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Apr 21, 2019, 03:08 PM
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Sadface :(

I am such a %#*>\|idiot.
Today i managed to totally trash my precious Elf DLG glider and a JR Airflow DLG.

The ELF I lost control of at the peak of a thermal, it nosed down like a lawn dart, broke the boom in 3 places.

The poor Airflow had a noselanding to. Fuse is good (mostly because previous repairs, built like a tank now) but the wing is trashed, the skin came loose from the foam core.
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Apr 21, 2019, 03:13 PM
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You might be surprised what qualifies as trashed and what does not. We've repaired damage such as you describe over lunch at DLG contests. Post some pictures and we might be able to help you through the repairs.

Apr 21, 2019, 03:43 PM
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What are the chances of patching the boom with some fiberglass and epoxy, i have nothing to use as a plug inside the boom. The other breaks are forward of the wing mount, i can use some CA and fix that i think.
Apr 21, 2019, 04:53 PM
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Ffog, the last few days, and after yesterday seeing a pretty trashed NXT back in one piece, I now know most damage and can be repaired.

The NXT had a broken boom and the owner told me they repaired it on the field with some Carbon ribbon, and epoxy and once dry it flew again right away. If you can find some aluminium angle to hold it straight, a bit of carbon cloth round it and some epoxy would fix it right up! Wrap it tightly with some electrical tape, smooth side down round the repair while it cures. I think that's the trick to repairs like that. Although someone with more experience will jump in I'm sure.
Apr 22, 2019, 02:14 AM
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I wouldn't use woven carbon cloth. I'd use tow or uni across the break. If the break was messy, I might add a layer at right angles to the first layer. I've fixed a 1/5 meter DLG at a contest with uni cloth and CA, but I recommend using epoxy if you have the time. DO NOT use the tow only around the boom if the boom is broken off more or less cleanly. Use it lengthwise, across the break. If things are all crunched up, maybe you can add a layer around as well, but that seems unlikely. If I only had cloth, I might pull out some of the threads and use them like tow.

I guess you could use fiberglass, but hypothetically you'd need more of it.

IMHO, the Elf is a bit too light for most flying conditions, so if you need a bit of nose weight, there's no harm. You can use a slightly larger battery.

On the other model, if the foam isn't trashed too badly, delams can be fixed. Get some nice, low viscosity epoxy and apply it to the delaminated area. If you don't have low viscosity epoxy, and can't get it, MAYBE you could use SLOW epoxy that's been heated up. Not TOO hot, though. I dunno, 100 to 120 degrees F. Wipe it up after it has a chance to soak in, because you only need the bit that soaks through the weave of the cloth. Don't wait very long if you've heated it, though. Then cover with polyethylene and put some pressure on it. I'd probably vacuum bag it, but you could probably use a bit of urethane foam and some weights. I'm assuming that the glass/epoxy is just a little porous, as it usually is on vacuum bagged wings. Anyway, I did this a few times with my Sidewinder II, without adding much weight.


Good luck. I think all of us have had days like that, so chances are you're not really an idiot. Or maybe it's just that I am.
Apr 22, 2019, 04:29 AM
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The JR Airflow flies again!!!
Amazing i was expecting this wing to fold like a cheap napkin on the first throw.

Might take some more time and fix the Elf a little less ghetto.
Apr 28, 2019, 01:29 PM
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My beloved Elf flies again!
CA'd the boom back together a bit of sanding and then wrapped a bit of carbon around it with some epoxy. Then a bit of glass over that again. Wrapped it tight as possible with some tape, and voila, good as new.

I could not be more happy (unless the weather gets better real fast)

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