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May 12, 2019, 03:09 PM
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FG Sportline 4WD porsche (Throttke\Steering Servo)

Hello All I need help with my steering and throttle\brake servo issues. Ever since ive purchased this car (new) Ive had steering glitches and brake issues as well. I thought once i upgraded to a lipo system (batt and servos) it would go away. So i replaced the stock NiMh battery and servos and replaced with (SAVOX 0230MG) for Throttle\Brake and for the Steering a Spektrum S9020 (i know probably a lil overkill but i had it laying around so i used it).

BRAKES - (Savox 0230MG)

I didnt really see any improvement with the upgrade to the 2S lipo system and to the savox servo. As a matter of fact the same issues were pretty much still there. The stopping (brake)  leaves a lot to be desired even after adjusting and readjusting the linkage. I need more braking power. The car takes about 15-20ft to stop and the front brakes does not evn seem to add to any of the braking. i think the majority of the braking comes from the single rear disc brake (90%). Ive wasted money on servos and they have not improved. Im not buying the expensive hydraulixc brake kit. I dnt believe the mechanical brake cable linkage system is that bad if done correctly. I just need to know how to do it correctly lol. A hobby store in my area said maybve i need to take the front brake cables and remove the cables and grease them so the travel thru the sleeves more freely. Ill try it but i really dnt see that as the problem.

STEERING - (Spektrum S9020)

The steering worked ok for a lil bit but still had glitches. I would be driving and it would seem to hesitate when i try to turn and at other times when i let off the turn knob it would still stay locked in a turn and vice versa. Just weird. I thought maybe it was something with the receiver connection but that all checked out ok. Batteries all ok. I just dnt know what to do next. Additionally the servo does not seem to be anchored securely. When i turn the steering knob i can see the servo rocking back and forth. Maybe because this servo has monster torque 1000oz or so i believe and those plastic mounts are not as adequate. theyre in tight as i can get them.

What can i do to get strong brakes w/o having to upgrade to the  hydraulic system?? Do I need to upgrade to a stronger Throttle\Brake servo again?!! If so what servo do you recommend?

What is recommended for the steering servo issue? What servo is recommended, Hitec maybe? Also want can i do to secure the servo better? I see DDM has an Alloy RC Plate  4WD- fg66240 but im not sure if that fits my car.

Thanks for any help in advance.
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May 13, 2019, 08:58 AM
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I have the FG 2020 evo with the hydraulic disc brakes. I am using the Hitech HS-7950TH Digital servos. Coming to a stop from almost full throttle takes a little distance just like any car would. I use the ABS function on my radio to avoid brake lockup as well when coming into turns. I was told that with the hydraulic system you need a very strong servo.

I use the same servos for steering. The current car takes two servo's for steering. Recently they stopped working out of the blue. Since they were in the car for less than a year I sent them back to Hitec for warranty replacement.

A long time ago I had an FG evo with mechanical brakes. I never had an issue with stopping the car as well. You just have to know what your stopping distance is and adjust for that. Hope this helps.
May 18, 2019, 09:44 AM
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Thanks for the reply. Ive been in RCs a long time I know what the stopping distance should be. I am mainly concerned about it from a safety aspect as well. None of my other RCs takes such a long distance to stop. Even my heavier and larger and more powerful Redcat Rampage (which uses the same throttle\brake servo btw) stops relatively on a dime. Ill find a resolution soon enough was just asking for some input.


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