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Mar 09, 2019, 01:07 AM
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Ok, this may sound kinda stupid, but since I have daughters...

When it comes to lining up holes on my prepaint bashers (using magnets on the crawlers), I usually steal one of their bottles of nail polish for an hour. Measure measure measure, then I put a tiny dot on the top of the post and lower the body gently, just to make the paint transfer.

It takes a little time to get it lined up, and I practice placing it a few times in a row, then put the polish on. I know it’s for bashing, but I get picky cause I know the kids will enjoy it anyway, but I just want to make sure it looks right.

A slightly crooked body always makes me feel like I need to keep adjusting my trim, when in truth, I don’t.
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Mar 09, 2019, 01:20 AM
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Thread OP
Genius idea!! I have female family members who are likely going to lose a bottle of nail polish next time I get a new body
Mar 09, 2019, 07:22 AM
Hugo Flynow's Avatar
Always up for new ideas!

What I do....I put tiny looped tabs of green masking tape on top of the if I set it down wrong and have to try again, I don't have previous markings to ignore. The tape tabs will stick to the underbody much more readily than the slick post tops.

Then I mark a centerline underside the body, and then measure out the post holes. So they are perfectly centered.

One other thing is cross measuring the posts in an X pattern to make sure it's squared.

In the case of this little Redcat Volcano, the post mounts flex a little with the body, which was giving me a different measurement every time I checked! That's when I figured to just center the holes and the posts will flex into them.

Yesterday I got a new 3rd cheapo Slash...put in a Kinexsis 3000kv BL unit in and put my orange body on it. But the orange body needed an antenna hole...I just laid it under the ugly Rock n Roll body that had the hole, and that gave me the perfect spot.
Mar 10, 2019, 08:11 PM
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Yeah... never mind.
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Mar 11, 2019, 10:20 AM
Build a scale plane already!!!
scale_only's Avatar
A trick I've used, put low tack blue tape inside to protect the paint,, find the approximate location,, then put a square of double sided foam tape there,, then very genitally set the body on, once aligned where you like,, push down hard and the post will leave an impression,, once you get that first hole,, the rest is easy.

good luck
Jun 09, 2019, 11:57 AM
RC since Tamiya Frog was NEW!
PoorManRC's Avatar
Great series of methods for locating Body holes!!
Personally I gave them up years ago lol. To me, IMHO, it really takes away from the Scale looks. Especially for the ones that go through so much effort to make everything look just right, fully detailed, accessorized even Weathered (favorite thing I like to do!), and then Body Posts and Pins sticking out!!

- Of COURSE it's totally subjective to the owner. It's only a Hobby!! Your life doesn't depend on how Scale your Rig is!

That was actually the first thing that attracted me to the Gen 8. That, and my first Truck in high school was a 76 Scout II!!!
THEN, Redcat went and did PAINTED OVER WINDOWS!!
Offering Clear Bodies was their first cool move.... Then this Pack Kit!! What a great platform for building a great Rig with.
I'd definitely LOVE to get one... but as an old fart Disabled Veteran, even that's too much money for me.
Although I certainly agree that it's a killer Deal. I wish I could get one.

~ Carmine
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Jun 09, 2019, 02:37 PM
Hugo Flynow's Avatar
Since last posting here.....I've seen body post locator kits....they use magnets as place holders.

I've also seen kits where they use magnets as the body clips...they are attached under the body with adhesive tape and attach to the post magnet.

I also very much like the new generation of postless bodies like these Gen 7/8. I agree all this scale look, then black stickers for windows...ugh. Though as a tease, they sell the bodies unpainted which now allows you to mask off the windows to be clear.

If you really need a crawler, the Gen 7 is still only $200...which is a lot of truck for the money! Though that one has body posts.
Jun 10, 2019, 10:21 PM
RC since Tamiya Frog was NEW!
PoorManRC's Avatar
I've seen what you're talking about...
One would place Donut Shaped Magnets on the posts, lay the painted Body on, line the Body up where you want it, then lay 4 more magnets on top of the Body - which will naturally fall right over the magnets underneath, sitting on the pins...

Then just remove the Body with all of the magnets stuck together.
The holes in the middle of the Magnets is exactly where you need to drill.
That's actually something I wish was available, 20-30 years ago!!
.... The Nail Polish trick is also a good one.

I may try to get a Gen 8 Body, if I can afford it - plus all of the separate Body parts you need with it.....
At LEAST they're not charging $160.00 - like TRAXXASS is for their Bronco Body!!
(I'd love one of those too - but WAY too much money, AND they only come pre drilled for the TRX-4!)

I've already got a couple of Rigs... SCX10 One and II, and a Wraith which is 7 years old and still going strong ��.

What I really want, is the Gen 8 Pack Kit. Sadly that's out of my tiny, Disabled Veteran Budget...
Who knows? Maybe at some point I can find someone who has a damaged Gen 8, that they don't want to fix, and will give me!
It COULD happen....

~ Carmine
Jun 11, 2019, 06:27 AM
Hugo Flynow's Avatar
Best is to keep your eyes on eBay and look for someone selling their stuff. You never know when a good deal pops up!
Jun 29, 2019, 01:42 AM
RC since Tamiya Frog was NEW!
PoorManRC's Avatar
Originally Posted by Hugo Flynow
Best is to keep your eyes on eBay and look for someone selling their stuff. You never know when a good deal pops up!
Very true!
It would have to be VERY cheap though....
I've probably mentioned (TOO often), I'm a Disabled Veteran, and REALLY cash poor.
I've only got a SCX10, because it was a gift. Sad truth.

~ Carmine
Jul 07, 2019, 04:14 PM
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I just pulled my electronics out of the Gen8.
Items I've broken;
1 slider
1 lower rear link mount
2 portal gears
2 str links
Hopefully I'll sell it locally. Slider, radio, few extra parts and body only. It only needs the lower link mount.
I want the new Element Senduro kit.
Jul 07, 2019, 07:16 PM
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Panhead5496's Avatar
Thread OP
Well dang! Did you do some hard core crawling or what to break all that?
Jul 07, 2019, 10:00 PM
Hugo Flynow's Avatar
Lol...crawled off a cliff?
Jul 11, 2019, 12:03 PM
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What about parts support in the EU?
Many places sell the PACK but no-one seems to have any spare parts listed.

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