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Apr 22, 2019, 09:10 PM
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WL Tech🙄 New V911S questions I cannot find.

Hello all! Brand spanking new here! But been reading threads, watching videos, etc.
Anyway, just was delivered a brand new V911S! Itís so beautiful!! The canopy alone is miles better than any of my V911ís! And only $10.00 more!! The charger that came with it is defective, and will only charge one battery, not two, box was crushed on one corner, but everything seems to have arrived okay, so thatís no biggie. Thatís the good part. I cut my teeth on my three V911ís. This bird, I cannot find the Information I need. No video in English or thread/s. Just threads barely mentioning it, but not fully explaining what I donít understand.
So, here goes:
1) the chrome button on the top right of the TX. Itís supposed to help with debugging hover, but I cannot understand ďchinglishĒ owners manual describing how to do it, when to do it, how to save whatever you do during it. Just two Spanish YouTube videos, and a Japanese video explaining it, which obviously, doesnít help me.
2) Changing the level of the foam under the main circuit board. When I got it out of the box, it was definitely leaning strongly to the left, if you are looking at it towards the nose. I adjusted the foam to be level, but a thread said it should definitely lean to the right. Is level okay? Or should the foam lean the main circuit board to the right??
3) Changing ball joints? Not sure exactly what they are meaning. Remember, I fly single engine small airplanes, Diamond D-40 being my favorite! Helicopters? I understand basically how to fly them, but NOT how to take them apart or adjust them😞.
4) Lubricating, whatís best to use, and where to apply. This also goes for my V911ís as well as the V911S.
5) Should I be really anal, and see if the rotor blades are balanced?? I know this is honestly a $40.00 ďtoyĒ copter, but they really put a lot of tech in this $40.00 ďtoyĒ!!! And Iíd like a good first experience, not frustration and lots of crashes. The main blades definitely do not slow down as fast as the V911ís do when you shut the throttle!! The gap between the motor brass looking gear and the main gear look tight to me, not like Iíve seen on videos, I guess they addressed that. I am puzzled why the main circuit board was leaning strongly to the left out of the box. Iíve read thatís bad. Thatís why I got mine to be level. But does making it lean to the right make a difference? Or, just leave it level??
6) Lastly, should I buy more powerful batteries for it? Or, will that shorten the life of the moters?

Thanks again!!! I know this was waaay long for a post!! Sorry!

Thank you all in advance!!! PM me is youíd like to, but I cannot be the only one with these questions, as this model just came out. 😊🚁
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Apr 27, 2019, 04:08 AM
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