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Oct 23, 2019, 11:51 AM
a.k.a. Bob Parks
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Originally Posted by bbbp
If you are using 0.025 inch, get some stainless fishing leader in that size. I used it for cutting bows and for push rods. I will edit this post tomorrow with the brand name.

Here is the web page for the leader wire I used. Single strand, stainless steel #10, bright. 0.025 dia, 30 ft,
about 6 bucks in my local fishing shop + tax
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Oct 23, 2019, 02:43 PM
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That is very much like what I used to get from Aradhana, back in the days of bagged DLGs. Great stuff.

Feb 18, 2020, 05:33 PM
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One Last Try at being Better!

I recently lost my revered, trusty original Slite, may oits ghost rest in peace while the rest of it is in pieces. Sorry about that. It fell victim to me trying out a battery accidentally totally discharged, then not properly cycled before use. Oh, well. I'm still waiting to make a totally original mistake, so I can declare myself a professional.

So I got out a Slite v2 kit held in reserve for some time, now. After looking at Kirby's Slite, plus those of the Mills Brothers and some others, I determined to try again, and this time, get it right: by that, I mean STRAIGHT. Both mine have flown well and look good, from far away. Anyway, I let them go recently. The new owner seems quite happy, but I was not.

This Slite is built right out of the box, with only minor changes to the tail. The changes include truncating the rudder (so it will fit in my travel box - the designer's tail works just fine) and substituting a pull/spring for the push rod on the rudder. The elevator does not have sufficient structure to support a pull/spring, but I did substitute a push rod and housing from Corky Miller, at Sonoran Laser Arts. His push rods in teflon are much smaller and lighter.

How I got the wing trailing edges STRAIGHT: I got the hint from Lorin Mills, after he waxed us all at the 2019 F3RES International. I put the wing panels together as before, but once the ribs and leading edge were together, I pulled that panel out of the jigs. I clamped the trailing edges directly to the table, and laid the wing panel down on top of that, upside down, and glued and clamped each rib in turn into its proper notch. Easy, straight and pretty much fool proof.

The rest of the airplane went together exceptionally well. The only real time consumer was the large numbers of parts, but there you go, that's what it is. I say the build went well. How well? I programmed the radio, and each servo was moving in the right direction FIRST TIME! Final weight is 15.1oz/423g, with a whole ounce of lead to bring the CG to the middle of the range: 77mm aft of the leading edge. I guess I need a bigger battery. Three Dymond D47s do all the grunt work, and there is a FrySky D4R providing direction.

First flight should be tomorrow morning, at the Balloon Fiesta Park.

If it survives the first day of flying, I will apply a large, red Zia symbol to the left intermediate wing panel, and a medium Zia to the vertical tail.
Feb 19, 2020, 01:05 AM
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Hmmm, that can't be a Greg built Slite... it is not red and yellow! You must be out of red and yellow and couldn't get any soon.
Good to hear that the trailing edge came out straight, did it stay straight after the covering was applied?
I have been trying to finish my Slite2, but my motivation has been lacking.
Feb 19, 2020, 08:28 AM
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The trailing edge is still straight, so far, this morning.

And yes, we have no red at this time, but is due in tomorrow.

Feb 19, 2020, 04:06 PM
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First flight today: entirely successful!

I tossed it around a few times, and promptly took some weight out. Then played with trim and so forth, and in a very short time, I had a very long, stable glide. Most satisfactory!

The first few high start attempts, I only used about half the tension, but everything was straight and no issues. Once I had some height, it was apparent there was some sort of control issue, but I finally tried restricting the elevator a little bit, and everything calmed down. I was over-controlling, something I always have to watch for.

I enjoyed the airplane a lot. Then when the wind began to rise (never beyond about 7mph, if that), I once again felt it was too sensitive. I added a wee bit of nose weight back in, then once more reduced elevator travel, and it became a real pussycat.

I began the high start launches with the hook in the exact middle. It was OK, but I tried moving the hook aft (in small increments) and it rapidly became GREAT!

Nice airplane! Great glide, very promising handling and shows lift well. I'm not sure how well the covering will show on a sunny day, but we will see. Weight and CG after all the trimming remain right where they were for first flight: 423g and 77mm. I may try a piece of tape under the trailing edge of the horizontal tail, and that may mean a bit more weight. But it might increase the pitch stability a skosh.


Yours, Greg

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