CLM Pro Element 3 Light Sailplane

CLM Pro just released the Element 3 Light. It's a 3M version that builds on the success of the Element 2 and it sure looks like a winner.


Long Awaited Element 3 is Here

CLM Pro just released the Element 3 Light. It's a 3M version that builds on the success of the Element 2 and it sure looks like a winner. The Element 3 is a full house sailplane with rudder, elevator, flaps and ailerons along with throttle. It's constructed with full carbon parts to make it strong and light. Here's more info on the Element 3 Light from CLM Pro.

"The wing is constructed so that the center panel is angled while the mid and tip panels are angled, which gives the model excellent stability and easy handling during flight. Since it is so light and its performance is excellent, the Element 3 is designed to fly in the F5J, ALES category and other competitions where you need to stand out when there are little or low thermals.

In order to assemble the set and fly it, little time is necessary, because the majority is already assembled. The wings have boxes for joiners and pre-prepared pins, making them ready for assembly, that is, you simply connect them one into another. There are only a few things left to do: to glue the carbon tail boom to the pod, mount the vertical stabilizer to the end of the pre-prepared boom, repeat that with the V-mount, place the commands or connect the commands for the rudder, flaps and ailerons, and then join everything together. Finally, place the electronics and you are ready to fly.


It is a full house model, with a Rudder, Elevator, Flap, and Aileron, which makes it extremely agile and easy to fly. Moreover, REFA allows the flyer high-angle landing due to big movable surface of the model. To achieve better stability and easier handling during flight, center panel, mid panels and tip panels are all angled. The wing is made with ribs, main spar, carbon D-Box, carbon trailing edge, and ribs reinforced with carbon cap strips. giving it an excellent strength to weight ratio. The center panel is a single segment, and the mid panel is another which are joined with carbon joiners and have pre-prepared pins so that everything fits together perfectly. The wings are built with full balsa ribs and everything else out of carbon.

For the carbon D-Box, a 1K hybrid material carbon-aramid of highest quality is used (the material is custom made for this purpose only. The main spar is made as a hybrid sandwich panel of carbon fiber, fiberglass and kevlar thread, with rohacell used as core and reinforced with numerous carbon layers and strips, and covered with glass. Ultimately, it is wrapped in kevlar, giving it even greater strength combined with the carbon D-Box. The trailing edge is made of carbon, and there are carbon cap strips on the upper and lower side of the ribs, which gives greater stability and more strength to the whole construction. The flaps are on the whole surface of the center panel with a built-in kevlar hinge, which are used for ailerons, as well. Mid panels are also carrying ailerons with relatively big movements on its whole length, giving the model great agility. Upper side of the wing also features gap tape right above the hinges to prevent turbulent flow in the area. The center panel, mid panel and tip panel ribs, as well as outer ribs, are reinforced with additional carbon strips for greater strength and neater look. Carbon joiners are also made as sandwich panels with carbon fiber and rohacell as the core, making them extremely strong and lightweight. The wings and the tail are covered with high quality Oracover Oralight transparent foil which weighs only 36g/m2.


This electric pod is designed so that it has beautiful aerodynamic lines, is easy on the eyes and, most importantly, possesses excellent flight characteristics. The overall length of the complete fuselage is 1730 mm / 68.11" inches and weighs 216g including the tail. The electric carbon pod is completely made of composites (multiple types of materials). It is made of fine 1K Aero carbon fiber material, and has carbon fiber reinforcements on strategic spots, giving it additional strength to endure heavier straining. It is strong enough to withstand even hardcore landings and other occurring forces. The pylon is also reinforced, just like the top of the nose, so it can be landed roughly.

The canopy is designed in a way that there is enough space to easily manipulate all the components in the pod, allowing the battery to be inserted and connected easily, improving usability in the field. The edges around the canopy are also reinforced with carbon. It is supplied with a removable carbon canopy. The pylon is 168 mm / 6.61" long and is additionally reinforced with multiple carbon types and layers,

The carbon tail boom is 1000 mm / 39.37" long and weighs 57g / 2.01 oz. It is made of several carbon types. Materials are strategically positioned, so the boom is at its maximum strength and minimum weight.

The carbon V-mount has an ID of 18 mm / 0.70" and weighs 6.8 grams / 0.23 oz.

We use A-tested resin, certified for airplane construction for all parts made of composite materials. Also, the boom and other parts are additionally heated so they achieve maximum strength.

NOTE: If you require a pod version which is lighter or much stronger than the standard one, simply contact us and we can make a custom one for you. This also goes for the selection of materials.

Tail set:

The tail is made as a construction of laser cut ribs covered with carbon cap strips and additional carbon reinforcements which give it great strength. It is also made with a carbon main spar and trailing edge.

The rudder / vertical stabilizer is made the same way and it already has a built-in kevlar hinge. The rudder is mounted fairly easily, it only has to be mounted onto the tail boom from the top and fastened with two screws which are provided and already prepared. It has a built-in slot corresponding to the tail boom diameter, so it fits perfectly on the tail boom, and therefore only a few seconds are needed to mount it firmly. The elevator is also prepared to be mounted on our V-Mount. It has a slot and the V-Mount simply slides into it and you only need to fasten them together with a screw. Complete tail is covered with high quality Oracover Oralight transparent foil which weighs only 36g / m2.

NOTE: Your tail can be covered with any color from our Oracover Oralight offer."

Recommended Gear:

  • Hacker B40 10L with 4.4:1 box, 15x9 prop, 3S 2Ah LiPo (58A, 2550 fpm)
  • XPower F2919 / 10, 1480 RPM, Light F5J, 11x6 prop, Hot LiPS VHD 1300 3S1P, 37A
  • KST X08 V5.0 Servos

Check out the CLM Pro Element 3 Light Sailplane Here

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May 09, 2019, 02:19 PM
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What a beautiful bird. Genuinely built to soar. Well done.
May 16, 2019, 12:26 AM
The original Flying Pigs Sqd.
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Will there be a 4 meter version?
May 18, 2019, 11:25 AM
ClmPro's Avatar
Of course, the 4m version will be available with time. It will not be in the next few months, but in the near future for sure.
Kind regards, Nikola
May 19, 2019, 10:10 AM
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May 19, 2019, 10:25 AM
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Originally Posted by razkent
From their website:
May 19, 2019, 07:39 PM
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Thread OP
Really looking forward to flying this one!
Today, 02:12 PM
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