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Jul 08, 2019, 01:23 PM
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An intriguing concept, combining Vector and aerodynamic surfaces open many possibilities!
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Jul 08, 2019, 02:03 PM
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Thread OP
this has been made by others (elevons) and it gives interesting flights.

I've added a motor on the rudder. Not sure how it will fly with this configuration.
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Jul 08, 2019, 02:11 PM
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Not sure how it will fly with this configuration
You will find out soon enough Frank
Jul 14, 2019, 05:25 AM
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Thread OP

elevons control

I've made the control of one elevon. It works ok, but i'm not satisfied by the hinges. I want to do them again as the movement is not completely free.
I need new cutter blades.
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Aug 05, 2019, 05:58 PM
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an other one

I've nearly finished the plane. the rudder's motor runs ok. I need to solder the 2 others motors and glue the upper part of the fuselage.
Meanwhile, as i had started an other delta jet for outdoor, i left the first one and tried to finish the second one.

It is made from a litle FF Glider.
the wings can be removed and are linked to he fuselage by mean of magnets (details will come later)

The jet has a RX with gyro (orange) and is designed to fly with a 3S 360 mA.h battery. But as i can install it only in the cokcpit; the plane will need dead weight at the rear to be balanced.
With a 2S 300 mA.h battery, the plane is nearly balanced but still nose heavy.
I must work a little more before i fly it.
Probabily in september.
At that time, the two jets will be ready.
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Aug 12, 2019, 12:42 PM
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Thread OP
Just a few more pictures and details:

The original plane is the REELY one (WS 60cm ).

i've cut the foam on both sides of the fuselage to insert the 2 wings of the jet. They are hold by magnets.
wingspan is 41 cm.
the Rx is an orange RX35 DSM2 stabiliser.

the AUW is 150g with a a 2s battery, but it will be a little bit underpowered, so i'll use 3S batteries. Thus i will have issue with the CG as said in an earlier post and as said before, one solution is to add a dead weight at the rear to balance the plane.

An other solution would be to cut the fuselage and insert the battery inside the hole, but the 3S battery is quite big compared to the width of the fuselage and the cutting may fragilise the fuselage.
Also, the plane is balanced without the battery and the location of the cg is right where the servos are implanted....So i can't cut the foam at this place.

The plane can be stocked and transported dismantled and can be assembled in less than one minute.
Magnets hold the plane and there are connectors in the fuselage for powering the motors.
Today, 12:40 PM
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Thread OP

problems with the DT RX

The project was paused for a few weeks.
I've just completed the wiring of the motors.

the motor installed in the rudder is connected to one ESC output and the two others are wired in parallel and a pluged to the second ESC output.

I can run the 2 motors installed in the elevons , or the motor installed in the rudder, but when i try to run the 3 motors at the same time, it dosen't work...

Also, the weight of the plane is already 66g which means that when i finish it, it will be around 68g, maybe a bit too much for the motorzation.

So i plan to replace the RX by a conventional DT RX and connect a 1S 5A ESC to it. Furthermore, i plan to remove the motor of the rudder, and install in the nose a 8.5mm motor (DD) which gives more than 40g of thrust.

That would give mor punch to the plane and the additional weight would not be too important. The AUW should be around 70-72g.

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