scale LIMITLESS™ 4WD roller — the first street basher in our lineup of fast, tough RC vehicles. Drivers can use their experience and equipment of choice to customize the LIMITLESS for extreme speed and power. The LIMITLESS street basher excels on all roads, in all conditions: on loose gravel, asphalt, or short grass, and in the sun, rain, or even ice. It's bash-hardened and fully customizable, allowing you to tune the aerodynamic balance just how you want it.

In addition to the low drag LIMITLESS body, which comes already trimmed and decaled, we've included front and rear wings that can be customized to tailor the downforce to your preference. To further enhance the aerodynamics, the chassis design includes a front splitter to balance downforce distribution and a rear diffuser that increases downforce and grip, enabling you to corner faster and with confidence.

DESIGNED FAST, DESIGNED TOUGH — underneath the aerodynamically engineered body is a 3mm anodized aluminum chassis with a center brace for maximum strength. The heavy-duty 4X4 drivetrain features durable steel drive shafts plus all-metal diff outdrives and gearbox internals. The diff module can be removed by taking out just four bolts, making maintenance as speedy as the LIMITLESS roller itself. A sliding mount makes motor access quick and easy, too.

Big bore oil-filled shocks on black-anodized front and rear shock towers keep the dBoots Hoons all-road tires firmly planted for maximum traction. The tires are mounted on speed wheels with extra-durable hubs.


  • LIMITLESS™ 4WD is the first-ever ARRMA® street basher.
  • As a roller, the LIMITLESS 4WD lets intermediate to advanced drivers customize their machine for as much speed and power as their skills and budgets allow.
  • The LIMITLESS 4WD is a speed basher that lives up the ARRMA promise of being "DESIGNED FAST and DESIGNED TOUGH."
  • Low-drag body comes screen-printed, trimmed and decaled
  • Customizable front and rear wings allow you to tune downforce and drag just how you want it
  • Full-width front splitter balances front vs. rear distribution of downforce
  • Rear diffuser helps generate downforce
  • Designed to easily handle triple digit speeds
  • 3mm plate, 6061-T6 anodized aluminum chassis
  • Center chassis brace for maximum durability
  • Adjustable front and rear body mounts
  • Easy-access sliding motor mount for quick motor removal
  • Dual XL battery trays
  • Waterproof receiver box
  • Heavy-duty servo saver
  • Heavy-duty 4X4 drivetrain
  • Durable steel drive shafts
  • All-metal diff outdrives and gearbox internals
  • Easy-access diff module with 4-bolt center diff removal
  • Independent suspension
  • Big bore aluminum oil-filled shocks
  • Black-anodized aluminum front and rear shock towers
  • Speed Wheels and all-road dBoots Hoons tires tested to withstand speeds in excess of 150 mph
  • Super-durable wheel hubs for strength
  • Hub nut O-rings
  • 2-year limited warranty (see product manual for details)

Check out the ARMMA 1/7 LIMITLESS All-Road Speed Bash: Roller Here

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Jun 07, 2019, 05:29 PM
The Mad Titan
DC1138's Avatar
This thing is killer. I sold my V3 Talion as a roller a while back, so I have some stock Arrma 6S electronics to throw in this thing. Only problem is, it's not available until August...
Jun 10, 2019, 09:57 AM
Totally planned it that way
Rumor is some LHS and some of the HH site visits they do to LHS's will have some of these you might be able to buy. I heard there were some for sale at Horizonfest this past weekend (along with some Infractions, which was confirmed in YT vid).

Any thoughts on using a Spektrum system with AVC with something this high speed? I already have some Losi stuff and am planning on getting the Infraction... which comes with AVC... just thinking I'd keep using the same system for the Rx in this. Probably going with the recommended power system from HH's product page.
Jun 10, 2019, 05:53 PM
The Mad Titan
DC1138's Avatar
Stuff like AVC and Traxxas TSM are tricky, similar to AS3X and other gyros. If your car/plane is set up perfectly, no vibration or wobble, then these work properly. If there's something "off", and the sensor picks it up, it could create even MORE wobble/instability in the course of trying to correct the issue. I think something like AVC is good for racing, when you have lots of stop and go and want to keep tail spin and getting off course to a minimum as you're trying to accelerate out of turns. For high speed runs and straight line speed, I think this stuff could cause more problems than it solves. It's certainly not going to keep your car on the ground if you have no traction or start going airborne.

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