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Jan 27, 2005, 09:11 PM

Re: Soaring V1 #5043 re Chrysalis 2M

I have had two Chrysalis 2M sailplanes. I think they are great. The wing
chord is plenty wide so the visibility is good at a high altitude. The long
tail moment makes it behave well. Follow all the directions, such as the
washout of the wing tips. I set up the Vee tail servo horns to give about one
notch more of down than up for differential. Transparent Monocoat is the
covering that gives the most torsional stiffness. Watch the wing on launch and
back off on the pedal if the wing deflects too much. My friends tell me that
they see some flutter on my launches but I cannot see it. Everyone that has
flown my Chrysalis liked the way it flew. If I lost mine I would buy another
one. I am heavy on the winch pedal. The trailing edge of the wing on my
Chrysalis sometimes lifts up over the rear of the fuse, even with 8 rubber bands
holding down the wing. I think the rear wing dowel should be moved forward
to match the front dowel's relationship to the wing.

If this message comes along with AOL HTML I am sorry.

Bob Harold