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Mar 22, 2019, 05:11 AM
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FrSky new ACCESS protocol release

Protocol Introduction

FrSky is constantly looking to improve the performance and reliability of RC transmission. The FrSky ACCESS protocols are the most advanced to date, it offers more features than traditional protocols.

FrSky has developed excellent new ideas that expand the role that a traditional protocols would play. Building on our well acclaimed ACCST protocol, ACCESS offers visionary features like Smart Share™, Smart Match™, and Trio Control ™. Once a receiver is registered to a radio, it can be re-bound at any time without accessing your receivers F/S button. Sharing models has never been easier, and updating has also been simplified, you no longer need to physically connect your receivers for updating. In addition, new tools like a Spectrum Analyzer are now available on your transmitter.

Always on the cutting edge of technology, we have developed ACCESS to improve your flying experience by allowing you to do more with your transmitter and receiver than ever before.

Main Functions and Features
  • Supports 24 full-range channels
Some models require more than the 16 provided by the previous protocol. For these users, ACCESS can use up to 24 channels from one signal.
  • Increased baud rate and lower latency
ACCESS offers faster speeds and more precision tricks than ever before. It’s extremely important to stay ahead of the competition. Less latency translates to quicker response time.
  • Over-the-air (OTA) updates, and configuration
Thanks to over-the-air function, the need to access the receiver for product updates, and configuration are eliminated because this procedure is now achieved wirelessly with the OTA products.
  • Automatic binding (Smart Match™)
Binding to your model is more secure than ever before. Once a receiver is registered to a radio, you can easily bind to your models wirelessly without accessing your receiver F/S button. And dual certification of the transmitter and receiver make the binding process safer than before.
  • Channel remapping
Have you ever plugged-in and installed a receiver just to find out everything was plugged into the wrong input? Now you can simply remap the channel order on your transmitter.
  • Manageable telemetry (Trio Control ™)
You are able to configure telemetry for up to 3 receivers simultaneously through the radio. You no longer need to use STK tools and Smart Port allows the use of third-party input/output devices with pass-through mode.
  • Allows radio to act as a Spectrum Analyzer
You are now able to use your transmitter to survey the airwaves, which can measure your signal strength and others in your area. The Spectrum Analyzer allows the user to measure the noise, and distortion of the frequencies around.
  • Allows radio to act as a Power Meter (with the specific hardware)
The RF power of external devices can be measured with the addition of this new feature.
  • Advanced Encryption Algorithm
Higher Encryption means more peace of mind that your model’s signal will not be interfered with.

Q: What is Smart Match™ ?
A:Now you get extra security before you fly. Smart Match™ acquires dual certification from your receiver and your transmitter to give you double the protection.

Q: What is Smart Share™?
A:Now you can bind multiple transmitters to a receiver and Smart Share™ assures that you have a unique certification for each transmitter. If you fly competitively you can set up two identical transmitters and have a spare one ready to go in the event you need it. No need to find the F/S button on the receiver. It’s all ready to go. Many clubs have trainer aircraft to help new modelers. Now it is easy to allow authorized multiple transmitters to bind with the trainer aircraft receiver.

Q: What is Trio Control ™?
A:ACCESS allows one transmitter to control the signal and/or telemetry for up to 3 receivers per model. Receiver redundancy provides an extra layer of safety when flying larger models.

Q: What are the improvements of ACCESS protocol when compare to ACCST?
A:The ACCESS protocol supports up to 24 channels with increased transmission rate and lower latency (Total latency from Tx stick input to Rx channel output) and the elevated performance.[LIST]

Q: Are there any differences between the old and new products when using the ACCESS protocol?
A: Yes. Some of the new functions like the Power Meter were developed and optimized with the new FrSky transmitters (e.g. Taranis X-Lite Pro). When it comes to wireless performance, the new upgraded RF module is built specifically to use the new ACCESS protocol. This will provide a superior link than if used on a standard module.

Q: What frequency band will be supported by the new ACCESS protocol?
A: The FrSky ACCESS protocol will be applied to both 900MHz and 2.4GHz working frequency bands with different differences in performance. This will work cohesively with the new TD dual-frequency products like transmitters, Tx modules, and receivers being released this year.

Q: In what scenario can I use the Smart Share™ function?
  1. A user has 3 different FrSky radios for each type of aircraft and would like to fly them all with a single radio. As long as the receiver has already registered to the transmitters, the user does not need to access the F/S button on the receiver to switch transmitters.
  2. RC Competitors often carry a back-up radio just in case something happens to the primary radio. In this case, if the receiver of their model is also registered to the back-up radio, the pilot can switch to the 2nd radio without accessing the F/S button on the receiver of their model.
  3. Clubs that own and operate community special purpose planes, like aircraft for towing gliders up to altitude, will no longer need to only have 1 designated radio for that plane. Each authorized pilot will be able to use his or her own FrSky Transmitter with their own unique identification ID.
  4. A user that wants to share a model with a friend can now allow the user to bind to the model without access to the F/S button. When the model is returned, it can simply be re-bound without accessing the F/S button.

Q&A Update
Q: Which receivers will support the ACCESS protocol?
The 1st batch of updates includes RX4R, RX6R, G-RX6, and G-RX8.
The 2nd batch will include RXSR, XM, XM Plus.
Download Page:

ACCESS Rx - 2.4GHz

ACCESS Ranger9 - 900MHz
R9M Lite:
R9 MM:
R9 Mini:
R9 Slim:
R9 Slim+:

Q: Are there different versions of ACCESS receivers and transmitters for different regions?
A: The transmitters do have separate modes (LBT and Non-LBT modes). The ACCESS receiver will automatically recognize the working mode according to the transmitter when they are communicating. The LBT mode only works in the EU. Users in the US and other places can choose either mode to use.

Q: Is it possible to fly my ACCST receivers with a new ACCESS transmitter?
A: Yes, users can bind the ACCST D16 receivers with a new ACCESS transmitter. FrSky also have the external options (XJT and XJT Lite) for users to bind the older D8 and LR12 receivers.

Q: Regarding the external module for the FrSky new coming radios.
A: FrSky will mostly adopt the 8 pins module interface (Lite version) for the new coming radios. For the manufacturers of the third-party external module who follow the requirements below, FrSky will offer the necessary supports of software and hardware including the technical material, interface design and etc.
1. The third-party external modules should be verified by FrSky compatibility tests;
2. The manufacturer does not infringe on others (individual, organization and company) intellectual properties.
Using an unverified external module can cause product impairment. The unverified third-party manufacturer is responsible for any damages that may occur, and the FrSky users warranty will be invalid.

Q: Why are there different firmware for each ACCESS product and why do they each have different functional capabilities?New
A: ACCESS protocol brings a lot of new functions like registration, share feature, OTA function, spectrum analyzer, and power meter function. Different functions are enabled base on the hardware resources of each individual product, so each ACCESS product will have their own ACCESS firmware.
Example 1: The power meter function is one of ACCESS functions, this function cannot be enabled if the transmitter is not equipped with the specific hardware.
Example 2: The OTA function is also one of ACCESS functions, and it mainly relies on the memory resource of the receiver, this function cannot be enabled if the receiver memory is insufficient.
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Mar 22, 2019, 05:12 AM
Registered User

FrSky new ACCESS protocol release

Great! Let it come to us

Is the close range signal swamping (resulting in failsave) resolved? That is the only annoying thing in the already great ACCST protocol. I actually know a person who stepped away from FrSky to Futaba because of this ‘issue’.
Mar 22, 2019, 05:50 AM
Registered User
Will there be new improved modules available for current transmitters? I love my X12S and would like to upgrade the module to have the best link available. A new X12S Pro TX would be an option to but i have to talk to the wife first

About the "use of third-party input/output devices with pass-through mode", does that mean the devices do not need to support SPort and the RX will act as a transparent serial link?
Mar 22, 2019, 06:22 AM
Registered User
Q: When can we expect firmware updates?

Mar 22, 2019, 07:02 AM
Registered User
Originally Posted by Japie.G
Great! Let it come to us

Is the close range signal swamping (resulting in failsave) resolved? That is the only annoying thing in the already great ACCST protocol. I actually know a person who stepped away from FrSky to Futaba because of this ‘issue’.
If someone want Futaba he isn't FrSky material
Mar 22, 2019, 08:25 PM
Registered User
When is the firmware going to be available for the qx7 and the r9m?
Mar 23, 2019, 07:49 AM
Registered User
The firmware is the one part...
the other part is OpenTX
you need V2.3
Last edited by jhammann; May 06, 2019 at 02:12 AM.
Mar 23, 2019, 09:18 AM
Registered User
3djc's Avatar
Originally Posted by jhammann
will be availaible at the end of april
Thats an interesting statement to make, given we do never give ETA, and 2.3 is no exception !

Mar 23, 2019, 12:59 PM
Registered User
We will see.....
Mar 24, 2019, 10:28 PM
Registered User
Sry wrong thread
Last edited by Motocrossman24; Mar 24, 2019 at 10:42 PM.
Mar 27, 2019, 03:13 AM
Registered User
Dear FrSky, "Release" comes from "to release something", where is it?
When it´s not ready yet (so not released), can you tell us something about the roadmap?
Mar 27, 2019, 03:28 AM
The Sequel
mustflynow2's Avatar
Pre release announcement? I don't know
Mar 27, 2019, 03:39 AM
Registered User
It is just an announcement, please wait for a release later.....
Mar 27, 2019, 08:58 AM
Registered User
Originally Posted by Enurian
Dear FrSky, "Release" comes from "to release something", where is it?
Politeness is not your strong point, right?
Mar 31, 2019, 08:22 AM
Registered User
mpjf01's Avatar
If it just appeared without any warning or ability to comment people would complain. When we're told about it and it's not immediately available people complain. After all these years people surely ought to understand the FRSKY method.

I don't want it made available for the general population to use until it's ready. If that means waiting I'm happy to wait.

The comment was made earlier that availability would be dependent on OpenTx 2.2.3. Just out of interest why is that?

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