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Jun 19, 2019, 09:15 PM
NorCal Electric Soaring (NES)
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Ali Khani just signed up! Looking forward to hearing how his European contests went at the BBQ on Fri.

Practice earlier today went well. Light breezes made for some good low launch practice (my lowest was 18m).
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Jun 20, 2019, 11:08 PM
Camber down and screw it up.
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Originally Posted by SoaringDude
Practice earlier today went well. Light breezes made for some good low launch practice (my lowest was 18m).

And... how many sub 50m launches did you have that you didn't max ?

Jun 20, 2019, 11:29 PM
NorCal Electric Soaring (NES)
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Thread OP
Good question, Greg. Many. This kind of competition lets you test your comfort limits in terms of how low you're willing to hug the ground and still pull a tight circle when you hit a bubble. For me when my 3.8m Explorer was at the far end of the field at 15m or below it felt a little risky. The closer it was to me the better but I was hitting strong low bubbles a fair distance away.

All of this super low stuff may be moot if the wind on Fri follows the forecast. Looks a little (ahem) "breezy."
Jun 22, 2019, 12:30 AM
Original Bloody Spadder
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Greg let me just say there were lots of zeros
I was successful 3 times It when Bobby did 19 m it changed everything. I flew a lot of flights in the hour that were a zero
Jun 22, 2019, 12:56 AM
NorCal Electric Soaring (NES)
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Thread OP

Friday report & results

Well, the wind did come up but that didn't stop this gung ho bunch of F5J dudes. We delayed the Low Launch Challenge until mid afternoon. It was still windy but nowhere close to FAI limits. This turned out to be an interesting challenge. 10 pilots signed up and each kicked in $10 into the pot. Then we started a 1 hour flight window with time remaining on the LED clock and sound system. Then pilots launched as many times as they wanted and as low as they could while making a 5:00 flight time and landing back in a rather large field "box." (essentially this was the green irrigated grass ).

The wind added a dimension to the task but it surprised many of us how well the top guys did. Here are the results:
1st - Ali Khani, lowest launch was 13.0 mtr. Ali got 70% of the pot.
2nd - Bob McGowan, lowest launch was 19.3 mtr. Bob got 20% of the pot.
3rd - Jon Garber, lowest launch was 20.9 mtr. Jon got 10% of the pot.
4th - Oleg Golovidov, lowest launch was 22.0 mtr.
5th - John Armstrong, lowest launch was 23.0 mtr.
6th - Tim Johnson, lowest launch was 23.9 mtr.
Pretty sure we're going to do this again at future Tour events.

The BBQ was enjoyed by all thanks to master chef Dale Olstinske. See pic below. We all pretty much decided we should do this every F5J event (hope Dale doesn't mind ).

I would have normally posted the flight matrix today (Fri) but since there is a chance that Saturday's wind will keep a few pilots away most at the BBQ wanted to delay the matrix until we know the full pilots list. That way we will have more balanced flight groups.

More soon.
Jun 22, 2019, 03:56 PM
Service Engine Soon
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I just looked at Must be terrible conditions?
Jun 22, 2019, 04:04 PM
a.k.a VintageFan
Itís been tough with strong winds and some heavy gusts. Itís 2PM now and winds are still strong but some people are making their times.
Jun 22, 2019, 09:26 PM
NorCal Electric Soaring (NES)
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Thread OP

Saturday flight results

Today was windy, very very windy. The sustained winds never exceeded the FAI limit of 20mph for a full minute, but the gusts from early AM through mid afternoon were brutal. Some pilots decided to not fly, wisely. The rest gutted it out and did some amazing flying. Survival was a word used many times.

We delayed the start until 10:30am after realizing things would not calm down until maybe mid afternoon. They eventually did but the by then the thermals were mostly thin and hard to work.

I'll check scorecards this evening but the current scores through round 8 are up on and below.

Weather for Sunday looks calm and good. Planning 4 rounds then lunch and fly-offs.

More soon.
Jun 23, 2019, 07:59 AM
Oleg Golovidov
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It was tough...
Jun 24, 2019, 12:45 AM
NorCal Electric Soaring (NES)
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Thread OP

Qualifying and Fly-off results

What a difference a day makes. No wind today, very flyable conditions, warm and sunny. Everyone was relieved to have the change. We flew 4 more qual rounds this AM for a total of 12. Full results including individual flight scores are available at Gliderscore and below. The top 8 who made it into the fly-offs were:

#1 Oleg Golovidov - 10574 points
#2 Randy West - 10272
#3 Bob McGowan - 10246
#4 Fred "Hack Saw" Weaver - 9943
#5 Mark Browning - 9758
#6 Jonathan Garber - 9707
#7 Ali Khani - 9656
#8 Tim Johnson - 8913
Very nice flying guys, especially given Saturday's extreme conditions. The fly-offs got started after 1pm and featured more heat and bigger thermals--if you could reach them. Only 2 launches went above 100m in the fly-offs; the lowest productive launch was 39m by Jon Garber; the next lowest was 40m by Bob McGowan. Fly-off results were:

#1 Jon Garber - 2987 points
#2 Oleg Golovidov - 2979
#3 Fred Weaver - 2962
#4 Randy West - 2389
#5 Bob McGowan - 1987
#6 Tim Johnson - 1170
#7 Mark Browning - 1024
#8 Ali Khani - 987 (Unfortutanely Ali's primary plane sustained damage in the pits and led to his withdrawal from the fly-offs. Bummer!)
Pictures coming soon.

Thanks to the pilots who had to travel long distances to join us. Special thanks to World Championship team members Oleg Golovidov and Jon Garber for making it to our event. We really appreciate it.

Chris (CD)
Jun 24, 2019, 07:05 AM
Oleg Golovidov
olgol's Avatar
Thanks to Chris and SVSS for the well run event!
I greatly enjoyed flying here. Quite a variety of conditions!
It was a survival battle on Saturday with the winds nearly pushing us off our feet. Sunday was very pleasant, with very light breeze. And it got calm and hot for the fly-offs.

Special thanks to our host Lou Fox who provided lodging and transportation to me and Jonathan.

USA team members did well and placed 1-2 in the flyoffs!

Jun 24, 2019, 09:15 PM
NorCal Electric Soaring (NES)
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Thread OP

Winner pics

Thanks to SVSS president John Eaton for pics of the F5J in Sacramento winners. See all the shots on this page, or below.
Last edited by SoaringDude; Jun 25, 2019 at 12:02 PM.
Jun 25, 2019, 08:54 PM
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Dynamic Event

Thank you, SVSS, for giving us the opportunity to fly a legitimate 2-day F5J contest at this field. Thank you, Chris, for carrying the contest forward through the windy conditions Saturday and getting us to complete 8 rounds despite an initial delay. Thanks to Don for making our Friday night meal as memorable as the rest of the contest.

I'm so happy we were able to get two USA WC pilots (John, Oleg) to this contest and that they were able to experience some wind extremes in prep for the WC. Congrats for placing 1 and 2 in the fly-offs!

This contest turned out to be a great learning experience for certainly tested my risk tolerance for my planes and my resolve to adapt to changing conditions. Hope we can do this again next year.

Jun 26, 2019, 11:04 AM
Registered User
The low launch challenge on Friday was great fun! The wind was blowing pretty hard and lift was not so strong so chasing a wind shift down wind from launch tended to end in not being able to get home. The full flights tended to start upwind but you'd be searching blind in this case. A strategy that worked for me was to watch for the guys upwind getting lift and then launch in below them leaching their thermal.

Although the Saturday start was delayed due to high wind, some of us more brave pilots went out and flew several practice rounds and this also was great fun flying against the best, head to head. And then the contest started and for the rest of this day I think we were all just trying to get through the 8 rounds with minimal damage to our scores by taking high launches. Most flight groups in the first 6 rounds saw nobody make full time. I had not made one 10 but was still comfortably in fly off position. For the final two rounds of the day the wind let up some and it became much easier, but still not super easy to make full time.

Sunday was a no ballast day and normal F5J strategies could return, but point spreads were so great due to Saturday's crazy conditions that it would be hard for anyone to make up the needed ground to jump places. The smart move for those in all but maybe the last fly off position was to launch high because nobody could possibly take them from behind unless they totally messed up.

Conditions for fly offs got even better (easier) with almost calm conditions and hot. Very low launches were attempted by most. Flying aggressive, half of us missed hooking up at least once. Those that better judged the minimum altitude needed to max prevailed. One take away for me was that when circumstances dictate low launches like this, landings are suddenly much more significant. Getting a 40 landing is like launching 20 meters higher. In a low launch battle, that is huge.

Thanks Chris, Bill, Dale, and others at SVSS for a great contest!

Last edited by Bob McGowan; Jun 26, 2019 at 11:10 AM.
Jun 29, 2019, 10:56 AM
NorCal Electric Soaring (NES)
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Tour standings updated

The F5J USA Tour season standings are updated with the F5J in Sacramento results and are available via this page.

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