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Jun 16, 2019, 03:34 PM
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Originally Posted by liukku
Hello Libelle201B.
Totally short, cut from GPS-Triangle rules,

1 Definition of GPS Triangle soaring for Scale Gliders
1.1 Purpose and Goals
GPS Triangle competitions are meant to build a bridge between model soaring and full-size soaring competitions. Its goal is to display cross country soaring competitions of full size soaring in the scale of our model aircraft. The main task when participating a GPS Triangle contest is to fly around a virtual triangle (perimeter ~2.4 km) as often as possible in a period of 30 minutes. In order to obtain comparable results, the maximum starting altitude (usually 500 m) and the maximum starting speed (usually 120 km/h) when crossing the starting line are equal for all pilots. In addition to the before mentioned task, GPS Triangle also provides a special and more exciting task. In the so-called Speed Heat, pilots have to fly around the virtual triangle only one time as fast as possible.

When it comes to OLC:
You can read the OLC-RC- HowTo here;
Use Google translate for English version. Below you can read cut from the OLC-RC- HowTo ,

1) What is it about the RC-OLC?

The RC-OLC is a decentralized compared for model gliders. Unlike central competitions with pure time rating (eg F3J or F5J), the RC-OLC is a haul flight comparison. It applies just as in the OLC of passenger-carrying gliders to find thermals to exploit and implement in line. When RC-OLC there, using the slogan "Let's see what's going on today!", Neither a fixed flight time, nor a fixed route. Instead, creative flying and staying up long announced. Anyone can participate, regardless of time and place - there is no fixed dates yet venues. We fly on a flying field or on the "green field".

Each participant performs in the model with a GPS logger that records the flight in tamperproof IGC format. Via SD memory card or cable the flight the pilot is read out on the PC and then uploaded to the OLC. The OLC server analyzes the flight and calculated according to the applicable rules, the achieved during the flight points. All submitted flights are displayed in a score. So participants can measure the world with other model pilot, learn from them and constantly improve their skills.

4) What is my flight task?

When RC-OLC, it is taking advantage of thermal updrafts, in the form of variable rounds not predetermined triangles to erfliegen. A round (it includes the free and flat triangular one) is at the start-finish circuit ( SCC ) starts and ends in the start-finish circuit (SCC). The final height must be greater or equal to the starting height. Since the thermal changes constantly in the course of a competition flight, it is optimally adapted to the course with each new round. Since the pilot determines its flight path free, each round may result in a completely different triangle.
The flight will be analyzed by the reporting OLC server and the best possible triangles are automatically calculated and points are awarded. Ideally, at least 10 valid rounds come about in a competition flight, but must not be flown at a time. A competition flight with 10 valid rounds can thereby also take an hour or longer.
Calculation of Points: The fastest 10 rounds of a competition flight will be added together and the sum divided by velocity 10th
Important: For a valid competition flight not need to come together still 10 rounds. Is the weather not here, is enough one round to (but then little according) to get points.

Good luck!

Very neat. How do you determine you have reached your tp and continue on the next leg? Does each sailplane launch and head out on course individually or do you have to wait for the entire fleet to launch and then the race commences as in FS soaring? I really like this now concept for rc competition.
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Jun 16, 2019, 06:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Libelle201B
Very neat. How do you determine you have reached your tp and continue on the next leg? Does each sailplane launch and head out on course individually or do you have to wait for the entire fleet to launch and then the race commences as in FS soaring? I really like this now concept for rc competition.
Hello Libelle201B and all others.
Of course you have to be able to navigate in the air in some way and here is the only drawback to the sport. Unfortunately, one needs to invest in rather expensive equipment; I'm talking about hundreds of dollars.
Unfortunately, I have no good equipment list to share with you, here you have to learn and read on various websites that sell equipment. What I can offer is links to some websites that discuss the subject, more or less.
I suggest that you read the links below, and on Facebook pages and more and check out movies on youtube.

I start with GPS-Triangle's main site where you can take part of movies and lots of info,,
Then you have GPS-Triangle's facebook group

You will also find a lot of info on
A short movie about the SkyNavigator app that you can download for free nowadays.
SkyNavigator Demoflug (2 min 43 sec)

When it comes to triangle flying according to the OLC rules,, it can be a little cheaper.
In my Multiplex radio I use an iMSB blutooth module which receives data from the necessary GPS module, GPS Logger 2 or 3 from
You can read all about the iMSB module on their website, I can recommend this module to anyone interested.

I find it sad to just give you a lot of links to web pages, but that's the only way I can help you right now, unless you have the opportunity to visit a GPS flight event. But ask, I do the best I can to answer.


I apologize for Libelle201B and I kidnapped the thread, but it is all about sailplanes and thermal flying, so I hope you have the indulgence with the kidnapping ...
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