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Apr 16, 2019, 01:40 AM
Evil genius
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FPV Wing

The newest project; A scratchbuilt FPV wing:

Span: 115cm, Root Chord: 40, Tip Chord: 25, Sweep (distance): 25
C/G 17cm (from Nose)
Material: 5mm & 8mm Depron with C/F spar & Corflute vertical stabilisers,
Weight: 860g, (950g with 3000mA/h battery)
Airfoil: KF-4,
Motor: TGY Aerodrive SK3 2836 1500kV,
Propeller: 8x4E,
Battery: 3-S, 2200mA/h,
ESC: 45A (5A SBEC),
Autopilot: BGL-6G-AP,
Servos: TGY-9018MG,

As usual, I don't like posting until after a successful maiden-flight. And boy! What a maiden! It flew straight out of my hand and only needed half a dozen clicks of down-trim and three clicks of right-trim. Flies like it's on rails. I dialled in 50% expo on Aileron and Elevator as the elevons have a little more throw than is optimal.

The wing cruises at around 40Km/h on a bit less than half throttle. Launching is a bit 'different' for me as this my first 'pure' wing. I held the wing about halfway out, thumb on top and fingers underneath and threw it back-hand, like a Frisbee or Discus (but omited the 'flick' of the wrist as I let go) and it flew straight out of my hand, no problems at all. The stall is a non-event; reduce power and feed-in elevator and the model just 'bobbles' along in a nose-high attitude. If the elevons are held full-up long enough, it will eventually drop a wing but as soon as it picks up a bit of speed, it just straightens out. There's no tendency to spin. It won't loop from straight-and-level flight, instead behaving just like it does in a stall - I'll give it a try at WOT next time - but it rolls like an aerobatic model. This model tracks smoothly through turns without any tendency to 'tighten up' but does need to be levelled manually, once the turn is complete. Good, neutral stability. Turbulence makes the model wobble, but the movement damps itself out very quickly. I'd say there's no need for the stabiliser except in really severe turbulence.

The build took about four days, but I was designing it as I went. I've made a set of templates so I can duplicate it and this should cut the build time to a day and a half. The FPV camera is offset to Port, to make room for a recording camera. I have 60g of ballast under the nose at the moment to compensate for this. There's no more than A$25 worth of materials in the airframe.

In all, this is going to make an excellent FPV platform; stable, not too fast, excellent climb-rate, no hint of 'twitchiness' and about 15 -20 minutes endurance on a 2200mA/h battery. I prefer fixed-wing FPV to multirotor drones and this model will be my aerial reconnisance platform when I travel.
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