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Apr 28, 2019, 08:31 PM
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3 Model Morning !

XK A800
Super Kinetic
Mini Surfer 800

XK A800 ( Jumper T12 for Tx )

6D Flight mode ... I was flying low for reasons I will post later .
I dont know why , but when flying low in 6D mode the XK A800 wants to hit the ground (?) , twice on this occasion .
I did program in 3D mode , this is where you have partial flight levelling and the ability to stunt the XK A800 .
3D Flight mode ... It flew really sweet , with no tendency to smack the ground what so ever .
In 3D mode the XK A800 is a really sweet little plane to fly , offering no surprises like in 6D mode . ( Smack the ground )

Super Kinetic

I was really worried about this house brick .
Having watched reviews on youtube and seeing the Kinetic tip stall like a champ I was really nervous ( Maiden flight )
Battery was a Zippy 850 2s , as I was trying to keep the CG forward .
And I am really glad I did not go with a larger battery . It was sensitive to the elevator but not so much as to be unstable in flight .
I will update this post with a picture latter with a CG location ..
Dare say I would want more Expo ( I don't know what I have right now ) Maybe update this info when I post a picture .
Update - There was NO Expo what so ever .. I have set Expo to 30% for the control surfaces ...

It flew really nice and smooth though .
Also got it to fly slowly , slower than I have seen on youtube .
I did program flaperon .. And I had to try it as well .
I like it , it did lift the nose a little with flaps , but it was manageable .
Landings ..
I cut the motor and let it glide in relatively quickly , I did not try to slow it down because of the tip stall issue ..
Once on the ground , it can slide for some distance ..

My second landing was with flaps , and it slid much further than without flaps ( hmmm ) , maybe double the distance .
The Kinetic really does track well , so landing it is easy .
My nerves were slightly on edge , but after the fact I had time to digest just how well the Kinetic had flown ( I need more Expo )

Mini Surfer 800 sent for review by Banggood

It does fly , it flies well .
But it does tend to roll to the right on launch ..
I did smack the ground a few times , and the Mini Surfer 800 took it in it's stride .
Hmmm , on launch I think you need to keep the right wing to the wind , don't let the left wing take the lead .
My CG was sweet ! No issue at all there .
The model did climb under power , and I was a little nervous trying to trim it out in flight .
I was able to fly it slow , but the trim issue got in the way as it was climbing ..

Not sure how much time I put in , but my battery was at 8v when I got home ..
So I was using very little juice ..
2s seems to be ok , but it could use a little more thrust than the 5x3x3 was giving ...
I do have some 5x4.5x3 on order , which should provide more thrust with a 2s Battery .

Once airborne the Mini Surfer 800 does fly well .
I still need to trim mine properly , but my play time was cut short by some ( Hmmm - Rude - selfish - stupid - individual )

There I was flying and some one just walked out with their model without so much as a how do you do . Walking right under where I was flying !
SO there I was trying to trim a model on its maiden and some tool just walks out into the flying area ! With no warning or anything .
That kind of really made me nervous I can tell you . Noting scares me more than stupid people !
So I landed as quickly as possible and left the area to the idiot .

I then went to another field and played with the XK A800 flying between 5 feet and about 20 feet of the ground .
Wanting to avoid the stupid as much as possible .

The Kinetic needed more space than the soccer field provided , so I waited for the other people to finish playing and then I went and played with the Kinetic .. Again ending my play when Einstein walked out onto the filed ..
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Apr 30, 2019, 01:18 AM
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Update !

Mini Surfer 800 ...

Ok, after coming home N stuff ...
It would seem that after my first boo boo ..
he antenna came of the Rx , I did not see the issue because tape was holding in place ...

That would explain the launch issues ( Bad Tx Rx connection ) ..
I have cyno'ed the antenna in place now ..

In fact I might cyno all the antenna on all my FS2A 4ch Rx ... ( )

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