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Mar 12, 2002, 06:08 PM
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An open letter (Email) to Stephan Gasparin (CO2 motor Mfg'r)

Hi Guys:
I tried sending this to the email address given me, but no answer. Here's what I have in mind..your input, as always, is welcome. Copy of email I sent to Stephen Gasparin in CZ:
"Dear Stephan:
I'd like to know if you have ever considered manufacturing a retractable gear mechanism powered with CO2? Specifically for the new GWS micro retracts that weigh a few grams a piece, but require a servo for there operation. I envision a small bore linear (Double acting)actuator powered by CO2 with a stroke of about 13.5mm and force required of about 13.00 ounce/inches minimum. This would be controlled via very small control valve, perhaps powered by one of the new micro sized magnetic actuators. The reservoir could be, no doubt, one of your very light weight tanks of appropriate volume,Could you let me know your thoughts on this? Can you manufacture or adapt some of the components from your marvelous CO2 motors?"
Jon B. Shereshaw
Gladstone, NJ. USA
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Mar 14, 2002, 10:46 AM
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Re: An open letter (Email) to Stephan Gasparin (CO2 motor Mfg'r)

Well, you didn't ask me, but it can be done. (I have my own machine shop and could make something up). The question is; what would it be worth as a commercial enterprise?

It might be fun to do for yourself, but honestly, is the weight of the (filled) cylinder, actuator and valve really going to be less than the smallest micro servo?

Its a neat engineering puzzle that might be fun to prototype, but
I'm pretty confident you couldn't do it on a cost competetive basis and maybe even weight basis.

Good luck....