MaxAmps 24V Power Supply

Josh from Maxamps wanted to make sure everyone one on RCGroups was aware of this new power supply!


12v and 24v Power supplies

MaxAmps is always hard at work developing new technologies and the next in line for release are the MaxAmps 12v and 24v Power supplies. Our new power supplies provide a higher wattage than our original units, come in a smaller footprint and are even quieter! With our custom 3D printed faces there are no more messy cables to deal with.

The MaxAmps 12v 62.5 amp 750-watt Power Supply is less than half the size of our original 12V and provides over 20% more power than its predecessor. With this sleek design and quiet function, it is a must for all DC charging systems. Simply plug your 4mm banana connectors into the power supply and you are set.

The MaxAmps 24v 62.5 amp 1500-watt Power Supply checks off all the same boxes as the 12v but comes stock with dual outputs to power more than one charger at a time. At 1500 Watts it should have no problem holding up to even the most power-hungry RC hobby chargers on the market today.

MaxAmps 12V Power Supply Specs

  • 100v-240v AC Input Voltage
  • 12v DC Output Voltage
  • 62.5A Continuous Output Current
  • 750W Output
  • Pre-installed 4mm Gold Female Bullet connectors on output
  • 9" x 3.5" x 1.5" dimensions
  • 2 lbs 6oz
  • Short circuit and over-voltage protection
  • Heavy duty metal cabinet around entire power supply
  • 1-year guarantee

MaxAmps 24V Power Supply Specs

  • 100v-240v AC Input Voltage
  • 24v DC Output Voltage
  • 62.5A Continuous Output Current
  • 1500W Output
  • Pre-installed 4mm Gold Female Bullet connectors on outputs
  • 8.875" x 3.5" x 3.1875" dimensions
  • 4 lbs 10oz
  • Short circuit and over-voltage protection
  • Heavy duty metal cabinet
  • 1-year guarantee

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Head over to Maxamps for more info!

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Mar 14, 2019, 12:32 PM
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So I headed over to Maxamps for more info, per the above recommendation.

The 12V supply looks to be decent and similar to modified server supplies provided by feathermerchantrc, lipoconnectionsolutions, Rampman, and several others. It should perform quite admirably.

The 24V supply (two server supplies in series) gave me pause though. From the photo and the description, it certainly appears as though the assembler chose to disconnect chassis ground to enable series operation rather than disassembling the 'high side' supply and properly isolating DC return from chassis ground. The chassis of the 'high side' supply will thus be at 12V potential, which appears to be mitigated by physical isolation of the two supplies as well as shrink sleeving that helps prevent an external short. What may not be properly mitigated is the human factors shock hazard should there be an AC mains fault that may energize the chassis of one of the supplies. As such, I'd recommend other 24V solutions until this is fully understood.

For those who are interested in learning more, here's a thread by one of RCGroups most respected experts (John Julian) that discusses potential safety issues with server supply series operation:

Photo of removed chassis ground lug:

Description that implies that one of the supplies is not grounded:

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Mar 14, 2019, 03:49 PM
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Zeeb's Avatar
Think I'll stick with my 24 volt Meanwell.....
Mar 14, 2019, 06:38 PM
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vollrathd's Avatar
Originally Posted by Zeeb
Think I'll stick with my 24 volt Meanwell.....
For those that want a dedicated 1500 Watt 24 Volt 62.5 Amp commercial duty power supply, check this $241.00 unit out.

FYI, it's designed to operate off of an AC source ranging from 180 VAC to 264 VAC.
Mar 14, 2019, 07:49 PM
"Get off the runway!"
Da Big_G's Avatar
I'll stay with my 1,600 watt 24volt server supplies. .Modded myself for all of $36.
Mar 14, 2019, 09:21 PM
Electrons were young...
They are taking the same power supplies, 750w HP ones, that we all convert already and adding some connectors to them and charging a fortune for them.

I have this exact setup in my basement running my chargers. Two PSUs, some bullet connectors, and easily found directions on this site gives me the same configuration for under $40.

I guess paying for advertising has benefits.
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