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May 01, 2019, 05:50 PM
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HappyModel Mobula 6

Since the Beta85 Pro 2 didn't work out (either of them) let's try this little guy next ... This one has a current sensor

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Dec 23, 2020, 09:24 PM
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Okay, let the maiden flights begin! 13 so far, let's hope she keeps going.
This one has the DSMX receiver as an add-on, not integrated on the FC - slight bummer, adds about 2g.
Stock rates - only added throttle mid .5 and throttle expo .5
Re-arranged the OSD.
Bought 4 extra lipos for a total of 8, for now.
Indoor only flights as weather is going downhill, fast

Flies really nice
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Dec 25, 2020, 10:41 AM
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Wow - getting the props off is darn near impossible !!!
It's like 10F out, so indoor flights are the thing.
Here's yesterday's fun:

Stability/Angle flight mode on the Mobula6 works WAAAYYY better than on the Beta85 Pro2. The Beta would drift horribly, making slow, precision moves nearly impossible.
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Dec 25, 2020, 09:20 PM
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Downloaded JESC Configurator v1.2.9 and flashed the 4 ESCs with "JESC 2.3 48KHz PWM (recommended for whoops)". Completely free. Now I'm getting 15-30sec (depending on lipo) extra flight time

Cool Blog:

I'm actually liking the stock HappyModel 300mAh lipos included with the Mobula6 over the RDQ 300mAh lipos. For a given flight that consumes approx. 200mAh (approx 3 mins, or 3+mins with JESC 48k) the HappyModels recover to 3.75V while the RDQs recover to 3.65V.

Although I just realized they're both HVs - I've only been charging them to 4.2V.

30 Flights so far
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Dec 26, 2020, 12:53 PM
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Well hopefully I'll be able to get props off, when the time comes. Cutting them may be the way since my fingers don't really fit inside there, unless I take the motor out first (?) .... hmmmm

The quad is awesome. I'm getting 3:30 inside (where there's heat) using 200 of the 300mah of the lipo. Outside I'm stopping at 2:00 (around 130mAh) since the voltage is already down to 3.0/3.1V - It's like 25F out though.

Odd - I'm able to change rate profiles via BetaFlight only. SmartAudio doesn't seem to save the rate profile changes. It lets me change it via OSD, but after Save & Exit then re-check I see it didn't take. No biggie, at least it works in BF.

Tried charging the RDQ HV packs to 4.35V (4 of them). 2 inside didn't make a difference - 200mAh still happened after about 3:30. But the 2 outside made a difference - 3.0/3.1V didn't happen until about 2:30. But it also was about 5 warmer too (30 instead of 25). (?)

The HappyModel HV packs did really well outside too. Got to 3:00 before 3.0/3.1V happened.

This thing rips outside !!!

45 flights so far ...
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Dec 26, 2020, 02:45 PM
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Update ... This is cool, but is it supposed to do this ? I'm feelin' like a newb again ...

So my Rate Profiles automatically change when I change flight modes:
For AIR, Rate Profile #3 is selected. For HORizon, Rate Profile #2 is selected. For STAB/Angle, Rate Profile #1 is selected.
*** This is setup/defined in BetaFlight under Adjustments tab ***

LEFT stick to lower left corner with RIGHT stick to LEFT selects PID Profile 1.
LEFT stick to lower left corner with RIGHT stick to UP selects PID Profile 2.
LEFT stick to lower left corner with RIGHT stick to RIGHT selects PID Profile 3.
*** These are 'Stick Commands' in BetaFlight ***
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Dec 28, 2020, 12:17 PM
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Yesterday I was able to fly out 700 ft (213m) without any video breakup or DSMX control issues. I was not expecting this at all. Only reason I didn't go further is because I didn't want to make the walk to retrieve it

I'm using FatShark Scouts with built-in 10dbi patch, and a 2nd diversity 5dbi patch (instead of the CP Omni). My Mobula6 has the DSMX Rx as an add-on, not built-in to the AIO board. It has a single wire antenna (approx 1") sticking out the back of the quad - I taped it to one of the ducts to keep it secure.

When the wind stops I'm going to see if 1000 ft (305m) is achievable ... 53 Flights so far

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Feb 28, 2021, 06:09 PM
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Battery Issues

So it looks like flying the included HM 300mAh lipos (or the RDQ 300mAh) for 3+ mins (even if the JESC mod has been done) isn't a good idea. Taking the lipos down to 3.2/3.1 or lower will kill them pretty fast. 300mAh lipos should only be flown for 2.5mins max, and that's only if the cell's voltage stays above 3.3V. Likewise, 350mAh lipos can be flown for 3mins max, with the same 3.3V requirement.

I set a voltage alarm for 3.3V in Betaflight - anything under will flash *** LOW BATTERY *** in the OSD.

So, out of my original 12 lipos, 9 are still usable (if charged to 4.3/4.35V) to the above conditions.

That is:

4x GNB 350mAh HV lipos will give 3min flights landing around 3.3/3.4V. Charged to 4.35V.
3x RDQ 300mAh HV Lipos will give 2.5min flights landing around 3.3/3.4V. Charged to 4.3V.
2x HM 300mAh HV Lipos will give 2.5min flights landing around 3.3/3.4V. Charged to 4.3V.

2x HM 300mAh HV Lipos (#2 #4) will give 2.0min flights landing at 3.2V. Charged to 4.3V.
1x RDQ 300mAh HV Lipo (#3) will give 1.5min flights landing at 3.2V. Charged to 4.3V.

All bets are off if I only charge them to 4.2V now. Starting out when they were new I only charged them to 4.2V and things were great. Then, (once or twice only) I charged them to 4.35V - they claimed to be HV compatible and I wanted to check it out. Flight times were about the same, just a little more punch initially. Took longer to charge too (must pass 4.2V and keep going up to 4.35V). Then the problems started.

I think the HV lipos are fine for 4.2V charging as long as that's all you ever do. Once you charge them to 4.35V you 'break the seal', chemically, and from that point on you must charge to 4.3/4.35V to get maximum capacity. Of course you are then also shortening their lives with each charge to 4.3/4.35V as they're still lipos which only like to be charged to 4.2V. These 'HV doped' lipos can 'tolerate' being charged to a higher voltage without 'venting with flame', but it's still killing them faster.

I (still) think HV is a gimmick to sell more 1S stick lipos. Charging them to 4.3/4.35V kills them quicker, period. Hobbyists are led to believe that these lipos are 'consumables', so just beat 'em up, buy more, hell, you can fly 'em down to 3.0V then charge 'em up at over 1C too !!??!! This is bad. I've seen a drastic decline in their performance after only 12-15 charge cycles, not even hundreds. Good brands too, not el-cheapo CrazePonys either.

This mixed in with the crappy PH2.0 connectors and it's a very clouded and difficult problem to solve. PH2.0 have to go, for good!
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Mar 06, 2021, 09:42 AM
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Thread OP
Decided to swap to a 75mm Mobula7 V2 frame, as well as Mobula7 40mm props.
Quad weighs 24.99g now, without battery.

Discovered that if I remove the motor from the frame (with prop attached) then all that's required to remove the prop is hold the bell while twisting and pulling the prop. After around 125 1/3 twist/pulls (each) the props are off the shaft! No prying, no bending shafts, no motor damage. This is one of those times where patience is the only tool you need

Rumor on YouTube & forums is/was this conversion would increase flight times (?) it added about 4g of weight to my quad (without battery), but supposedly the increased thrust of the larger 40mm blades means you use less throttle (?) Wanted to see for myself It does handle differently, as expected for a larger quad. Still flies smooth, at least inside in Angle mode. No changes to PIDS/Rates/etc. Going to try Acro/Air mode outside next.

I really want to get away from the 'stick' lipos (they just suck, always have, always will) and use the larger ones like for the TinyHawks. This is possible because this frame accepts those larger (wider) lipos. I also bought a $2 adapter that will let me use the 'stick' lipos, but they're still sucking from what I can tell.

A bunch of test flights this morning. Flight times with my existing 'stick' lipos seems to be the same, maybe a little less. Could be the props too - going to order some 3-blade props to test.

I do have some of those larger 1S lipos and am getting 3.5mins easy landing when OSD says 3.3V. I'm not taking my lipos down any further any more - that simply kills them quicker, MUCH quicker. I now have Betaflight set at 3.4V - anything under that and things start flashing in the goggles

I still have some expensive EFlite 500mAh lipos (from the Inductrix FPV BL days) that i'm trying next. These would only give around 2mins on that Inductrix because it drew like 7-8A just cruising around! This quad is much better at just under half of that

But, the larger lipos weigh more (5g or so), so with them I'm pulling around 3.8A average, just putt'ing around. (was 3.3A before with 'stick' lipos). Have to watch this as the ESC is only 5A rated (with 6A burst for 3 seconds) - don't want to let the smoke out.

Interesting mod - hope to sort out what the facts are surrounding it.

Props- definitely. The stock Mobula6 props weigh around .25g each. These Mobula7 props weight around .85g each! That's 3.4g in Mob7 props! (compared to 1g in Mob6 props). Gonna try the bi-blade Moblite7 props - they're 40mm but only .25g. That might make a big difference ...

It can now take the TinyHawk Freestyle II 1S 450 lipo and CrazePony 1S 550 lipo (I have doubts about the capacity) and EFlite 500mAh (skipping the MyLipo 600s - they're like 15g). But now cruising around the house is pushing 3.8A with these larger lipos (ESC is rated for 5A continuous, 6A peak for 3 seconds). Have to watch this.

I'm using Mobula7 4-blade props too, so that my be contributing to the higher current draw. Need to try some 3-blade or even 2-blade to see if there's any improvement. Right now, with the current setup, I'm not seeing any longer flight times with the 'stick' lipos. In fact, flight times might even be a little less.

But, with the 450s I got 4.5min flights ending at 3.3V. The 550s are getting 3.5min when hitting 3.3V (they are a few years older than the 450s, so there's that too).

Goal is to get at least 3.5mins with the lipos at 3.3V or greater. The power connector on the quad could use to be a little longer now

GNB 1S 350mA: 8.6g
EMAX 1S 450mAh: 12.75g
CP 1S 550mAh: 13.25-13.50g

Going to try the expensive EFlite 500mAh lipos from the Inductrix FPV BL. Note: That quad drew around 7-8A just putting around!!! No wonder 2 minute flight times were all you got. I'm using the same batteries (they're a couple of years old now) and getting 3-4 min flight times on a much more capable quad
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Mar 06, 2021, 11:03 PM
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Thread OP
Batteries. Turnigy NanoTech 300mAh. Hands down - these are it. I'm getting an honest 3.5 to 4+ minutes with my now porky 25g 75mm Mobula6, with JESC 48kHz mod, heavy Mob7 props and external DSMX Rx. Landing when goggles start flashing low battery (Betaflight set to 3.4V). And these are about a year old. They fit the 75mm frame and the stock power cable is just long enough to reach if routed out the back of the frame. They're 8g! 1/2g lighter than the GNB 350mAh 'stick' lipos which, if I'm lucky, can get almost 3mins out of if HV charged. The NanoTechs are not HV

These batteries were popular when the Blade mCPX / mCPS and other helis were on the market. Hobby King still has them (?) - I hope they stay around for a long time (maybe if we start buying them...) If you can get a hold of these you'll be very pleasantly surprised, like me
Mar 09, 2021, 07:51 PM
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I tried making bi-blade props out of the Mobula7 props (I cut the red ones, not the green ones). Results not good. About half as much thrust so higher RPM and current draw. Just about halved the flight times

Then I installed the light weight HQ 4-blade props. Quad is 2g lighter now, just from the prop change (from the Mobula7 4-blade props). However, current draw is slightly higher and flight times slightly lower than with the Mobula7 props. These look to have more pitch. Do you think turning these into bi-blades is a good idea, like Mr.Shutterbug did ? My quad is 23g now, not 15g like his.


Now we're talkin'!

Just did two test flights with my best NanoTechs, capable of over 4min flights:

First one was with 4-blade HQ props. Dropped below 3.4V at 3:20 into the flight.
Second one was with 2-blade HQ props. Dropped below 3.4V at 4:29 into the flight.

Big difference for sure! This is progress Current draw (average) closer to 3A, sometimes dipping just under. Down from 3.3-3.5A, ish.

I should be able to knock another 2g off of this quad by removing the DSMX receiver. I recently purchased a RadioMaster T16S so I should be able to use whatever is built into the flight controller - Flysky, I think ... (?)

Quad is at 22.42g now ...

With these secret sauce props I’ll go back and see how my stick lipos do now ....
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Mar 13, 2021, 09:18 PM
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Mobula6 75mm 2 blade HQ Non Stick Lipos 1 (3 min 56 sec)

Mobula6 75mm 2 blade HQ Non Stick Lipos 2 (3 min 43 sec)

Mobula6 75mm 2 blade HQ Non Stick Lipos 3 (4 min 14 sec)

Mobula6 75mm 2 blade HQ Non Stick Lipos 4 (4 min 30 sec)

Mobula6 75mm 2 blade HQ Non Stick Lipos 5 (5 min 35 sec)
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Mar 19, 2021, 09:11 PM
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Well, the 75mm Mobula6 with 2-blade HQ props flys pretty darn nice outside. It's not a freestyle machine, but it gets going pretty fast and is smooth and very controllable. Even in some wind (with Air/Acro mode) it holds its direction and digs in well.

One of my Emax 450s (for the TinyHawk Freestyle) gives just over 5 minutes before dropping below 3.3V. My newer NanoTech 300s are good for 3 mins without dropping below 3.3V.

I miss the accuracy (?) of the 65mm, especially inside. Might have to pick up another one and leave it stock

Is there a 65mm frame that accepts the wider 1S lipos instead of the stick lipos?

Trying the 3-blade GemFans next. A little heavier than the purple 2-blade HQs, but so far really smooth and quiet flights inside, still resulting in 3min flights on my GNB 350s (HV charged) landing at 3.3V.
May 22, 2021, 09:55 PM
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MOV210516 173647 000001F x264 (3 min 47 sec)

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