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Apr 05, 2019, 06:31 AM
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Frysky/Taranis verses Horizon

Originally Posted by Mark 2
Well Iíve pulled the trigger, so mine is on the way.
Iím thinking about using the 6ch Spektrum antennaless receiver, do you guys think that would work OK in this plane? Only thing Iím worried about is the size of the battery possibly blanking the receiver at some angles.

If you donít want to have the benefits of a SAFE receiver then yes. I have the 4ch antennaless receiver in a DHLG 60 inch glider that has carbon fiber imbedded in the Kevlar fuselage. Itís a 8.9 ounce David Forbes Vixen that I donít want to lose. The nice feature of the 4 and 6 ch design is that your DX transmitter shows signal strength in various aircraft positions where battery and metal, and carbon can interfere. To verify and validate adequate signal strength this I had another pilot point the CF fuselage and tail at me about 1000 ft away. I could barely see the rudder and elevator move but we had cell phone speaker comms open to coordinate the test. I found no low signal strength values at my DX9 telemetry screen and flaperons, and rudder and elevator worked perfectly. The nice feature of this new design is that you could use 3M Dual Lock (not flexible velcro) to mount the RX in the wing to test signal strength. When testing is completed you would have less connections at the wing and fuselage.

I like to have gyro technology level my wings on crosswind landings and takeoffs. This will help me make wings level takeoffs and landings in grass or water with less chance of prop or float contact. I use my left thumb for rudder/yaw contol and vary power for glide path while my right fingers push or pull for rotation and flare. I can intervene with ailerons but Iím only monitoring and not overriding the gyros. I find that my reflexes are not as fast as when I started flying pattern aerobatics in 1970. Thatís why I just ordered an AR 636 receiver from Horizon for my HU16. Their Special Services techs will program the Open Stock Receiver to whatever model you want. I like the gyro programming of the Turbo Timber and V900 receiverís. I will be using the V900 as it works perfectly in an Avistar Elite (Glo or Electric) aerobatic trainer that I set up for a friend.

I know the Frysky/Taranis equipment is less expensive, smaller, lighter, and has telemetry and can be programmed to do anything a pilot wants. However the standardized programming and simplicity of the Horizon D6 thru 9 transmitter and models make them easier for a beginner or experienced pilot that are not willing or able to tackle the Frysky/Taranis learning curve. The SAFE On/Off Receiver type of flying also has a learning curve but in my opinion I would rather have the simplicity and reliability of the Horizon electronics.
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Apr 05, 2019, 06:44 PM
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Just a note Vic, the Taranis has signal strength (rssi) on all of their receivers. And, if you're setting up a basic plane, it's pretty straightforward. There's even a template for setting up a new plane in the radio and in Open TX Companion. With a Spektrum DM9 module, you can flay any of the Spektrum stuff, and even set up SAFE with it. Did you buy an Albatross? BTW, I'm not a Taranis zealot, just a guy coming from a JR 9303.
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Apr 07, 2019, 02:08 AM
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Thanks for the info. Iíd like to buy a Taranis TX because of the size and RX Telemetry. Itís the preferred system for DHLG especially the smaller 1 M designs like the Go Mini. Today I flew my 1.5 M DHLG with the AR410 antennaless RX. It is small and has basic RX voltage and RSSI every 30 seconds by default. Got to figure how to get it on the momentary push button. Wish it had SAFE as thermaling is so much easier.

HU16 arrived today and looking forward to flying off grass first then water. Will test out a V900 then a Turbo Timber RX. Will put the water rudder servo on a Y along with the stock elevator servo for redundancy. Will be using diff throttle somewhere between 15 and Tom Hunts 25 percent.

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