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May 05, 2019, 11:04 PM
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Mini Surfer 800 > Take 2

Mini Surfer 800 Take 2 (6 min 16 sec) > Sent For review by

Here we go > Take 2 !

Most of the flight is 50% to 60% Throttle
Battery is a Turnigy 1000mAh 2s 20 to 30C
Motor pulls about 6amp
When I got home the battery was about 3.99v per cell .

I went back to where I was before ..
So there was a slight tendency to climb under power ..
A 50% throttle it flew reasonably straight ( little climb )
At 60% throttle it was climbing ..
I did a 3 position switch to mix in down elevator , but it was a little too much and I ended up with a slight amount of down .

1) The Mini Surfer 800 when trimmed will fly smooth .
2) It can also fly hands off .. Set it up to fly straight and level and no corrections needed .
3) I did have 50% expo for the flight and I have since set it to 65% to smooth out the elevator a little more .
4) I guess I could do rates as well ?
5) Ailerons are perfect , no expo or rates needed
6) With no Rx issues , the Mini Surfer 800 launches really nice .
7) Cutting power to land there is a very distinct roll to the left , ( I will have to check that )
8) The mini 800 tracks well , turns well .
9) It flies 2s with no issues
10 ) Landings lack excitement
11) Flying weight with the Turnigy = 299.9 grams ( hmmm - on a diet ! , it might make 250grams flying weight )

Not sure the Mini Surfer 800 is a great 1st RC model , might be a really good 2nd model though . If some one set it up to track true , especially under power it would be a dream flyer .
Landings were easy , I did nothing more than try and keep the wings level for two landings .. The last landing I was a little close to the ground so I was a little more active on the sticks ...

Make the surfer Better ?

Some big lightweight wheels ... ( 70mm ? )
Put the mini 800 on a diet ..
As is the Mini Surfer 800 is strong , really strong . I mean smack the ground hard and not break anything strong .
With its current weight ( flying ) at 299.9 grams ... Loosing 50 grams (?)
With a projected flying weight of 350 to 450 grams , this would make the MS 800 a little portly .
At 300 grams mine flies really nice , performs well on 2s and the flying speed is nice . At 250 grams even less power would be required and the MS 800 could be flown even slower .

Would I recommend the Mini Surfer 800 to noob's ? Yes , if you have a experienced flyer set it up for you . If it's your 2nd or third model then go for it .

What would I do different ?

Smaller lighter motor ..
Already done the smaller lighter ESC + Battery ..
Smaller Servos , maybe 6g rather than 9g ..
Remove weight from the air-frame .

The angle of the motor pod , is the angle of the motor too high ? ( Motor pointed too high up )
Yeah , it works to clear a 5inch prop . But the more power you apply , the more the mini wants to climb ( lift the nose - For me )
Still , I like it . Sure I stepped outside the lines a little building it to try and reduce the flying weight .
But in my books , less weight is good . Slow is good , less current is good , it's all good .

Do I like it = Yes
Could it be better = Yes
Is it strong = Damn it's strong
Could it be lighter = Yes
Do you want it heavier ? = I don't think so
Should it be developed = Heck Yes ( This model deserves to be Revision 2 )
Is it good the way it is = Yes ( But it could be superb )
Am I great-full for being sent a Mini Surfer 800 for review = Yes ( It's been a hoot )
Will I fly it more = Yes ( I don't think I will go flying and not put this one in the car )

A score ? out of 10 ...
Actually , that would no be fair !

Strength Durability = 10/10
Flying = 7/10 ( but that could be me as well )
Building = 9/10 ( Bush league ) If it came fully assembled , id give it a 10/10
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