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Jan 21, 2005, 10:11 AM
George Voss
George Voss

LSF Weekend in Kansas Was: "I'm LSF 3 and you're not!....sort of, almost:-)"

Gordy, glad you brought this up. I'm in the process of getting together an
"LSF Weekend" at the slope in Wilson KS for the middle of May. We normally
have the MWSC this weekend, but it's been moved to June 9-12. Since we
almost always have a calm day we'll use that for TD contest work and when
the wind blows, we'll have the great slope for those needing 1, 2, 4 or
8-hour slope flights.

Once registration opens, it'll be one person per frequency so we won't have
to worry about frequency conflicts. There will be plenty of people to
witness and sign vouchers. The contest tasks will be short and easy so we
can get several contests within a day's time, to maximize your chances at
gaining valuable LSF points.

Announcements will be made on RCSE, LSF and Soaring Specialties and other
chosen websites. Stay tuned as it looks like a fun-filled weekend of
soaring. gv

Hi guys,

It is a matter of maybe days and I will have completed my LSF level three