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May 05, 2019, 02:10 PM
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Battery Adventures

My LiPo battery needs have been modest. I fly fixed wing and only high wing planes at that. Iím not very good at it you see. Iíve realized that after reading parts of the Battery Load Test Comparisons thread by MCSGUY, JetMan Joe Giamona. Those EDF jet flyers put huge current draws on their batteries. Now I know why Tim, our clubís main jet man, uses such big 6S battery packs and always limits his flights to 4 minutes. I think thereís something wrong with his jets because they are usually upside down when he is flying them. Check out the Battery Load Test Comparisons thread, itís well worth digging through some of those 6,740+ posts, but itíll be easiest to read post #1. #1 has the up to date summary and links to interesting posts in the thread.

Glacier LiPo's have been what I've been using mostly. They are small, 2S and 3S 1000 and 1300 mAh respectively. I also fly 3S 3300 mAh LiPoís. I have 2 Willowy Power 3S 3300's which I like. (Willowy no longer exist you know.) A typical blue E-flite 3S 3200 mAh and 2 Revolectricx 3S 3300 mAh Black Label batteries, which Iíve never used. I wonder what kind of C rating they have. Itís not on the battery since it didnít matter much from a marketing standpoint then. Theyíve been in the fridge so they are hopefully still good. I bought the Black Labelís when I ordered my Revolectricx Cellpro PowerLab 6 charger a few years ago. I love that charger.

The standard blue E-flite batteries have only been fair, not as good as the Willowy Power batteries. There is a noticeable difference when powering the same plane. My Glacier LiPoís have done well, never a problem. Iíve been lucky. JetMan Joe said here ďÖ I am strongly convinced that GensAce products (Pulse, Florene [Floureon], Tattu, Glacier, and others) can be high risk lipo investments. There is about as much chance one will receive good product as there is in getting substandard product.Ē Now I need some different LiPoís since Iíve acquired some new and used foamie airplanes. A new E-flite Valiant, a used Force RC Aire-Batix and a crashed E-flite Turbo Timber. They all take 3S 2200 mAh batteries.

After learning about different brand performance and what I really need Iíve ordered 2 Turnigy Heavy Duty 3S 2200ís. After seeing so many disasters with various HobbyKing products I swore Iíd never buy from them. Joe Giamona, by his testing, has come to the conclusion they have become very serious about selling very good LiPo batteries, particularly graphene batteries. The Turnigy HDís have tested well. In the Battery Load Test Comparisons thread Joe Giamona said this:
ďTURNIGY HD was included to keep the heavy carbon packs honest. Turnigy "Blues" have developed a reputation for delivering one DOA for every ~5 units shipped. Also the last time I flew a set of the HD's there was a definite reduction in the motor RPM over my other brands. However this Turnigy Blue HD was a star. So good it was the only non-Heavy Graphene to make the 45C test pool before it maxed out. It's weight is the same as the Roaring Top and only 25g over the Hyperion G7. Not only does it cost considerably less then both it cleaned their clocks at every performance turn! In fact it was so uncharacteristically good I strongly suspect HobbyKing's need to ride a tight herd on their lipo supplier to maintain Graphene QC and performance is trickling throughout their lipo product line.Ē
These Turnigy Heavy Duty 2200ís are more than I needÖnow. Letís hope they turn out to be good ones.


PS: If batteries serve as an adventure these days I've gone down hill more than I thought.
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May 06, 2019, 09:19 AM
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To keep track of my battery’s cycles, internal resistance or Effective Series Resistance (IR or ESR), and any interesting information about a particular battery I’m thinking of getting either a Revolectrix IR Meter, $75, or Wayne Giles Universal ESR Meter, $95 at Progressive RC or HobbyKing, and/or a Revolectrix BUMP Controller, $150 + $30 for 24 of their stickers for my batteries.

I could buy Revo batteries which have the Bump electronics with out stickers. Sadly they don't currently rate well in the Battery Load Test Comparisons; and the sizes I am interested in are only available from their Singapore location. Shipping for 1 3S 2200 mAh LiPo was almost as much as the battery.

I wonder if a simple data base would be worth while. I think there may be phone apps that do that.
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May 11, 2019, 01:00 AM
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Further reading in the E-Flite Valiantô 1.3m BnF Basic thread informed me that I don't need a very high 'C' rated LiPo battery for the foamy Valiant.
Originally Posted by mawz
The Valiant is efficient, it's not Mini Apprentice efficient, but it does pretty good on small packs. I was flying 4 minutes of throttle time on mine today with no issues on 1300 packs (I fly a Taranis with Spektrum module, so 4 minutes by the Throttle time is 8 minutes actual flight time at 50% throttle). I'll post what I put back in later, but from previous experience 8.5 minutes of throttle time is about 1350mAh back in the pack.

My 15C PZ packs do just fine for general flight in the Valiant. It's rarely exceeding 20-22A even at WOT, and I never fly it at WOT. I'd use a 20C pack if I was going to push things.
Really the only thing I left on the table is about $10 for the 2 more capable LiPo's than needed, Also they are a 8 or so grams heavier then, say, 25C batteries. I do expect them to last a long time, unless I crash. So I'll probably use them in a more demanding craft in the future. (Yah I know I'm rationalizing.)

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